Friday 5 September 2014

Summer Favourites

Hi everyone, well it's got to 'that' time of the year again, the nights are drawing in, there's a definite chill in the air and there's more cold wet and rainy days than there are nice sunny ones.  Yes, sadly, it's the end of the summer!  So that can only mean one thing. . .
Time for my Summer Favourites :-)

Every single time I've been out over the last couple of months, I find I always go to this new MUA lipgloss.

I have two shades, Lips Are Sealed and Sweet Nothings, but I prefer the first one.  I'm not really in to bright lip colours, so thankfully even though this looks quite full on in the tube, it's actually quite subtle on the lips.  It feels nice and isn't sticky and best of all it's more of a long-lasting stain than just a gloss (keep the Rimmel Apocalips in mind).  And for only £2, they really are great quality, MUA comes up trumps again!  My local Superdrug only stock these two shades and a really dark one, but I'd love to invest in some more sometime.

On another bargain-type note, I've been constantly re-visiting Primark over the summer and found so many great things.  Among them were these basics strappy vests and T'shirts.  They're such a great price, they wear really well wash after wash and they're really comfortable too.  I think they'll also be useful in the colder month for layering under shirts or jumpers.

I also had a mad splurge in Primark one afternoon, after desperately trying to find some good summer shoes.  I went to Matalan, New Look and several different shoe shops, trying on loads of shoes but to no avail!

Then finally I thought ooh Primark often have good shoes, so off I went and I honestly must have spent about 2 hours in there, trying on LOADS of different ones, it was great fun lol.  I think in the end, I was in there so long and had to rush to the tills as they were about to close!

I ended up falling in love with 3 lovely pairs of these ballet-style shoes. . .

. . . The red and the white ones were £6 each. . .

. . . and the brown ones were £8, they're all really comfortable and will work great with lots of different outfits :-)

The next thing I've been loving is this canvas bag I got from BHS, it was £15 but it's now gone down to £7.50! :-/  But I'm glad I got it when I did anyway because it's been a really great little bag all through the summer and despite being small, I can actually get loads in it too!

I also picked up this really pretty pink lace T'shirt in Matalan, I think it was only about £4 in a sale and it fits really nicely.  I just love it, I've worn it SO much over the summer and I love pairing it with a leather jacket and jeans.

For the last of the clothing favourites, I've also been loving wearing maxi skirts this summer, I've never been a fan of wearing short skirts and It gets boring wearing jeans all the time, so it's nice to wear something a little different, pretty and flowy like a maxi skirt!  I love these two the best, the blue one was from Matalan, I think I bought that last year and the black/white one I got from Tesco in the sale a few months ago.  I also have another beautiful peach floral one but sadly I didn't get chance to wear that one this year.

Aside from makeup and clothing, I've been enjoying lots of other things lately, especially reading other fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs.

One in particular is PorcelainBeautyx by Heather McKnight, I just love the way she writes, she's very honest, upfront and seems to really write from the heart, she also puts a lot of personality into her posts too which I admire and I find her blog a real inspiration, I go and read it every day.

I subscribe to way too many YouTubers and watch videos often when I know I should be doing something else!  But I couldn't help getting hooked on watching Gabriella's videos, she has 2 channels, VelvetGhost and PlanetGabb and I've just really enjoyed them recently.  She's just moved to Brighton over the past week and been vlogging every day, so of course that's kept me entertained and it's been really nice seeing her new home and all the bits she's been buying to put in it!

I couldn't write a favourites list without mentioning, Walking Dead!!  I'm currently half-way through season 3 and I am completely crazy about it, it's Sooooo good!  I've always loved anything a bit creepy, paranormal, ghosts, vampires etc but I'd never really had any interest in zombies, until now!  It's very gory and quite violent but at the same time, it's a great storyline and really makes you think and wonder how you would cope in that situation, would you be able to survive and fight if you had to!?

I love finding new music through YouTube, one of my favourites being Jeni Suk, which I mentioned in my Top 3 Music Tracks, but my latest favourite is by Troye Sivan and it's called Happy Little Pill.  His EP is now available on itunes I believe and Amazon, I really like the track Touch as well.  But I just love Happy Little Pill, I've been playing it on repeat nearly every day since I first heard it about 3 weeks ago!

And finally, as some of you may know by now, my favourite band in the whole world, my favourite music in general, is by Linkin Park, I am well and truly and completely obsessed with their music and have been for a VERY long time, because I am a total rock chick at heart.  I bought their latest album, The Hunting Party when it came out in June and apart from Troye's Happy Little Pill, I pretty much haven't been listening to anything else since (apart from older LP tracks of course)!  I love loads of the songs on there but my favourites have to be Guilty All the Same, Until It's Gone and the absolutely incredible A Line in the Sand, Wow!!  Go click on the links to hear them and let me know what you think in the comments, you never know you might discover a style of music you never thought you'd like!  :-)

So there you go, sorry it was such a long list but hey I've just been loving a nice lot of stuff lately :-)  Let me know what items you've been loving over the summer months too and until next time, stay happy

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