Wednesday 27 May 2015

My Pet Hates

Hi everyone, for todays post I thought I would do something a little more fun.  Everyone has things in life that either other people do that stress you out, or just general annoyances that make you want to scream!  So here's mine. . . I hope you like this post, have a good laugh and share my pain people! :-)

You know when you go and buy something and the shop assistant hands you back your change.  Well they are trained (as was I once upon a time), to give you your receipt, then the notes, then the coins on the top.  And so you're left standing there, bags on one arm, purse (or in my case 2 purses as I have one for notes/cards etc and one for coins) in one hand and a pile of change in the other hand, trying to juggle everything, get your money put in your purse before it all slides off the note and falls on floor and all the while hurrying as the next customer behind you is impatiently waiting to be served!  And 9 times out of 10, even when I actually say to them, please can I have my change separately, they usually ignore me and pretend not to hear and do it anyway!! It drives me crazy!

                 Sleeping photo 3 sleep_zpsmnf6s2kn.gif

I hate it when you finally get lovely and comfy in bed, you really snuggle down under the duvet and feel like you're about to drift off on a soft fluffy cloud. . . And then you suddenly get a really annoying itch that you just can't ignore and you have to move completely to get to it!

I love when my nails all look lovely and smooth and all the same length, but this is a rare occurrence!  Because every time I finally get them to all grow the same length and they start to look gorgeous, I accidently snag and break one.  When it happens, I just want to cry!

                                          photo 5 Hair_zpsqiooueis.gif

It takes me ages to get my hair looking and resembling something that looks like I've styled it, so when I finally get it looking all smooth and just lovely, it makes me so mad when I then step out the door, there's a huge gust of wind and I end up looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!!!

                                 photo 6 Stopping in front of you 3_zpsboav7mda.gif
(excuse the crazy looking woman, it's the only gif I could fine!)

Another thing that ticks me off is when you're walking along through town especially when it's busy or you're in a hurry, and then someone starts walking really slowly in front of you or worst of all, they just suddenly stop right in front of you for no real reason and you end up nearly bashing right into them!  I mean why, just why!

                   photo 7 people with clipboards 1_zpsa17g3hg3.gif

Another similar one is when you're walking through town, minding your own business and thinking about where you've got to go and suddenly you get accosted by people with clipboards wanting you to sign up for something or other, I've literally even been followed on occasion and I just feel like turning round and saying, for goodness sake go away, well maybe a little less politely at times too!  I know they're only doing their jobs but c'mon just let me get on with my shopping.  A friend of mine once said to me, never look 'em in the eye and just keep walking, good advice me thinks!

                  Shorted words photo 8 shortened words Shut up 2_zpszsey7jif.gif

This one really annoys me, when people shortened words!  Instead of saying the proper full word like 'sorry' for instance and they shorten it to soz!  Urrrr I hate that SO much, soz is not a word, don't say it, speak properly!!

Facebook nuisance spam type chain messages.  Getting messages that your Facebook friends send you that say 'pass this on to 10 of your friends within 5 minutes to have good luck all day' etc, they are SO annoying!  This is the latest one going around, I've already had it sent to me twice by different friends . . .

I get them so often and I hate them, especially the ones that are more threatening, like send this to 15 of your friends within 10 minutes or all these awful things will happen to you. . .  just go away!

                   A photo 10 automated calls 1_zpse8jw1zqt.gif

Automated phone calls, press one for this, press 9 for that, why can you never get through to a human being no matter how many buttons or how many menus you go through, it's SO annoying!!

                                 photo 11 Shortened words 1_zpss2zcyagj.gif

I just really hate it when people swear for no real reason, just for the sake of it; every other word is a cuss word.  I personally just think it's extremely unnecessary and unpleasant, don't do it people it's not cool.  The same with guys spitting, it's just seriously gross!

                    photo 12 no text reply 1_zps2ryo8yiq.gif

I get quite busy during my days, so when someone sends me a message it can be a good while before I even get chance to read it, let-alone reply but that's just life, right!
But when I'm waiting to hear back from someone I've just sent a message to, oh my goodness, minutes seem like hours and it drives me crazy waiting!  And then when my mobile vibrates and pings, and it's not from the person I'm waiting to hear from, it's even worse.  I know stupid isn't it, or do any of you guys do that too?  Let me know in the comments the little things in life that drive you crazy and if you agree with any of mine

Lastly, a very HUGE thank you to every one who entered my Giveaway Competition which has now ended, so I will be announcing the 3 winners in the next day or two and I'll upload a short post announcing them :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy 
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Thursday 21 May 2015

Night Out at a Rock Gig

Hi everyone, as you all know I love rock music and one of my favourite bands is P.O.D, also known as Payable on Death.  This alternative American rock band, has been going since 1992, they've sold over 12 million albums worldwide and have received 3 grammy award nominations.  Not every ones cup of tea, but I've liked their music for many, many years and I think they're really great.

Now going back to the middle of last March, I was lucky enough to find out about a local rock gig that P.O.D were playing, along with a couple of other American bands, so I booked the tickets and last Wednesday myself, my boyfriend and one of my best friends, went off to see them play.

As always it was a great atmosphere at the club, I've been there many times over the years and there's always a great vibe.

The first band to play was Alien Ant Farm, they're probably best known for their rock cover of Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal, which is pretty cool but I don't really know any of their other tracks.  They were quite good anyway though.

P.O.D were the next band to play.  Each of the 3 bands were on stage for an hour each, but I could have happily watched P.O.D for another hour!  I really enjoyed seeing them live as I've liked them for so long and me and my friend were singing away to every song :-)  They played many of my favourite ones too like Wildfire, Satellite, Waiting On Today and Alive.

The last band to play was Hoobastank, I know a few of their tracks, Crawling in the Dark which sadly they didn't play, Running Away which is really good and their most well known track from back in 2003, The Reason but again I didn't know any of their others.

Sneaky pic of one of the tour buses!

Sadly the photos I took really didn't come out that great which was disappointing but my friend took some great ones and thankfully google and twitter provided the rest for this post! :-)  Several people seemed to manage to get some really great sounding videos too, so I've added the links in for those tracks above, if you'd like to go and watch them.

All in all it was a fun night, I always love watching bands play live and I think we all enjoyed it.  I have to admit though a little highlight for me and my friend, was when Sonny (P.O.D's lead singer) walked past us later in the evening during Hoobastank's performance, and gave us a lovely smile! :-)

As an extra treat, my boyfriend and I stayed in a local hotel for the night after the concert and even though it was in my home town, it felt like we were miles away, so it was lovely just to get away and have a little mini break together!

Finally I'll leave you with a few pics of me and what I wore to the gig.  I recently managed to find this cool vintage-style Rolling Stones T'shirt from ebay, I paired that with my favourite skinny jeans, black ankle boots and my leather jacket.

I hope you liked this post.  Please let me know in the comments if you like or have heard these bands before, have you been to see them on their UK tour? I'd love to know :-)

Also before I go, a BIG thank you to everyone who has entered my Spring giveaway so far.  There's still a week to go, so please go and check it out here, and grab yourself the chance of winning some lovely things :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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Wednesday 13 May 2015

100th Post and 3 Giveaways!

Hi everyone, I have an exciting post for you today, this is my 100th post, yeay!! :-)  Ok that might not be too exciting for you but I feel it's a little milestone for me.  So to celebrate and to give a little something back to my lovely readers, this week I'm doing a springtime/100th post giveaway!

As there's several items I want to give away to you all, I've decided to do three separate giveaways, so that you can each have the opportunity to win each item.  So I will shut up waffling on and get on with telling you what these three lovely items are that you could win and how you can go about doing just that :-)

The first item is this gorgeous necklace and bracelet set.  As soon as I saw this I just had to get it and I liked it so much I got one for you too.  The necklace and bracelet both have 13 cute little charms on, many of which have crystals in.  It is the most beautiful shiny silver and has a good solid clasp on both the necklace and bracelet.  I love the style of chain too, it's very pretty and as the links and quite large, it makes both pieces adjustable for size too.

The second giveaway is for this colourful Makeup Revolutions eyeshadow palette, called Mermaids Vs Unicorns, I just love that name :-)  As with their other palettes, it has 12 very pigmented and shimmery eye shadows and these ones are beautiful shades of blues, turquoise and purples, really stunning shades, so the looks you could do with this palette are endless!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I spoke about my favourite shop on Etsy, called Stitched Blossoms, you can check out that post here.  I wrote about how much I love the fabric flowers that the lady makes and how gorgeous they are.  Well I love them so much and I think they are the most adorable little treasure, everyone should have one in the lives, so I've bought this beautiful, double layered floral fabric flower with added lace layers, which is absolutely gorgeous, especially to give to one of you :-)  It already has a clip and a brooch pin on the back, so you can wear it, add it to a bag, jacket, cushion, headband, or just simply display it on your dressing table to look at because it's beautiful :-)

Ok, so how do you enter I am using Rafflecoper for the competition, to collect the entries and choose winners for me, all the full entry terms and conditions are at the bottom of this post, the giveaway will last for 2 weeks from today and you can enter as many times as you would like.  To choose which prize you would like to win, just click on the arrows under the competition title on the form below.  Good luck :-)

So Until Next Time, Good Luck and Stay Happy

The Giveaway Rules:
©    To be in with a chance of winning any of the three competitions, enter via the Rafflecopter widget.
©    Please make sure you leave your full name and email address or Twitter name in the comments, so that I can contact you if you win.
©    There will only be one winner for each competition.
©    All three giveaways are open internationally.
©    You must complete all 3 mandatory entries before you can access any of the extra entry options.
©    All three giveaways will run for 14 days from Wednesday the 13th of May 2015 until Wednesday the 27th of May 2015, 12.00am gmt
©    Once each giveaway is over, I will contact the winners directly via email or through Twitter, once the winners have been contacted they will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be selected.

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Thursday 7 May 2015

Be Inspired

Hi everyone, as you may have notice lately my posts haven't been as regular as they used to be.  I will openly admit, I have been severely struggling for post ideas and life in general has been over-the-top stressful of late, so unfortunately my blog has taken the brunt of it and been put on a back burner.  It's not been my top priority and I just haven't been feeling as enthusiastic about it as I always have, especially as I've not had the time or been able to give it the commitment I always did.  So I do apologise for not being around much lately!

But thankfully, things are on the up, I'm now feeling brighter, clearer and am raring to go.  I have a tone of ideas for brand new and (hopefully) interesting posts for you all and I'm finally back to being excited about my little space on the internet.  Some of you may not have even noticed I'd gone, so hello, here I am, I'm back, and I hope the new posts I have lined up for you will keep you coming back for more :-)

As a consequence of my recent lack of ideas, I've been spending far too much time reading other blogs, watching youtube, listening to music to calm my mind and browsing through the digital abyss that is Pinterest!  But thankfully it was not all a total waist of my time, as I was finally able to come up with the idea for this post!

About 4 years ago I went through a pretty rough break-up and then went through a time of feeling very down and depressed, I couldn't find interest in anything, I just didn't know what to do with myself.  And then by accident one day I stumbled on all these various videos on YouTube of people chatting and talking about their life experiences, I sat and watched quite a lot and subscribed to lots of them too, many of which I still watch regularly now.  It helped me SO much, I can't even tell you, it was just so reassuring to hear about other people struggling with the same things and how they helped themselves.  Their advice and tips even helped me to feel better about myself and gain more confidence too.
So I thought I would share with you a few of the YouTubers that I watched back then who really helped me and that may help you too if you're having a rough time.

The first of which has to be Bunny Meyer, aka Grav3YardGirl.  I can't believe I've rarely spoken about her before, she's always been and still is my favourite YouTuber, she's funny, quirky, very individual and yet is still very down to earth.  She's suffered with very bad anxiety over the years and has made several videos on how she copes with it like this one here.  Her sassy and wacky sense of humour always makes me laugh and I always look forward to her paranormal videos too.

Another YouTuber you will probably already know that suffers with anxiety issues, is Zoella.  Although she seems to have conquered many of her issues these days, she has made some really great inspiring videos in the past, like this one.  I just find her positive attitude so refreshing and her tips for tackling overwhelming situations are really helpful.  She also did some resent work with the mental health charity Mind, where she promoted the idea that everyone could wear a red button (either on a piece of clothing, as a brooch or hair pin etc) as a sign that they supported others with mental health issues and were aware of them, which I thought was a really great idea.

My third YouTuber is Grace from Ugly Face of Beauty, I love the way she is so open and honest, she speaks from the heart and will talk about absolutely anything and everything.  She gives amazing advice and is even in the process of setting up her own charity, called The Love Ugly Charity, to help and advise people about self confidence, relationships, self esteem etc.  If you're interested in checking out her videos and the latest one about her new charity, you can do that here!

I also love inspirational quotes, just reading a few words can really put your thoughts into perspective and make you think more clearly.  So here's a few of my favourite ones, yes there is quite a few, I like them all so much I couldn't choose between them :-)

I just love this last one, it's such a short simple quote but says so much!


And of course if there is one thing that can truly make you feel alive, it's music.  For me it either has to be a mixture of my favourite songs or something I can't keep still to, a good beat and a great tune that makes me feel uplifted.  My 90's playlist that I created on YouTube recently has definitely been fun to listen to lately, I keep remember more and more old favourites too and keep adding them so there's always lots of new ones to listen to!

And finally, people, I can honestly think of 5 people straight away that I really look up to for all they've been through and are still going through every day and yet they still manage to cope and get on with life, if that's not inspiration, I don't know what is!  I would love to actually say who they are but I won't, I just hope they know who I mean :-)

I hope you all liked this post and found some of it useful.  I'd love to hear your favourite inspirational quotes too.

Also I have a quite a special post coming next week, as it's my 100th post :-) So Until Next Time Stay Happy

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