Wednesday 17 September 2014

Failing Badly

Sometimes I suck at life!  I sometimes get days where I just want to go back to bed and start the day over again because just everything is going wrong and sometimes I just feel like a total failure!
So I wanted to talk to you today and tell you about a few things that I feel I've failed at the worst lately.

The first one has to be getting up early or generally getting up at any decent hour at all.
  This is never something I've been particularly good at but it really does upset me because there's always so much I want to get done in the day and I never have enough time to do it.  As well as that, I feel it's just such a waste of time, my days are going by and I'm not achieving anything!  I have tried literally everything to wake myself up, people calling me, having my curtains open for the sunlight to come in, having people shout at me!  I have 3 alarm clocks that I set but I sleep so heavily I just don't hear them (unlike everyone else apparently, whoops!) and if I do hear them, I tend to reach an arm out of bed hit the off button, without realising I'm even doing it I might add, and I go off in to an even deeper sleep!  I've tried washing my bedding more often to cut down on the dust mites, not drinking caffeine before bed, you name it I've tried it, but nothing seems to work and I always end up finally crawling out of bed horribly late and feeling groggy, upset and guilty :-(
If you like you can have a look at my Morning Routine post, but of course when I say 'morning' I do actually mean about midday!

Another thing that I'm terrible at is staying concentrated on something, especially any work-type project.  There are SO many distractions, YouTube, Twitter, the dreaded Facebook timeline, even my Poodles, or there's that other thing that I was supposed to do first, or I have an idea for a new blog post I must just write down!  I am such an easily distracted person.  Even when I finally get on with something, I can't settle, I'll want to go and get a drink or I'll have a sudden need for the bathroom lol.  I have a tone of things that I want to be working on, my list is endless and I have all the ambition and motivation to do all these great things, and in my head I'm raring to go but when it's time to stop getting distracted, I fail :-/

I never make the most of opportunities, I never have done.  I've always been too shy, too embarrassed or too busy with life to make the effort and participate.  I can remember back when I was studying Performing Arts at college, I had the opportunity to go to an extra class for group singing lessons but even then, I was too shy.  I put off thinking about it (because I do that a heck of a lot too) and kept putting off deciding if I was brave enough to go and by the time I felt up to it, it was too late the opportunity had gone!  Sadly I can recall so many times during my life that this same scenario has happened, opportunities come and go and I end up missing out because I'm too scared and shy to say yes!  Just last week, I was thrilled to be invited by to the London Fashion Week Bloggers Love Event (which was on Monday evening).  This was a really huge deal for me, I've never been invited to anything like this before, LFW is a huge event anyway and for me to be invited, well it just made my day!  But sadly I wasn't able to go, it wasn't about a lack of confidence or anything like that (for once), it was for genuine reasons of not being able to afford the expensive train fares to London (which is nearly 3 hours from here) and because I didn't feel well enough to go.  But it did make me realise just how much I had missed out on over the years and even though I had understandable reasons for this particular opportunity, I didn't for anything else.

I guess the moral of this post is, you only get one life, you have to live it the very best way you can and make the most of every minute.
Until Next Time, Stay Happy

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