Wednesday 24 September 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Hi everyone, I have another review for you today of the much talk about Tanya Burr Lip Glosses.  I've been a viewer of the lovely Tanya's YouTube channel for several years now and I just love her tutorials, she seems such a sweet person and I was thrilled when she announced she was launching her own makeup products.

So when on went on a recent trip to Chester recently (you can read about that here), I went in to Superdrug and finally picked one up, I got the shade Afternoon Tea.  I've been dying to try these out for ages but since my local store don't stock them, I've had real trouble getting hold of them, sadly a lot of them were unsealed so I didn't buy any more.  A few days later I was perusing through the net and found that Feel Unique had a sale on, so I thought ooh good opportunity to grab a couple more.  So for about half the price, I managed to get Smile, Dream, Sparkle and Heart Skipped a Beat, the one I've really been wanting Aurora was out of stock and still is!  I just love all the names, they're so cute, especially Smile, Dream, Sparkle of course :-)

So on to the review -

The packaging is so pretty, I love the little heart logo on the top of the lid.

Smile, Dream, Sparkle is a very sheer but very sparkly gloss.  It does feel quite a thick consistency but it's very pretty.  I think it would be ideal over the top of a matt lipstick and really make it shine.  This was my favourite one out of all three.

Heart Skipped a Beat is more of a deep pinky red, again very sheer with a lovely sparkle.  My only grievance is the sparkle in this one is really gritty and that along with the thick texture was a little off-putting!  But I think it would be worth working with it, trying it out a few times and getting used to it, as it's a really nice shade and I'd hate to throw it in the back of my draw and just say it was no good.  Perseverance!  With both this one and Smile, Dream, Sparkle they look a lot more pigmented in the tube and I really expected more colour when I put them on, so that was a shame but not something that would put me off them.

Finally Afternoon Tea, this was definitely my least favourite, the shade is very peachy pink almost nude.  On some people I think this shade would look great but on me it just wasn't a good look at all.  I found the consistency to be a little less thick but it didn't go on smoothly, it left clumpy patches and generally felt a little uncomfortable.  It also didn't seem to dry or stick to my lips, so I felt like it would have only lasted a very short time before needing re-applying.    I will try it out again and maybe use it over a lipliner to see if that makes it look or feel any better but so far it would have to be a thumbs down for this one.

All three of these smell absolutely amazing, just like candy, it's gorgeous, it reminds me of going to a fairground!  I haven't had chance to test out their wearability too much yet to see how long they last but I think as with any lip gloss, re-applying will be necessary at some point!  I've also just ordered Aurora from ebay and I'm longing to try that out, so I will let you know how it goes.I thought the little message on the back of the packaging was a nice touch too!

Have you tried any of these, what are you favourite shades? :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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  1. Ahh thank you, I will have a look out for that :-) I've just managed to get Aurora and it looks a gorgeous shade! Thank you for your comment :-)


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