Wednesday 10 September 2014

'Love' is the Word!

Hi everyone, it's been quite a long while since I did a craft post on here, and as I recently decorated this lovely item that you're about to see, I thought I'd take lots of pictures and share it with you all!  It was really easy to do and I'm really happy with it, I hope you like it too :-)

I bought this wooden 'Love' block from Dunelm Mill about a year ago and it's been sat in my cupboard gathering dust until a couple of weeks ago.  They do currently stock a similar one, but they always seem to be having different ones in store and I've seen my one several times since I bought it.

Firstly I painted it white with some basic acrylic paint (because the only one they had for sale was red), then I had to try and find a pretty paper to decorate it with.  I searched high and low and found nothing, then I suddenly remembered that I had some old wallpaper scraps in a cupboard and it was just what I was looking for.  I think the paper was originally from WIlkinsons but it was a long while ago.  Basically I just wanted something pink with a delicate pretty floral pattern and this was ideal.

I laid the word block on to the back of the paper and drew around it with a pencil.

As I wanted the patterned paper on both sides, I turned the block over and drew around it again.  Then I carefully cut them out.

After sticking the cut out paper pieces to the block, the next step was to decorate it a little more, I found some pretty matching 7mm pink satin ribbon and a pack of pale pink flat back crystals, they were just the ideal size and colour to match the paper.

That was pretty much it, it was really easy and done within a couple of hours and happily sits on my bedroom shelf, looking beautiful :-)

Let me know if you like it and tell me if you've made/decorated anything like this before :-)

Stay Happy
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  1. Hi Kimberly, thank you glad you like it. I love decorating things like this, I have about 3 more items planned so I'll be showing them at some point too! I really like your blog btw too, just followed you on Bloglovin :-)


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