Thursday 12 July 2018

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi everyone, I've had the most stressful busiest time of my life recently, it's put a massive hold on my social life, my blog and my youtube but now things have gradually calmed down, lately I've been feeling a lot calmer in myself and I find I'm slowly getting back to being productive and feeling ambitious and generally feeling a lot more positive about things.  I've also found that I've been feeling a lot more appreciative of things, little things and it feels really great!  So I thought I would share my top 5 things with you that make me feel happy.  I think it's so important to take a minute and really appreciate the little things in life, it might sound like a quote-of-the-day from Pinterest, but it's true!

One of the nicest things for me is grabbing a nice chunky sweater and getting completely wrapped up in it, and then snuggling down on the sofa with a hot drink (yes even in summer).  It just feels so comforting and wonderful.

Long sunny evenings, looking out the window at a beautiful sunset and even at 8pm at night, feeling the breeze and the warm sun on my skin :-)

Cuddling my Poodle babies, enough said!

Getting a parcel through the post.  It doesn't matter if it's big or small and even though I end up with slight 'buyers-guilt', when I see a parcel put through the letter box with my name on it, I cannot tell you how excited it makes me feel lol

Watching the birds, I've always enjoyed watching all the little birds as they feed in the back garden, but lately I just feel that I'm taking so much more pleasure in it.  I just love sitting and watching them, they're so tiny and cute and as we put a lot of food out for them and fresh bread daily, we get absolutely loads all throughout the day :-)

I hope you like this post.  What things make you feel happy?  Tell me in the comments :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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