Tuesday 10 June 2014

Budget Buys – 5 under £5

Hi everyone, time for another post me thinks, so today I thought I tell you about 5 of my favorite makeup items that I do use on a regular basis, that cost me only £5 each or less and were amazing bargains that were well worth the pennies spent on them!

First off, it's the ever popular Collection Concealer - £4.19.  Mine is in the shade Fair.

Now if you saw my 'Whats in My Makeup Bag' post a while ago, you would have seen that I have totally fallen in love with this, even over my favorite Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer!  The coverage is amazing, it stays put all day and even the shade is a perfect match, what more could I ask for!

Next are these MUA Lipsticks - £1.00.  These are in shade 2 and shade 6.

Now I am a huge fan of MUA products so one pound for a gorgeous pigmented shimmery lipstick, well!  I just love these and admittedly have a slight obsession, I think I have 8 different shades of these lipsticks but I have to say these two just top the bill.  Shade 6 is a beautiful gentle peachy pink with a load of shimmer, which I just love to wear in the summer and shade 2 is a slightly darker pinky/redish/plum perfect for the winter months.  They are very moisturizing and although they don't have amazing staying power, they're still well worth taking a look at.  And of course they also come with the nifty little balm as well, which I always apply with a lip brush first and that definitely helps them last that much longer!

On to the next, 2True Plumptuous Lip Gloss - £1.99, mine is Shade 6

I have to say I think 2True are definitely one of those underestimated brands (like Technic), they do quite a good range of products, all of them around the £2 mark and they're pretty good quality too.  However their lip glosses have to be not only my favorite item in their range but one of my favorite glosses in general!  The sheen is always gorgeous, especially this beautiful delicate sparkly pink one, and they're quite long lasting, the scent is delicious and they're not even that sticky, I just love them there that's it really!

Following that is this Technic Eyeshadow Palette - £3.25, mine is in Nudes.

Now let's just think about this for a second, 6 lovely shimmery graduating shades, for only £1.49!!  Hmm and how much did we pay for the Urban Decay Naked palette?!  You see my point!  I just adore this palette, I use it all the time lately and I can't wait to go and see what other palettes are available.  The lightest shade is perfect for a little highlight on the brow bone and inner corner and the black is equally perfect for eyeliner, since I am totally useless at doing eyeliner and seem to manage better with a shadow, I used to use a separate one but of course now I don't have to!  I love the shimmer of these shadows and they blend beautifully.  So for that price what more could you ask for!  I also think this would be perfect for taking on holiday as it's smaller than the Naked palette and has such a great gradient of shades :-) 
And finally Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Gel Eyeshadow - £4.99, mine is On-and-On-Bronze (I think the usa version of this shade is Bad to the Bronze)

Who doesn't love these!?  I (obviously) like my eyeshadow to stay out for as long as possible when I go out for the day and so I find myself reaching for this little pot every single time.  They go on so smoothly, they blend easily and I am just besotted with this shade, as I love that little bit of bronzey shimmer.  I sometimes use it alone for a quick bit of colour or usually I use it as a base and add to it with either my Technic Nude Palette (above) or with a little selection from my UD Naked palette.  Either way it never fails to keep my eyes looking their best all day :-)

Bonus Item  I just couldn't resist telling you about this item as well because it's just so handy and again so budget friendly! Lipcote Lipstick Sealer - £3.69.

I used to use this many years ago but over the time, I had really forgotten how great it was.  I have an extreme problem with getting lipsticks to stay put and find the only ones I can really use are the stains, unless I use Lipcote!  I apply my lipstick, blot, apply another layer, then add a swipe of the Lipcote and I can honestly say it does stay put far longer than it ever would have done without it.  Definitely a handy little item to have!

The Collection Concealer, Color Tattoo and Lipcote are all available from Boots, MUA Lipsticks and 2True Lip Gloss are from Superdrug and I got my Technic palette from Bodycare but I think they are also available from small chemists and on ebay.

Have you used any of these items, what do you think?  Or do you have any other great makeup items that you've bought for under a fiver that you couldn't live without?  Let me know in the comments below :-)

Also I have now installed Disqus for comments, I heard this is a much easier way for people to comment, so please let me know if this works for you and if you had problems using the older system.
Thank you :-)

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  1. I've just bought the collection concealer and used it a few times and agree its so good! I splurged last year and bought the mac pro long wear concealer and this (the collection one) is so similar! and I love MUA lipsticks oh my gosh! and I have the colour tattoo in on and on bronze too! I'm going to have to have a look for the 2true products, I don't think my local Superdrugs stock them anymore :(
    This was a great post! Love bargain makeup!
    Jen x

  2. Hi Jeni, thank you so much for your comments, it really made my day and makes doing my blog worthwhile :-)
    Yes I totally agree with you on the Collection concealer, I never used to get the hype surrounding it but I definitely do now! Goodness I thought all Superdrugs sold 2True products, where abouts are you in the uk? :-)

  3. I'm in Kent, I have 2 that are local and I'm sure they used to, but seems they've stopped doing them! There is another Superdrug closeish over in Essex and thats quite big, but I don't go to it very often as there is a huge risk of getting stuck in loads of traffic! I may have to get some online! Do you recommend any shades?

  4. Kent wow I used to live there! I would definitely say shade 6 and shade 20, they're my favourites any way and shade 3 is lovely too :-) Do you have a blog?

  5. Great! Ooh lovely, I'll following you :-)


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