Sunday 28 August 2016

3 Jewellery Pieces I'm Currently Loving

Hi everyone, just a quicky post for you this week as I've been busy sorting stuff out and packing for my little holiday at the beginning of next week and sadly I had to upload it late this week too, as I barely had any internet over the past two days (thank you TalkTalk)!!

I often go on this great website called Wish, my main obsession on there has to be the jewellery and soon I'm planning to do a 'Wish Haul' to show you all the different bits I've bought so far, but for today I wanted to show you these three particular pieces that I've been loving wearing lately.  You may also notice a little theme going on, as I've also been a bit obsessed with arrows for a good while now (thanks to a certain Mr Daryl Dixon!) ;-)

The first item I got was this gorgeous silver arrow necklace for £1, I think it was available in gold too but I don't really wear a lot of gold jewellery and I thought the silver looked much nicer.  I love the size of this and the details, and since I've had it (about 3 months now), I've worn it so many times.  I recently found a lovely large silver wing pendant in with some of my old jewellery pieces and I've now attached that to the chain so they hang together, so I'm even happier with it now!

I spotted this little arrow ring about a month ago about ordered it straight away (again, it was a only £1 and available in gold).  Sadly though I'd only been wearing it for a day when it snapped in half, I was so disappointed because it's so cute.  But I contacted the seller straight away, and within a couple of weeks they had already sent me a replacement.  I think I will still have to be a little careful with it because of the 'open' style but all in all, I really love it, it's so sweet and looks really nice on :-)

This heart/arrow bracelet was the second 'arrow' themed item I bought (again for £1), I liked it when it arrived but put it in my jewellery box with several other items to photograph for my haul post and after a while I honestly forgot it was in there.  So it turned out to be a really happy find, when I was rummaging through the box last week and found it.  I think I even said out loud to myself, ooh an arrow :-D  I had to take out a couple of links so that it fitted my small wrists a bit better but since then, I've worn it several times and I just love the way it looks, it goes lovely with most of my outfits too.  It's beautifully shiny and the arrow toggle makes this piece add to my little collection perfectly :-)

Sorry this was a short one, I hope you liked in anyway.  I have a baking post for you next week and hopefully a post all about my holiday the week after that :-)  So Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Friday 19 August 2016

A Little Q & A - Answering Your Questions

Hi everyone, I thought it was time I gave you, all my lovely readers, a chance to ask me anything you fancied really.  So after asking you all on my various social media accounts, I actually got rather a lot of questions back, some funny ones and some quite deep one eeek!!  I have tried to answer all of these questions and I have answered all of them completely honestly no holds barred, well I did say ask me 'anything'!  So without further ado, here goes.

Helz asked -
1. How long have you been bloggin for?  Just over 2 and a half years

2. If you could be any mystical creature what would you be and why?  Unicorn of course, I've always thought that, long before it became popular and they were all over the internet!  I've always loved horses and many different mystical/mythical creatures, but Unicorns have always been my favourite :-)
3. What would be your dream job?  Wedding planner, 100% my dream job :-)
4. What was your favourite childhood memory?  Dancing to Cliff Richard songs with my mum when I was little, that memory literally really makes me smile :-)

5. What was your favourite childhood programme?  Probably Bagpuss, I used to watch it sat on my mums knees when I was about 3, and every time it finished I'd cry.  It's so funny though, because whenever I hear the theme tune even now, it still makes me cry, lol I don't know why.  I also used to love The Magic Roundabout, Button Moon, Camberwick Green and The Moomins too :-)
6. What did you want to be when you were a kid?  At one point an opera singer, yep!

Emma asked -
1. If you could be any celebrity who would you be?  None, I'm not a fan of 'celebs' at all, so I honestly can't think of one.  I'd love to do acting or be a singer (as I do love to sing) but I don't think the fame and 'celebrity status' people have from these jobs is a good thing, people shouldn't be popular just because they're on tv etc, people should be liked because of who they are as a person not what they do or the fake personality they show the world!  Just my opinion, don't shoot me!!
2. If you just became a millionaire what would be the first thing you'd do?  I would treat my friends, pay off the bills, put lots away for savings and give a chunk of it to various animal charities.

3. If you could dress how you wanted without fear of judgement what would it be?  Goth :-D  I used to love wearing all that type of thing years ago, I still have a lot of the clothing, big boots, chains and spiked collars, ooh I loved it!  Bring on Halloween so I can wear it all again :-)
4. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I can't really answer this one because I haven't travelled and seen enough places, home is where the heart is, so lets just say where ever my heart takes me!
5. If you could be a superhero/villain, what ability would you have?  I think I would have to stick to being a hero rather than a villain and I would have the ability to heal.

Shelley asked -
1. Tell me about your proudest achievement!  This is a really hard question for me because sadly I cannot think of one thing.  There's a lot of things in my life that I regret, things that I wish I could've done differently but nothing that I'm particularly proud of.  If there's any good deeds I've done or kindness I've shown, anything like that, that's just things we should all do as human beings!  But no real big achievements.  The only one small thing I can think of, was during the last assembly just before I left school, I was called up on stage to receive an award for 'Most Achieved Swimmer of the year', because I couldn't swim before I went there.  So wherever that award is now, my name is on it :-)  Oh and a nothing small thing I just remembered, when I was at college during a singing lesson, I was told I could sing the highest notes out of everyone in my year :-)
2. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?  Honestly, I let someone very close to me down in a big way a couple of years ago.  I wish I could say I learnt from it, but so far I've never been able to make it up to them and it still upsets me every day, I just hope one day I still get the chance.

3. What is most essential for budget shopping?  Save, save, save!  If you have a particular item in mind, save for just that one thing at a time and DO NOT get side-tracked and swayed into spending that money on something else (especially something you don't actually need, and yes this is my biggest down fall when it comes to saving).  Also bargain hunt, if there's something on sale in one shop, you can usually find it (or something similar) either somewhere else or online cheaper!
4. what's the best deal you've ever seen?  I am a hard core bargain hunter and I've managed to find so many amazing bargains over the years, and I guess the best ones are ones I've found online, especially dvds.  If you find the one you're after on Amazon and always click to check 'more buying options' button, you can buy them for so much cheaper than the listed price!  That's just the first one that springs to mind.
5. where do you see yourself in 5 years time?  In short, I've no idea, I don't even know where I see myself in one year or 6 months.  I just hope I'm happier than I am now.

6. What would you consider the most embarrassing experience you ever had?  Oh gosh I've had so many lol, I remember many years ago when I was in my late teens, I decided to wear my new pair of big black chunky platforms.  I'd been to town for the day and was on the way home on the bus.  For once I'd decided to sit on the top deck and I happen to notice this really cute guy sitting behind me.  It came to my stop (and his), I started to walk down the narrow spiral stairs (you know where this is going!!)  And yes I slipped and fell down the last three!  I was mortified, he asked if I was ok and I just mumbled 'yes I'm fine' really quickly and got off the bus as fast as I could, with my bruised ego and my bruised bum!  And I never wore those shoes again :-(  I still cringe about it but it was funny too, I think if that happened to me now though, I would definitely take more advantage of the guys concern and use it as a good flirting opportunity lol I was far too shy back then :-)
7. What was the craziest thing you ever did?  Ooh I hate this question and always dread getting asked it!  Because honestly I've never done anything crazy, or daring, or exciting, I've led quite a boring life.  I would love to say I've been sky diving or swam with dolphins but no, I went skiing once, though that's nothing out of the ordinary but I would really love to do something one day, so when I'm old I could look back and say yes I did this! :-/
8. Have you ever tried peeing while standing?  No I can definitely confirm, I've never done that either!
9. If you are ever asked to choose between love and money, which would you choose?  Love 100%, I'm an old romantic.
10. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in a public place?  Well yes, I guess you could say the whole 'falling on the bus' thing was generally in public, and yes there's been several other occasions as well!

Florence asked -
1. What do you like most about yourself?  I feel my self-confidence is better now than it ever has been in some ways more than others and depending on the situation, so probably that, that's the only thing I can think of anyway, I don't like much else!
2. What do you dislike most about yourself?  Most things if I'm honest, I wish I could concentrate on things more and wake up/get up a lot earlier, I feel that would make a big difference.  I get very down and depressed at times too, which can last several days and I have a job getting out of feeling that way, when I am feeling like that, I tend to take it out on everyone around me which I don't mean to at all, I hate that very much!

Amy asked -
1. What would be your ultimate day?  Ok I know a few of you may roll your eye's and cringe when you read this (yes you Shelley and Florence) but honestly I can not think of anything I would rather do more, than spend a day with Norman Reedus, just hang out with him and get to know him better.  I think he seems such a nice, genuine and interesting person and I would so love to just go to a nice little cafe with him, talk about motorcycles and rock music and his love of cats, and just have a lovely day with him :-D  Yep that's the dream!

I took this from the top of the waterfall!

2. Top 3 places you've visited?  Like I said I've never really travelled, but I did go to the French Alps for a week back when I was at school, that was wonderful.  I used to live near Seaford in East Sussex (near Brighton), that was always one of my favourite places.  I also love going to touristy type places here in Wales, there's so many and they're so beautiful - the last one I visited was Llanrhaeadr Waterfalls back in June a couple of years ago, that was stunning!  I'm off to Blackpool in just over a week with two of my bff's, just for a few days, not the most exciting place on the planet but it will be my first holiday just with friends and I'm SO excited, I can't wait, so expect a whole post on that when I get back.  There's still so many places I want to visit and would love to travel to, so I do hope I get chance to at some point.

Rebekah asked -
What is your day job?  Because of my health condition I don't actually 'work' or go out to work, I spend most of my days indoors at home and try to fill my time the best I can (when I'm feeling well enough to do stuff), with things like blogging, jewellery making, baking, card making and other crafts etc.

A few other questions -
1. If you could invent one rule for everyone to follow, what would it be?  Be kind to animals
2. What is your favourite pizza?  Hawaiian, oooh I love it :-)

3. What is your favourite app at the moment?  Is has to be Best Feinds, I'm obsessed and I play it most days.  I'm currently stuck on level 50 now and wow some of them are so hard to get through!!  But I'm really pleased because I haven't given in and bought any extra moves at all, I've done it all by pure skill lol
4. If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you have wanted to see?  Has to be Glastonbury during the 70s, how cool would that have been!

5. Do you have a Zombie Apocalypse survival plan?  Well I couldn't not include a zombie question could I, thank you Enid ;-)  And yes, of course I most certainly do! Lol

As always I hope you liked this post and if you would like to answer any of the questions, I'd love to see your answers in the comments :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Friday 12 August 2016

What's in My Handbag

Hi everyone, I have been using the same handbag pretty much since last winter and as much as I still really like it, it was time for a change.  I spotted this lovely little bag in Asda about a month ago and as the weather has finally decided that summer has arrived, I thought this new smaller handbag would look much nicer with my summer outfits.

I definitely seem to have a love for white/ivory bags and accessories these days, so as soon as I saw this bag I wanted it.  I love the gold hardware and the general size of the bag, it's not too small or too big and I can actually fit all my essentials in there, which is nice because that way, I don't over fill it with 'stuff' so it becomes too heavy to use (which is what often happens!)

I love accessories and kerings and I think every bag should have something dangling on it!  I love this pink tassel keyring that I made ages ago, I think it goes really well and looks quite pretty.  I remember buying a few belts in a sale in Primarks last year for about a pound each, they were all nice lengths of gold chain with different coloured tassels on the end, and I remember thinking then, they'd be great to take apart and use for keyrings and jewellery, sales are perfect for scavenging bits like that.  One was lemon, one was grey and the other was this pretty pink, so I just took the belt apart and added a gold clasp to fit on my bags, sorted :-)

Inside the bag, there's not the greatest amount of room but thankfully as I said, I can fit all my essentials in and it also meant that I was able to be quite ruthless and leave out all the bits I didn't need.  There's one small zipped pocket inside and 2 small open pockets, that I keep one of those thin fold up shopping bags in and my keys.

Ok so on to the actual stuff I keep in my new bag.  Of course the main thing is my purse; I bought this lovely ivory and gold one from Amazon a couple of years ago to go with another bag and I still love it.  The little flower charm I got from ebay and I think it adds a nice little touch.  I mainly keep my store cards, notes, taxi cards and receipts in this purse and I put all my change in the floral coin purse.
I have my favourite sunglasses, which I honestly thought I'd lost a few weeks ago while I was out.  I looked everywhere, I even went back to a couple of shops and asked if I'd left them but no joy and I was really sad.  I then went to get a tissue from my jacket pocket and there they were lol, I felt like a right twit :-D  I think these ones came from Poundland originally, they are a little wonky but I love the mirrored lenses and the style, plus I stood on my old ones so had to get a new pair asap!!
I also currently have a £5 Asda voucher that I was given a couple of days ago.  And the lippy is one of my old favourites by Rimmel, it's the Moisture Renew 125 'To Nude or Not To Nude', I love this one so much and it definitely one I always like to keep with me while I'm out and about.

I absolutely love this little cat mirror, I was given it for a gift a couple of years ago by one of my best friends, it's so cute and I've always kept it in my handbag.  I like to always keep some mints to hand and of course hand sanitizer is always a good idea.  I keep my earphones in this little aqua pouch so the wires don't get tangled or broken but admittedly I rarely use my earphones unless I'm travelling on trains or long distances in a car.  And tissues are probably one of my most essential items, because my nose hates every kind of weather and sometimes my eye water too.  Plus of course you never know when you're going to run out of toilet paper in a public bathroom!!

Like I said I always keep my house and bike keys in one of the front inner pockets, yes more keyrings :-)  I always like to have a couple of pens with me (in case one runs out when you least expect it) and I have my little diary as well as this gorgeous little silver glittery notepad, I found it in wilkinsons a couple of days ago for a pound and it was the last one on the shelf, so I just had to grab it :-)  And of course a spare hair band, I get through these so fast, they're always breaking!

I've had this little cat purse for a long as I can remember, it's been one of those things I've kept in my handbags for years and it's my little emergency kit!  I keep paracetamols in there, hairgrips, a couple of pound coins, a tiny pair of scissors, a few plasters and a tiny reel of seletope!  Well you never know!!
I also have my trusty Tangle Teaser, some more hair clips, nail clippers and another hairband.  My little sewing kit for rips and lost buttons, and of course a portable charger!  The only thing I didn't photograph was a spare pad (for those emergency lady days!)  And I forgot to add in my nail file, what I would do without that thing when I've broke a nail, I do not know.  I cannot stand having a horrible sharp broken nail, it drives me crazy and snags on everything!!

I hope you like this post and found it mildly interesting!  I have a little Q&A for you next week, so if there's anything at all you fancy asking me, just leave a comment below or send me a tweet and I'll make sure I add answer it in next weeks post :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Thursday 4 August 2016

Superdrug Mini Haul & Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone, this week I thought I'd show you a few little things I bought from Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, we more specifically, from the Superdrug website as our little local store is very little and doesn't stock all the good stuff! :-/

There were a couple of bits I particularly wanted but one was out of stock and as you do whilst browsing, I ended up buying a few extra things to what I had planned!

First off was one of Tanya Burr's new matte lip creams from her Soft Luxe Collection, in Martha Moo (I just love that name and of course the real Martha Moo is so cute!)  I wanted to get this as soon as it came out but of course being as popular as Tanya's products usually are, it was continuously out of stock.  But I finally got the email to say it was back in, so ordered it straight away.  I wasn't too sure about the other two shades in this new range but this one looked lovely and I love the new matte gold and frosted glass packaging it's so sleek and pretty :-)

Next up I got the Enchanted Dreams eye palette, also from Tanya's new range.  I was persuaded into getting this after seeing one of her makeup tutorials using it, so pretty!  And again I love the cute packaging and all the pretty names she comes up with.

I also originally went on the website to order the new Makeup Revolutions Fortune Favours the Brave palette, which I recently did a First Impressions post on a couple of weeks ago, so if you would like to know what I thought of it in detail and fancy having a look at all the close up pics, you can check that out here.  I also held a giveaway (because I loved it so much I bought another one for one of my lovely readers to win).  The giveaway has now ended and the winner has been notified, but I've also left all her details and links at the bottom of this post so you can check out her various social media's :-)

I couldn't resist getting this adorable little 'Life is Sweet' purse from Zoella's new Sweet Inspirations range.  I love the pretty delicate soft blue colour, the gold text and the pretty scalloped edges, it's so cute!  Admittedly, it is quite small, nice for a coin-purse, to hold notes in or maybe store cards, but that's about it.  And yes I did mostly get it to look cute in the background of my blog/instagram pics (not sorry!) ;-)

That was pretty much it for superdrug, but I just wanted to show you these two bits I picked up in Primark the other week to, because they're sooo nice. . .

I just adore these lovely little earrings, I just know I'll end up wearing all of these at some point.  Let's face it, often when you buy sets of earrings, there's always at least one pair you know you'll never wear!  But all of these are really pretty and for just £2 I thought were a total bargain!

Finally also spotted this gorgeous silver panel necklace.  I've been after one like this for so long and I was so happy when I saw it, plus again, only £2 :-)

So there you go, just thought I'd show you these few bits.  I hope you like this post and please let me know in the comments which bits you like, have you been able to get hold of Martha Moo yet and what did you think of the palette :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

And finally, the winner of my Makeup Revolutions Summer Giveaway is Helen Dickinson Congratulations!! :-D  You find her by clicking on the links below. . .
Twitter @MummyToTheMax
Instagram @hd076584
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