Wednesday 30 March 2016

My Favourite Movies

Hi everyone I hope you all had a good Easter. Going back about 18 months ago, I did a post about my top 3 favourite movies, but since I absolutely love watching movies and I only talked about 3 of them, I thought I would jot down a list of a bunch of other ones I love too.

However, when I first had this idea and started writing down said list, I had no idea it would get quite so long, and that it was going to be so hard to choose between all the great ones I love to watch.  So I've narrowed it down. . . to 50, because there are just sooo many that I really enjoy and could watch (and have watched) over and over again :-)  And I still think I could add more!!

1. Twilight (all 5) - I will always love these ones
2. Dirty Dancing
- my all-time fav, I've seen it over 65 times, yes really and I know every word :-)
3. The Labyrinth
- loved it growing up, still love it now
4. Poltergeist
- this was one of the first horror films I saw and I honestly think it's still one of the best.

5. The Host - love the film and the book, but love the film more!
The Amazing Mr Blunden - a wonderful old ghosty classic
7. Harry Potter (all of them)
- just, of course!
8. Mortal Instruments
 - it's like Twilight meets Buffy!  Very cool
9. Cruel Intentions
- another old favourite

10. The Craft - this is another one of those films that I could just watch over and over
11. Transformers (all 3)
- so good, just so good!
12. Bridewars
- sooo funny
13. Terminator 2
 - love a bit of Arnie and this is definitely the best one
14. The Matrix (all 3)
 - still one of the coolest films ever, plus a brilliant soundtrack!

15. Fright Night - David Tennant fighting vampires :-)
16. Knowing
- Nicolas Cage is in so many great movies and this is definitely one of them
17. The Mist
- if you haven't seen it, see it!  Since watching The Walking Dead, I've got really in to apocalypse-type films, so this one and Knowing are really great for feeding my addiction :-)
18. Mean Girls
- classic girly film
19. Romeo & Juliet
- I actually really like Shakespeare so this is a long-term fav

20. Air - an hour and 35 minutes of Norman Reedus looking totally gorgeous, what's not to love ♥♥♥
21. Ghost Rider
 - what is it about a cool guy on a motorcycle, that can turn himself in to a deadly ball of flames, it's just so fun!
22. Stardust
 - this is again one of those movies that I will never tire of watching :-)
23. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
- this is such a funny easy going film
24. Blade 2
- I love the effects in this movie, very cool and a great cast

25. Marvel Avengers - this is just such a fun, full on, action packed movie, I love it :-)
26. Dangerous Minds
- love the soundtrack for this film and the whole story, it's brilliant
27. Friends With Benefits
- just hilarious!
28. Moonwalker
- I've always been a huge Michael Jackson fan so I just love this
29. Save the Last Dance
- haven't seen this one in a while but I used to love it :-)

30. Cloud Atlas - wow, what an incredibly confusing but incredibly amazing film!!!  I just thought it was amazing
 The Watcher in the Woods - a wonderful spooky old film
32. Spiderman
- I love the older ones better
33. The Messengers 1 & 2
- these two are very different to each other, a completely different cast and I don't honestly know why they're called the same name, but they're both brilliant and very creepy
34. Ever After
- I used to watch and watch this, it's so sweet

35. Hanover Street - this is a really old but really wonderful love story, it's so sweet and so romantic
36. Gremlins
- who doesn't love that adorable little Gizmo!?
37. Kick Ass 1 & 2
- I have a secret love of action films and these are amazing :-)
38. Beaches
 - I've loved this one for so many years, it's so lovely and so sad!
39. Underworld
 - I absolutely love vampire movies and these ones are probably my absolute favourites

40. Boondock Saints 1 & 2 - since I have recently become a very big fan of Mr. Reedus over the last 5 months, I couldn't wait to start watching some of his many movies, and these two are now very much in my favourites :-)
41. Ghost
- aww it's so lovely
42. Warm Bodies
 - this always makes me laugh so much
43. Blue Lagoon
- I can still remember the first time I saw this film when I was a kid, it was so beautiful and I still love it now
44. The Never Ending Story
- a brilliantly wonderful fantasy film, I just love the idea of how when you read a book it becomes real

45. Mama - this has got to be one of the creepiest horror movies I've seen, and it's so good!
46. 10 Things I Hate About You
- another childhood favourite that I still love to see
47. Halloween
- this might be an old one, but it's still so good and I love watching it on Halloween :-)
48. Whistle Down the Wind
- this is definitely an old favourite, but it's so lovely
49. The Canterville Ghost
- there's a couple of versions of this but the second one with Neve Campbell is my favourite, I absolutely love it :-)

50. and finally 50 Shades of Grey - even though I personally prefer the story in the books, I still really enjoyed the film, very saucy! lol

I hope you enjoyed looking through this post.  It was really fun to do and I'm amazed I thought of so many!  I'd love to hear your favourites, so please tell me about them in the comments :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Tuesday 22 March 2016

5 Things I've Loved This Week

Hi everyone, this week has been a pretty ordinary week but there has been a few nice things that have really made me smile along the way.

As you know I love baking, and lately I've been trying to do more to get some practice in, I feel I'm gradually getting quicker (it used to take me at least 2 hours just to make some cookies which is ridiculous!) And I'm getting more used to the measurements and ingredients I need for things.  So I was quite pleased with my little self this week, when I attempted to make some cupcakes, I've only made them a couple of times before and each time I'm never happy.  But this time I was very pleased with how they turned out and even my friends confirmed they tasted good too.

It's official, Spring is finally here.  There may still be frost on the ground and I'm still having to wear layers of clothing to stay warm outside but, the sun is staying out later and there's flowers quite literally springing up everywhere, warmth is on it's way :-)

Earlier this week I stumbled on a new instagram account.  I'm always on the look out for new accounts to follow but this one just caught my attention straight away and I've totally fallen in love with all the beautiful photographs that have been uploaded, the rain one has to be my favourite.  The account is rlauren_6, go and have a look and follow.

Over this weekend I got to go and stay with one of my lovely besties but before that I had a good catch up with my other bestie and her adorable little baby, I can't believe how quick he's grown.  I don't get to see them as often as I'd like so having a chance to meet up this week was so good and much needed :-)

Leading on from that, was a very fun weekend of slobbing around in our PJ's, eating pizza and nibbles and staying up till 5am watching movies, and I loved every minute.  I think we need more weekends like that :-D

I hope you've all had a good week and if so what made it so good, let me know in the comments.  But if not, I really hope you have a better one this week and something makes you smile :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Sunday 13 March 2016

Guest Post / Spring Style: Essential Must-Have's

Hi everyone, so this week I have something a little different for you, a guest post!  This is something I've been wanting to do on my blog for a while now, so after being approached a couple of weeks ago by Peter Minkoff who is a fashion stylist and blogger from Australia, I thought it would be a great idea.  So for this post, Peter tells us all the essential pieces we'll be needing for perfect style this coming Spring, I'm in love with the suede skirt and cream lace dress already!  So if you fancy updating your wardrobe with the latest trends, keep on reading :-)

"Spring is already knocking on our doors, and it is about time to start thinking about the unavoidable spring cleaning. We are of course not referring to the dark corners of our homes, but the suspicious dated corners of our wardrobes. Every spring, the drill is the same: out with the old and in with the new! Why would it be any different this year? There are some essentials you should acquire as soon as possible, in order to stay on the top of your fashion game. To do that, you will need to know what is brewing on the fashion horizon and what will be the must-haves of the season?

Lace Blouse/Dress
See through lace will be all the rage this spring, as we had the chance to see on various runways. Keep up with the trends and get yourself one or two sheer blouses or dresses. Just remember that in this case, you should wear bikini underthings. You can combine your lace dress with an unique denim jacket, oversize coat or vest. 

Low Rise Trousers
Recently we have seen the affinity for high-rise trousers, a trend brought to us by ‘70s nostalgia. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way, and this spring everyone will be wearing a ‘90s-like low rise trousers. That is, if you trust renowned designers such as Rosie Assoulin, Tibi and Derek Lam. So, fill your wardrobe with a pair of wide leg jeans, board shorts, etc.

Suede Pieces
Speaking of the fashion pack’s love affair with the ‘70s... Suede is known for being one of the favourite fabrics of the hippie movement, but it is in fact, so much more. The fabric itself is very flattering and figure embracing, so the pieces made of it are always sexy and feminine. Olivier Rousteing, Alberta Ferretti, Jonathan Saunders and other designers are recommending suede shorts, dresses, skirts and shoes, so if you will not listen to us, than take your advice from them. 

Net Pieces
Spring has got us all caught in designers’ net. Proenza Schouler, Tome, Dion Lee, Alexander Wang, Marchesa and many other names from the fashion world showed us how amazing it can look when a net is turned to dress, t-shirt or a blouse. These are great pieces not only for spring, but also for the upcoming summer, when they can be ideal for beach. Think of that ahead, because this is the best time for swimwear sale

White Button down Shirt
We know what you are thinking how can this be a new trend when it is here for ages? Well, ladies white shirt is getting a makeover. The simple oxford classic will challenge the way how you wear your shirts, this spring. Zac Posen, Monse, Delpozo and others vamped up the appearance of classic shirt, by turning it into a dress, buttoning it down differently, etc.

Stylish Flats
Yes, heels are great, but can you really endure an entire day in them or a whole night dancing? Not exactly. Until recently, flats were considered unstylish and too casual to wear to some formal events, but designers such as Alexander Wang, Edun and Victoria Beckham, realize that women should be granted the privilege of wearing comfy shoes while still looking breathtaking. 

The Half-Moon Bag
Now, let us move on to woman’s number two best friend her bag. Last year we had the chance to see the rise of bucket bag. This season half-moon bags are taking over the fashion world by storm. It is sufficient to say that Michael Kors is one of the main names pushing the half-moon bag on the scene. Other names of the game are Victoria Beckham and Mansur Gavriel. Wishing you had one of those babies already?

No time to wait. Update your spring style with these essentials and turn the world into your runway."


As always, I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a little different for my blog but it was really great to include Peter's article this week, so a Massive  thank you to him for coming up with this post and wanting to be featured on my blog :-)
Please go and check out his BlogTwitter, Facebook, Google+

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Saturday 5 March 2016

5 Things You Can Do On Mother's Day

Hi everyone.  Mother's are the best, they're always there when needed, they're a shoulder to cry on right from when we're little and even if we're a total pain sometimes, you still know you can always turn to them.  So on Mother's Day it's nice to give a little gratitude and show them how much they're cared about and loved.

So here's 5 things that I thought will help give your mum a really special day for Mother's Day

1. Get up early and make your mum breakfast in bed

2. Make sure you give her a nice card, maybe even make it yourself

3. Do her housework chores for the day, so she can relax (it's only one day a year and washing up isn't that bad!)

4. Watch her favourite film with her

5. Give her a thoughtful gift; not just the usual flowers or chocolates, why not go for something a bit less traditional like filling a jar with thoughtful little notes of what you love about your mum or make her favourite thing for dinner.  Take her out for a fun day shopping or treat her with small little mini gifts throughout the day.

Sorry this is a short one today but I have something a little different planned for you in next weeks post.  I hope you all have a great Mother's Day tomorrow, whether you're treating your mum, gran or aunt, or if you're a mum yourself :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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