Sunday 28 September 2014

My Top 3 - Homeware Favourites PLUS Some Scary Health Facts!

Hi everyone, this week's Top 3 are some of the homeware items that I've bought and been really lovely over the past month.

 To start with, this adorable floral mug that I picked up from Dunelm Mill.

It was only £2 and I just love it.  I find myself using it nearly all the time, even though I have several other lovely mugs in the kitchen cupboard but I love the patterned, it's so pretty!  Dunelm have many other lovely kitchen items in the same Candy Rose Collection, like jugs, bowls, trays, storage boxes etc, I could happily kit out my whole kitchen!

I was SO over excited when I first saw these gorgeous pink floral storage boxes in Tesco a few weeks ago.  They were originally £12 but had 50% off since they only had 2 left, I grabbed both.

I've been looking for some pretty floral boxes for so long for my bedroom and these are just the perfect size, they're also made of really good strong cardboard, so they're really sturdy too and thankfully I can fit a nice lot in them.  In fact I found such a lot to go in them, I was very happy to see Tesco had re-stocked the shelves and I was able to buy another one a few days ago, this time for only £3, so I now have 3 and I'm making full use of them!  I think they look so pretty by my white drawer set too, what do you think?

Lastly is this lovely glass teapot that I got from Argos a couple of weeks ago, for £9.97.

The reason I got this was basically because, I've been wanted to stop using regular teabags, as the Formaldehyde in the bags can cause a lot of health problems like Asthma attacks, headaches, skin irritations and even with long term use, cancer and Leukaemia.  You can click on the link here to find out more about it, it's actually quite a scary read, considering Formaldehyde has been used for centuries to embalm dead bodies and yet it's now used in many household items that we use every day, like furniture, cleaning products, food packaging, shampoo and soaps and in some cosmetics too!!  Scary!

Plastic teabags can also contain many harmful chemicals like the ones found in plastic drinking bottles and can be even more harmful when boiling water is used with them!  Other everyday paper teabags can also contain a nasty chemical called Epichlorohydrin, which again when mixed with boiling water can become a carcinogen, ie cause cancer!
So to help lessen my intake of these nasty hidden dangers, I've started using loose tea leaves, they're actually a lot cheaper to buy too.  I put a spoonful of the leaves (PG is my favourite tea!) in the teapot's filter, add boiling water, give it a little swirl and pour it in the cup, I like to add a splash of semi-skimmed milk for my perfect cuppa :-)
I just love this actual teapot, it's nice to be able to see the tea brewing and it's really easy to keep clean to.  I just need to get a nice cosy for it now!  I've seen a beautiful
Cooksmart one on Amazon for £4, so it will soon be mine lol

Did you know about any of these harmful chemicals, do you already take steps to try and avoid them?  Let me know in the comments :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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