Wednesday 29 October 2014

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - My Top 6 - D.I.Y. Halloween Costume Ideas (Part One)

I LOVE Halloween, it's my most favourite holiday of the year, even better than Christmas, I love the spooky atmosphere, the scary movies, the treats but most of all, I LOVE to dress up in fancy costumes.  I never understand people they say they're not that bothered about dressing up for Halloween, I mean just why?!  It's just SO much fun and you can be so creative with it.  I love coming up with costume ideas, making up costumes from scratch and making the accessories too if I can.  To me, it's just one of the most fun things in life!

So on that note, I decided to show you some of my most favourite costume ideas, and tell you a few easy ways to re-create them, to give you some last minutes inspiration for your Halloween costumes.
I've also included some amazing makeup tutorials that I've found on YouTube.  I am next to useless at makeup tutorials but these lovely ladies seem to have it covered and the finished looks are really amazing as well as quite easy to follow.

Another note I will add before we begin, is to say that you can usually find a good range of accessories at local shops right from early in October.  Try Claire's Accessories, Asda George, Tesco, Wilkinsons and Poundland is really great too.  As well as charity shops and thrift stores.  You can also try other pound shops or dollar stores and of course good old ebay!  I have separated these ideas into two posts as I didn't want to bombarded you with a load all in one go (plus there's rather a lot of pictures too!!)  So let's begin :-)

The Cat: I think this is such a cool look, and you only need a few simple accessories to pull it off.  Here I've shown a plain long sleeve top but you could easily wear a more skimpy, sparkly or lacey top depending on the type of look you want.  Wear with leather trousers, black skinny jeans, leggings or if you're feeling really daring, just tights!!  You can add cat ears (homemade or bought), a tail and some boots or high heels to add to the feminine feline look and don't forget the false lashes!  Of course the outfit will really come together with the added makeup, try using a very fine felt liner for drawing on the whiskers!

Click here for an easy tutorial on how to make a cat ear headband

And click here to see how to do a lovely feline makeup look.

The Zombie/Dead School Girl: This one is easy peasy, all you need is a basic white shirt, short skirt (doesn't have to be tartan), white socks or tights and a blazer or cardigan.  Think girl group Tatu or Gossip Girl.

Try adding smart black patent shoes or even flat school shoes.  Don't forget a tie, and for a little extra put your hair up in pigtails with ribbons too.  Again, for this look, the makeup will be the most effective part.  Click on this tutorial for a brilliant dead/zombie makeup look.

If you're using older or charity shop clothes for this costume, try cutting them about a bit to make them look raggy, add fake blood and rub black or grey eyeshadow in places to look like dirt too.

Fallen Angel: This is one of my favourite looks and the one I'm going with for my party costume this year :-)
By wearing any cute little black dress, this is also a really easy outfit.  Add a pair of lacey black tights or knee-high socks and boots, and black lace gloves for an edgy look.  I really love the idea of black nails and black lips too, to make it really dark and Halloweeny!  Of course you'll need some black angel wings and a halo too, you can get these from most fancy dress shops and ebay.  I just love this gorgeous makeup tutorial by
TanyBurr, such beautiful dark purple shades and the lips are amazing!

Have a look at these images I found too, these purple lips are a wonderful dark gothic purple, perfect for Halloween

And I just thought this ready-made fallen angel costume was so cute, it was my inspiration for the idea.

You could also add a large gothic cross necklace or several layers of long necklaces to finish off the look.

I hope you liked these ideas, I think they're ideal for a quick cheap costume.  With a little creativity and inspiration you can't go far wrong :-)

Come back tomorrow for part two of my Diy Halloween costume ideas for 3 more great outfits.  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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All pictures other than the main outfit images, are taken from Google images or Pinterest.

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