Wednesday 25 May 2016

Brushegg Review

Hi everyone, a short while ago I spotted this little brush cleaning tool on ebay and for only 99p I thought It'd be worth giving it a try.

I really needed to give my brushes a good clean yesterday and thought it was about time I finally try out my new tool.

The 'Brushegg' has a patch of little raised spots at the tip and raised lines over the rest of the egg.  It also has a hole at one end to fit your fingers in to hold it when in use.

I first tried washing my larger brushes, but even though I used a good amount of shampoo and tried to get it all over the head of the brushes, I felt it didn't really get down deep enough and didn't get them anywhere near as clean as when I rub the brushes on my fingers, and so I ended up doing just that anyway!

I then tried it again for my smaller brushes and it was definitely better, especially using the raised spot area, that was great!

But the best use I found for the Brushegg, was for rinsing the brushes, it was really easy.  I just swiped the bristles over the textured surface several times while holding the egg under the warm running water and it rinsed them really well.  So I will most definitely use it again for that.

I hope you liked my quick little review of this product, it was not sponsored or anything liked that, I just bought it myself and thought I'd let you know if I liked it :-)  Have you used one of these before, did you like it and find it worked or was it a waste of money?  Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Dream A Little Dream - Craft Post

Hi everyone, today I thought I'd do something a little different and something I haven't done for a while, a crafty post!

I bought this gorgeous wooden dream sign a few weeks ago, it didn't state what size it was and I imagined it to only be about 7-8 inches long, but. . . When it arrived, it was huge (well about 60 inches).  But I knew straight away where I wanted to put it and I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate it.

I started by painting it all white, just doing one coat on the back and about 3 on the front.

While the last coat was still wet, I added some fine silver glitter just in a few places.

Then once it was dry, brushed off the excess with a soft brush, wow that made a mess!! :-o  Some of the glitter didn't stick which was a shame because I was really happy with how it look, so I had to go over again afterwards with a tiny amount of glue and add some more.

Once that was all dry, I added a few clear crystals with a dab of glue.

And then I was nearly done!

Once everything was dry and I had brushed off every last speck of loose glitter, I took it up to my bedroom and added some slightly warmed blue tack to the back in several places.

It was then time to put it up and get it into position above my bed.

I'm really happy with it, I think it adds to the look of my room and being white and with a tiny bit of silver, it matches perfectly :-D  One thing I wasn't quite prepared for was the mess, wow glitter everywhere!  Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners!!
I've got several other items in my craft box to paint and decorate, so I will be posting them at some point too.  I hope you liked this post, please let me know if you did and if you would like me to do more craft posts on here, I would be happy to oblige :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Day Out to: Wales Comic Con 2016

Hi everyone, firstly so sorry for the lack of post last week, between being ill, having a horrible Fibro flare-up and having what seemed like the busiest 2 weeks possible, I've just had no time to work on this post, which I knew would be a long one!
*Just to warn you, this is a very picture-heavy post!

 So just over 2 weeks ago, me and one of my bestest friends took ourselves off to Wales Comic Con 2016.  Neither of us had ever been to a one of these conventions before and it was definitely a whole new experience!

I've been reading a lot about going to 'cons' over the past couple of months and finding out all the do's and don'ts, because there is a big one coming up next year in London which I am desperate to go to.  And so for a newbie con-goer, I thought it best to find out some tips, I've even made a few new friends online along the way which has been great!

I first heard about this comic con at the beginning of April on facebook and thought it looked fun.  I searched for tickets and was amazed to see they were only £10 each (because I now know some conventions can be really expensive).  Sadly my other besty couldn't go which was such a shame, so I just got tickets for me, my friend and her little boy.  We've already started making plans for next year so we can all go, can't wait!

The doors opened at 11 and finally after queuing in the longest queue ever for about an hour, we got in, got our wristbands and started looking around, camera constantly in hand!  There was so much to see and I don't honestly think we even saw everything there, as I now know there was a tent outside with owls and reptiles which we didn't spot.  There were various marquee's, with merch for sale and a large gaming area too.  In this one was also an amazing selection of replica swords from loads of different shows, including Highlander, Game of Thrones and Michonne's beautiful Samurai from The Walking Dead :-D  This of course was my favourite, and I was more than excited to get a piccy of me holding it too!!  I absolutely love swords, so this was a real treat for me :-)

We were desperate to go and meet James Marsters and Amber Benson, but my friend was also very much looking forward to meeting Michael Socha, who has starred in shows like The Aliens, Once Upon a Time and Being Human, among others.  I can honestly say he was really sweet and a pleasure to meet, and my friend walked away beaming and very happy :-)

We eventually found the room where James and Amber were but the que was huge.  Everyone was given a raffle ticket and basically told to come back much later or even the next day, and for a while we were worried we wouldn't get to meet them at all.

We went off to look around again and found a small tent where you could have a go at shooting different guns, I've always wanted to have a go at something like that and it was quite cheap depending on what type of gun you chose.  Sadly the que took forever to go down but it was worth it in the end.  I choose a semi-automatic handgun, which I think was £3 for 15 rounds.  It was only shooting little pellets not real bullets of course but you still had to wear big safety goggles and shoot at a target at the far end of the tent.  I didn't do too bad, had a good laugh and got some unexpected zombie apocalypse training in for 10 minutes lol :-D

How cute is he!! :-)

There were loads of great stalls in the main 'meet & greet' room, selling lots of fandom themed items, which I could have easily spent too much money on!

I only ended up buying one thing, this Walking Dead keyring for £5, but I couldn't be happier with it :-D

One other thing that I really enjoyed, was seeing all the amazing cosplay costumes, they were so well done, so elaborate and looked so good.  We even saw a guy, quite a butch guy dressed in a big pink frilly princess dress with a headdress!  It really was a case of 'anything goes'.  I walked past so many brilliant ones that I would love to have photographed but there was just so many people and sometimes you just caught a glimpse of someone and then they were gone.  I saw several Willow's (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and a Buffy, several Negan's (from The Walking Dead) and so many more, but the Starwars ones were probably my favourite, they were really amazing!

Find Cosplay Clement (Negan) on - Twitter.  Facebook.  YouTube. Thank you for the pic :-) 

At about 5.30pm, we finally got to the front of the que to meet James Marsters, I was feeling pretty nervous by then and as expected, my mind went blank and I couldn't think of a thing to say!  He shook my hand and signed a picture for me, it was one I had from home but I wish I'd have gotten one of the photo's that he had at the table now as they were a lot nicer, I wish I'd have had him sign it with my name on to, but I didn't so oh well :-/

Next I move over to Amber Benson's table and honestly, I just liked her straight away.  She was immediately welcoming, friendly and chatty, and really genuinely lovely!  She even told my friend it was ok to take a few pictures of us meeting, even though we weren't really allowed to!  She gave me a lovely hug and I told her how much I still love listening to the Buffy Musical cd that she sings on.  She was a real pleasure to meet and I thoroughly enjoy the experience, it was definitely the biggest highlight of the day :-)

All in all, it was a really great fun day.  I can't wait to go to another con and I'm saving like crazy for the one in London next March.  It's called Walker Stalker, is mostly for all us zombie / Walking Dead fans and it's my one and probably only chance to meet my all-time crush Norman Reedus (aka the sexy crossbow wielding, zombie-killing biker Daryl Dixon) ***

So watch this space for updates and I will most certainly tell you all about it.  I will leave you today with some more general pics from Wales Comic Con 2016, a very fun day and I can't wait to go again :-)  I hope you liked this post, please let me know in the comments if you've ever been to a con before, who did you meet and where did you go, were you brave enough to go in cosplay?!  Let's chat about it below :-)

me & my besty

the Transformers truck

Gareth David-Lloyd - Ianto Jones from Torchwood

"are you my mummy"!!

Hugo Myatt from 90's kids TV show Nightmare, I used to love that!

so many lovely cakes

I found a little dog :-D  I think he looks like Chewbacca!

my official Buffy necklace, I've had this for so many years and finally had a good reason to wear it :-)

and finally, my autograph from James Marsters :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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