Sunday 14 September 2014

My Top 3 - Flawless Skin Face Products

Everyone loves the look of fresh, healthy flawless skin but sadly sometimes we're not all blessed with this naturally.  I'm no stranger to 'face demons' (spots and blemishes), blotchy redness and dry patches but of course I always try and look by best.  To do this I always use my three favourite 'go to/holy grail' products and added with a bit of light blusher I'd say it does a pretty amazing job!  If you'd like to know my secret, read on. . .

Foundation - I have been searching for a very long time for a really great, staple foundation.  The one I used to use was wonderful, the perfect colour match, smooth and blendable, I was even able to use it as a foundation and concealer!  It was the Maybelline Ever Fresh foundation.

I thought I was set for life, I'd never need to find another and I loved it, then of course what happened next, Maybelline discontinued it!! :-(  So after a VERY long search for about 2 years, I finally found the next best thing, the No 7 Stay Perfect in Warm Ivory.  I went to Boots and they used the little colour correct camera to help me pick the perfect colour match and it did, Warm Ivory is a really nice pale slightly pink-tone shade and matches my skin really well.  The formular is really easy to blend and it has a really nice coverage. But the best thing I love about it is the staying power, it really does last all day, it doesn't fade or go patchy!  Definitely one that I'll be re-purchasing.

Concealer - Everyone on the planet seamed to love this concealer and I honestly don't know why I took so long to try it out.  I'd never really managed to find a good one and after trying loads of other makes that I was always constantly disappointed with, I finally went and bought it.  But I didn't even get to try it out because the second I open it this disgusting strong chemical smell hit me and I just thought oh my god, there's no way I can put up with that smell on my face!  So I reluctantly took it back and tried to find another concealer.

I think I ended up mainly sticking with the Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay, which I do still like but was never 100% happy with.  I then bought the Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer 3 step set (which I did a review of a while back) and even though I thought it was amazing coverage, it still didn't work on some areas of my face.  So I thought I'm just going to have to try the Collection concealer again.  Thankfully this time there was no smell, great, and now I most definitely realise why everyone loves it!  Amazing coverage, great for under my eyes and blemishes and extremely long lasting, I truly love it :-)

Powder - For a long time I used to used the Rimmel Stay Matt translucent powder and I know it's still a big favourite in the makeup world but it never really did anything for me, sometimes I felt like I was putting it on my face just for the sake of it.  Then I starting using the Mattify transulcent powder by Mattify Cosmetics, which are specially formulated for oily skin.  I did love this and still do but, then I bought the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, I love this powder SO much, you can see the difference it makes within seconds and it always leaves my skin 'looking' so flawless and smooth, even when it's not, it really is the icing on the cake when it comes to getting perfect looking skin!  I'm currently saving up for the full-size version I guess you could call it, as this one is just part of the concealer set.

Apparently the 'full-size' powder is the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot, Soap & Glory do have another powder as well but this is the same as the one in with the concealer and I need to get one, asap!

What products do you find make your skin look picture perfect? :-)
Until next time, stay happy
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  1. About the Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay, "which I do still like
    but was never 100% happy with": I totally share your feelings. I now use it with an eye cream and it is much better.

    xx from Paris, Hélène ||

  2. Hi thank you, that's a great idea, I'll try that! :-)


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