Thursday 26 November 2015

15 Things To Do, When You Don't Have Wifi

Hi everyone, as you may have read in one of my last posts, my laptop broke down at a vital time last week (although when is it ever not a vital time?!)  To top that my internet kept playing up so I couldn't get online properly for most of the day for more than about 2 minutes, and nothing would load when I could!!

oh my god i need help photo Big Bang oh god I need help pc issues_zpsnapbiqf2.gif

The point of this story, is that I honestly felt lost like I didn't know what to do with myself. . . Until I actually sat and thought about it, and came up with so many things, I didn't know what to do first.  I suddenly felt like I had so much time on my hands and all these possibilities.  It's definitely true that we all spend far too much time online and sometimes it is just so nice to get away from the pc, put our phones down and just do something else!
Oh no, no wifi photo Oh god no - no wifi_zpsrxinvz3v.gif

So I have compiled a list of just 15 things, to give you some ideas and inspiration of what you could do next time you either feel like a break from the online world or you just can't get that annoying wifi to work :-)

1. Read a book.  This is something I've been doing more and more over the last year and I can easily spend an hour getting lost in a good book!
. Watch your favourite DVD
Have a nice relaxing bath
. Try doing some baking, cookies or scones are really easy to start with!
. Spend some time cuddling and playing with your pets, they always appreciate the extra fuss
. If it's day time, take a nice walk or go for a run
Be creative and make or draw something
Write in a diary
Listen to music and make a playlist
. Spend some quality time with your family and do something fun together
Tidy out a drawer or cupboard
. Write to an old friend or elderly relative
. Try your 'hand' at nail art ;-)
. If all else fails, catch up on some much needed zzzz!!
. Remember how nice it is not to be online ALL the time and to make the most of living.  You don't always need to tweet, instagram or snapchat every moment of your life, not everything has to be shared with the world!  So enjoy your time and make the most of it :-)
Decorating a Christmas Tree photo Decorating a Christmas Tree_zpsrwko1fpz.gif

For a few extra ideas as it's now the Christmas season -

1. Plan your Christmas gifts *(look out for next weeks post for lots of ideas)
. Work out your Christmas wish list
. If you haven't already, put your Christmas Decorations up
. Bake some festive biscuits *(another post coming soon)
. Make your own Christmas cards to give to everyone

If you can think of any more things that I haven't mentioned, please leave them in the comments and let's really gets some ideas flowing to share with everyone.  I'm switching off now and going off to do something creative! :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Thursday 19 November 2015

Christmas Wish List 2015 & Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone, 2 weeks ago today, it was my blogs 2 year 'Blog Birthday' and for that I ran a giveaway for one lucky reader to win the beautiful Tanya Burr's limited edition Deck the Hauls advent calendar!  The giveaway ended at 12:00am (gmt) this morning, and a winner has now been picked via Rafflecopper.  Congratulations to: Karmen Chan
I have also messaged @ChanKarmen103 on Twitter.
For one of the entries to win the calendar, I asked you all to tell me what you would love to receive most on Christmas morning.  I've really enjoyed reading your answers and thank you so much to everyone who left a comment and followed me on my various social media sites.
For this post I thought I would share with you a few of the things that I would be very happy to receive under my tree this year :-)

1. MAC Pressed Pigment eyeshadow.  I recently bought myself the shade Moth and it is gorgeous!  So I would love some more to add with it.  I love the shades Enlightening, Black Grape and Midnight.
2. DVD box sets.  I still yet to see
The Vampire Diaries, plus after all the good reviews about Pretty Little Liars (which everyone seems to be obsessed with), I really want to see that too!  I'm also desperate to see Divergent as I missed it when it came out and it looks just the kind of film I love.
3. Books, I've been eyeing up Fleur's
Glam Guide for ages and I really like the 365 Blog Ideas book too, this would definitely come in handy!
Converse, oh just how lovely are these!!  I like the white ones and the black/white are gorgeous but these are SO nice!
5. Of course I'm a big fan of Tanya's makeup line and so I'd love one these little gift packs, this
Candy Cane one looks beautiful.
6. I spotted this
necklace on one of my favourite shopping sites Wish (post coming on that soon), can you believe this beautiful necklace is only £2 :-)
7. Back to Tanya's collection, I think this gorgeous gold
makeup bag may actually be my most wanted item this Christmas!!
8. Fleur's
lipglosses, they look such beautiful shades, every single one of them and ooh I just need them in my life!
9. And finally, the
Panasonic Lumix camera.  Now I love my DSLR which what I use for all my blog photos but, I would absolutely love to have a go at vlogging!  And as this camera has the flip up screen at the back, I think it would be an ideal one for a newbie vlogger :-)

Thank you all once again for taking part in my giveaway and I hope you liked this post.  I'm off to do some baking now :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Saturday 14 November 2015

'Helz Halloween'

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you some of the photos I took at the 'late' Halloween party my friends and I had last Saturday.  It was a fun crazy night and a good time was had by all of us :-)  I was hoping to get this post up on Thursday, but my laptop decided it was going to have a break from being any form of useful and gave me a very worrying 24hours!  Thankfully, we're back on track and all is well, computers omg!!! :-/

The decorations that my friend Helz and I bought a couple of weeks ago, looked really great and didn't take us long to put up before we started getting ready on Saturday evening.

We had a black spiderweb table cloth with looked really great over my friends red cloth, I scattered Halloween confetti over the table and my friend added some cool skull lights, which looked amazing with the lights off. . .

. . . So did the lanterns I made; I used plastic cups, printed out some silhouette images I found on google and stuck them on the cups, then I just added little battery tealights underneath.

I thought they were a really quick and easy decoration to make and they look great too.  I also printed out little Halloween food labels and stuck them on cocktail sticks, which we added to the nibbles. . .

. . . And I designed and made this phone case from an idea I spotted on pinterest.  I think it's just so cute and again it was quite easy to do, plus everyone seemed to like it which was also really nice :-)

We had lots of tasty nibbles and my little 'creepy cupcakes' and chocolate cookies went down a treat! ;-)

There were really great costumes and some people really went to town with some very hilarious and creative ideas! :-D

For my costume I decided to go with a black cat look.

I got the ear-headband and tail from a shop on ebay, which I think was only about £3.  I wore shiny black leggings, a black sequin t'shirt and my black leather ankle boots.  I also made a black lace collar with a diamante heart charm on and matching wrist cuffs.

For my makeup, I used the beautiful Max Factor Excess Eye Shimmer in Crystal all over the lid, I used a little mixture of shimmery grey shadows in the outer corner of my eyes from the Technic Smokey palette (I love these palettes).  For my eyeliner and cat features, I used the lovely Collection 24 hour Extreme felt liner, which made it really easy, I also used the liner on my top lip too.  I then added some Eylure false lashes, my favourite Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and I used my Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in Minimalist on my bottom lip.

We had a good laugh and I really enjoyed myself.  Sadly there were a few people that couldn't come along which was quite disappointing, but we're already planning next years scare fest, so bony fingers crossed, they can all party with us then!

Not entirely sure why I'm so pale on this pic, and where did my eyebrows go lol!

I hope you all had a great Halloween whatever you decided to do :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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Thursday 5 November 2015

2nd BLOG BIRTHDAY + Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone, tonight there's going to be a myriad of colours in the sky, deafening bangs and bright flashes, and a whole load of sparkle in the sky, because it's firework night Yeay!!  It's also my 2nd Blog Birthday!!! :-D  Wahoo, popping party poppers and waving balloons here (well I can pretend).  So as always when I have a milestone on my blog, I'm running another giveaway :-)

Finally I want to say a massive THANK YOU because I am so, so grateful for every single person that follows my blog or that follows me on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest etc, anyone who's ever taken a minute to comment on a post or a tweet, or shared and liked one of my posts, you all mean a lot to me because without you I wouldn't have anyone to read my ramblings :-)
***** THANK YOU *****

Now I didn't want to just do this post as a basic 'thank you' post, I wanted to do something extra and because of the particular item I've chosen for my giveaway, I thought I would write a little review on an item I bought the other day, Tanya Burr's gorgeous eyeshadow palette Galaxy, from her new collection.

I picked this palette up from Superdrug last week for £6, now sadly like most of the 'YouTuber' products, they aren't sold in my local store so I order this online and it was delivered within a few days to my local for free.
First let's just admire the adorable packaging for a minute!  Seriously, how cute are these palettes, in fact I'm completely loving the new look of the entire range, it's so pretty, girly and classy!  I love that the palette also comes with a good size mirror, a heart shaped one at that! And the box even has a good strong magnetic closure, so the eye shadows won't get damaged if you pop it in your hand bag.

I chose this palette over the other two available because I just love the selection of shades in this set.  Galaxy seemed to offer the shades that I knew I would really get the most wear out of, I also really liked the highlight shade more than on the Fairytale palette and with Hollywood, I thought those shades might be a little too 'gold/bronze' toned for me.  Also I just have to say, Ioving the names of these palettes, in fact the whole TB range, the names are all so cute, so well done Tanya for picking them :-)

Each individual shade also comes with it's own name too; Snowflake is a beautiful bright shimmery off-white (ideal for highlighting), Moonlight is a shimmery taupe (a perfect everyday shade), Storm Sky is a matt rusty/brown (great for darkening the crease) and Starry Night is a glittery dark brown/black shade (great for a glittery smokey eye or as a smoked out eyeliner).

Each shade is also really pigmented, apart from Stormy Sky which is a little on the pale side, but I think it'll be great for just adding a little bit of dimension and shadow, and for blending the other shades.  They blend really well without loosing density and they don't feel chalky too powdery, the quality is really great for just a £6 palette.  I haven't tested out how long they last yet but going by how they swatched I bet it'll be a good long while.

I really love Tanya's other products in the range too, so I'm looking forward to getting some more, especially the glosses :-)  I have several from her original line which I really love and still use all the time.

And now for the giveaway!!! :-)  As a thank you for sticking with me, I want to give you a gift from me, so I am giving away to one lucky winner, the Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls Christmas Advent Calendar!  This is an exclusive product to Superdrug (which seems to be constantly out of stock), I was even trying for over 3 weeks to buy this for you guys and finally perseverance prevailed and I managed to get hold of one calendar, I don't even have one for myself :-(  This is a limited edition product from Tanya Burr's cosmetic range, so once they are all sold out and Christmas is over, you'll never get them again.

*Just a little heads-up, below the picture I've written a list of the items that are included in the calendar, so if you don't want to know and fancy a total surprise when you open each of the 12 doors, scroll down now! :-)

This calendar contains :- 2 nail polishes (Under The Sea, Carnival Night), 2 sets of eye lashes (Girl Next Door, Party Girl, lash glue), 2 eye shimmer pots (Creme Brulee, Starry Night), 3 midi lip glosses (Bewitching, Candy Frost, Macaroon), 2 nail files and 1 compact mirror.

To enter, use the Rafflecoper widget below.  The giveaway will last for 2 weeks from today and you can enter as many times as you would like.  Please read all the T&Cs below and I can't wait to read your answers to my question.  Good luck :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The Rules:
©    To be in with a chance of winning my 'Blog Birthday Tanya Burr Calendar Giveaway', enter via the Rafflecopter widget
©    Please make sure you leave your first name and email address or twitter name in the comments, so that I can contact you if you win
©    There will be only one winner
©    This giveaway is open internationally
©    You must complete all 3 mandatory entries before you can access any of the extra entry options
©    This giveaway will run for 14 days from Thursday the 5th of November 2015 until Thursday the 19th of November 2015, 12.00am gmt
©    Once the giveaway is over, I will contact the winner directly via email or Twitter, once the winner has been contacted they will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be selected.

Until next time, stay happy and good luck

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