Sunday 21 September 2014

My Top 3 - Lipsticks

 Hi everyone, today's top 3 wasn't too much of a challenge this week.  Now I'm a huge lover of lipstick as I know most of you are too and I have quite a nice little collection (which I'm often adding to).  The only thing I will mention for these 3 is that it wasn't until I came to photograph the swatches, that I realized just how similar they are!  But in their defence, they all have their own unique qualities that make them my top 3 favourite lipsticks :-)

1. MUA have been one of my favourite brands since they first became available in Superdrug about 3 years ago (if I'm not mistaken).  I just love the amazing quality of their products and considering just how ridiculously cheap they are, they really are a staple brand for me.  The MUA lipsticks are only £1, which is crazy, going by the formula you'd never guess they were a drugstore brand.  I have rather a lot of these and each and every one is lovely.  But the very best has to be my Shade 2 which is my absolute 'go-to' shade especially for Autumn and this gorgeous Shade 6, which is the most beautiful pinky-peach with a beautiful shimmer.  I just find it suits my pale skin so well and it's perfect for a really pretty daytime look or a natural barely-there look.  The staying power is not the best but used over a matching lip pencil, I find it lasts a lot longer.  I also love to use my Lipcote lipstick sealer over the top too, all these added extras make all the difference.

2. The Rimmel Colorburst Lip Butters, I have 3 quite different shades of the lip butters and although the Lip Butters may not be to everyone's taste, I really like them.  I love the soft buttery texture and they are SO moisturizing, perfect for Autumn and Winter.  My favourite out the 3 that I have is Berry Smoothie, it's a very pretty soft berry colour, there's not much in the way of shine but it's not matt either and even though they don't last very long, because they feel so smooth and light they're really easy to re-apply even without a mirror.  I find if you blot and re-apply or dab them over your lips with a finger tip, that helps them last a little long too.  The only down-side is they're not very robust, drop one and it may well be broken and they really aren't too happy if they get too warm either!  Thankfully mine have all stayed intact so far but I would image a broken one would be easy to de-pot.

3. And finally (best till last as always), Rimmel Moisture Renew in the shade To Nude or Not To Nude.  I have worn this countless times since I bought it about 8 months ago, it is the perfect 'my lips but better' type shade and the shimmer is absolutely beautiful.  It so creamy and soft, it doesn't feel heavy and it actually lasts quite a long while.  The only down side for me personally is the scent which is quite potent but it does seem to wear off after a while, either that or I just get used to it, who knows!  But anyway, over all I think I'd probably say this was my favourite one out of them all :-)

What is your favourite lipstick out of your collections, could you pick just one?
Until Next Time, Stay Happy

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  1. That Rimmel Moisture Renew looks so beautiful!!
    Love your picks!! :)

    -Mary |

  2. Thank you so much Glad you like them :-)


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