Monday 25 February 2019

A New Addition

Hi everyone, little life update for you today.  After the terrible loss off both our little girls at the end of last year, my family and I realised that after over 40 years of having Poodles in our lives, we just couldn't be without one.  We missed the cuddles, the play times and the company and we missed giving a loving home to a beautiful little fluff-ball.  We also felt that after many years of having older dogs and the worry and stress of their health getting bad, that we needed to smile again, we needed someone to come in and help take the dark clouds away and bring some fun back in our lives.  So . . .

Back on the 31st of December, a tiny little apricot girl was born and we knew straight away she had to be ours.  We've been getting regular updates and photos about her and on Monday the 11th of February we got to meet her.  As soon as she was handed to me, I cried, it was just so wonderful to be holding a little dog again.  She kept licking me and wagging her tiny little tail too, basically she's absolutely perfect and still so tiny :-)

After a very long time of trying to agree on a name, we have decide on Heidi-Kate and today, on Monday the 25th of Feb when we finally get to bring her home, she will be exactly 8 weeks old.

I'm keeping this post reasonably short as it's just a quick one to tell you the news, but I will be doing many more updates and another post shortly to introduce you properly, (a video at some point too).  In the mean time, if you would like to see the photos I have so far and keep up with her progress, I have created an Instagram account for her called Heidi's Poodle Adventures where I will be uploading a new photo/video every day.  I mean seriously, I think I might just overload my phone with the amount of photos I'll be taking of this adorable little bundle, I've already had to clear a tone of stuff off my phone lol :-)
So until next time, Stay Happy

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Sunday 10 February 2019

Getting There - (Living with Depression)

Hi everyone, I'm still foundering, I'm still grieving, I still cry and have many bad days.  But this past week has been ever so slightly better, I think that's partly down to finally writing all my thoughts down on paper (well in a blog post), maybe it helped a little.

I've really been trying to listen to music again here and there, nothing too much. The thought of something making me smile or feeling better through singing still makes me feel too guilty, I don't really understand why!

And I've been really trying to concentrate on things that keep my mind busy, like unpacking and sorting out my bedroom (which is still a long way from being functional, I still don't own a mattress!!)  And working on some new projects which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all (more on that in my next post).

There's a few things I'm looking forward to as the year progresses but that all seems a long way off and fought with stress and problems along the way!

At the this moment, I'm just so grateful for the handful of people in my life who have really been there for me on my worst days and all other days checking up on me, it's made a world of difference.  So thank you (you know who you are)!

All I can really say to end this post is, I know I will still have days when I wish I could go back to sleep and not have to deal with life, or days when I just can't 'human'.  But I am trying :-)
Until Next Time . . .

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