Sunday 3 March 2019

Motherhood is Exhausting - First Week of Having a Puppy

Hi everyone, well if you haven't read my last post already, we have a new 9 week old puppy and considering the fact that we have not had a puppy in my family for around 30 years (due to only having rescued Poodles), having one now has been a bit of a shock to the system!  It's only been 5 days so far and already I feel like I've been hit by a bus.  I don't have actual human children (as of yet) but I very much feel there are a lot of similarities.  For instance -

* Instead of changing nappies - I have pee pads and I'm constantly washing puddles on the floor.
* Instead of waking up to a screaming baby - I wake up to a very loud crying fur-baby!
* Most new mums seem to look a total mess and say they have no time for themselves - I can't even remember the last time I washed my hair, I get so warn out by early evening that the first time she finally takes a good nap, I have to do the same.  Eating anything has become a treat, I'm now used to drinking cold tea and getting any form of work done feels like a far distant dream!
* You long for that minute they get tired out and finally fall asleep - I literally use all my energy reserves to wear her out from playing, just so I can have 10 minutes of peace before the chaos returns!
* You start worrying about them the second you bring them home, is she breathing ok, is she eating enough, why is she scratching!!!
* Getting woken up super early with hardly any sleep - yep, my fur-baby seems to wake up every two hours, without fail.
* Therefore being so tired and exhausted you can barely function and you just want to huddle up in a corning and cry - yep constantly!
* Being covered in mushy food - how does one little dog make so much mess!!
* Constantly tripping over and having to tidying up toys that are strewn all over the floor - again yep!
* You don't want to hurt their feelings or upset them by having to discipline them but at the same time you're about ready to tear your hair out because they just won't take a single bit of notice of anything you say - what can I say, I try but looking at that adorable little face makes it very hard to tell her off.
* You begin to doubt yourself in every way and feel you're the worst parent ever and you wonder how you're ever going to cope - trust me, this feels just the same, I feel like this all the time.
* You wonder if you will ever see the outside world again or you'll be covered in wee, pooh and mashed up food forever more!!
* Having the patience of a saint - have any of you actually ever had to potty train a puppy?  Oh dear god!!
* Do they even make scratch mitts for puppies, because someone needs to!
* And as for those baby teeth, they're like built in needles, I have so many cuts on my fingers, my thumbs, my ankles, I'm like a walking sieve!

They say the 'puppy stage' last for up to 4-6 months, so this may be the last blog post from me . . . I may be dead by then, bid me a fond farewell :-(

Seriously, I am shattered, I knew it was going to be hard work but Oh boy!  Challenging, exhausting, knackering, emotional doesn't even cover it.  But even then, when I look down at her when she's fast asleep looking so innocent butter wouldn't melt, she melts my heart!  I cuddle her in my arms and I just feel overwhelmed with love, just like any other new mum because despite the chaos, she's my little baby.

For daily updates, photos and videos of little miss Heidi-Kate, please go follow her Instagram account.  And until next time, (if I manage to survive this puppy phase), Stay Happy
*(P.S. Some of you may laugh or think it's stupid, comparing having a dog to a baby but I honestly feel just because I didn't give birth to her, she is still a new tiny 9 week old living being I need to look after and love, and with that has come a lot of tiredness, emotion and stress, especially with me having bad health, so I feel there is a strong resemblance.  So please keep that in mind, thank you.)

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