Sunday 3 August 2014

My Top 3 - Snacks Foods

Hi everyone, second week of my Top 3's, doing well so far lol
Last week I was sat here doing my first Top 3's post, boiling hot and this week I'm sat here with a cardigan on, typical British summer!!  Anyway - Ok so this week I've chosen my three favourite snack foods that I've been happily munching on for a while now.

So the first items are these Dairy Milk Ritz crackers.  I first saw them in Tesco a few months back and since I love trying new things (and they were on special offer) I grabbed a pack.  They are quite unusual in the way they're shaped but does this make a difference to how they taste, nope!  They are so Moreish and I love that you get four biscuits in each individual pack.  They're ideal for taking out with you too as a quick nibble and popping in with pack lunches or picnics.  I think I've bought about 3 more packs since then and they're are definitely something I like to keep in the cupboard for when I fancy a little something with my cuppa :-)
The next nibbley item, is the Nairn Oat Biscuits, I've been buying the plain fine milled ones for several years but I've recently been getting hold of the Mixed Berry and the Dark Chocolate Chip varieties as well, mostly from Holland & Barrett but I think they are available other places too.  Again they're so tasty and I love taking a pack with me to have when I go out.  You get between 6-8 biscuits in each individually wrapped pack and about 4 packs per box, so they're good value too!  As I often feel a craving about an hour or so after breakfast, I find a single pack of these is plenty to fill the gap before lunch and they're healthy too so that makes me feel a lot happier!

Finally, I picked up a pack of Wholemeal PItta Bread from Tesco a couple of weeks ago, I usually always have the plain value ones but they were out of stock, so again I thought why not try something new.  Lets put it this way, I will never be buying the value pack again!!  They are sooo good!  I love to slice them up and have one or two with some Primula cheese or just with an apple and some raisons, they're even nice warmed up or slightly grilled too :-)
Have you tried any of these bits, what are your favourite top 3 snacks?  Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Happy

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