Thursday 7 August 2014

Makeup Graveyard

A couple of weeks ago I was looking all through my makeup collection and trying desperately to get it in to a more manageable tidy state, when I suddenly thought; this is ridiculous, I have makeup so old it's either severely unhygienic and can't be used any more, it's broken and damaged or I don't use it because I just don't like for one reason or another.  So, I had a clear out, a big one!!

I wasn't sure how to show you all the bits and bobs that I got rid of so I've basically just written a list of all the products and a little added note with each one.
Also, I VERY stupidly forgot to photograph any of the products whilst I was happily throwing them in a bin bag and didn't even think of doing this post until a few days ago but I didn't want to not write about just because I hadn't taken my own photos, so after a lot of searching, I found pictures of nearly all the products I'd thrown away online, so most of the photos you will see in this post are from Google Images, Boots and stock photos from the brand's websites.
And so, on with my HUGE list -

I thought I'd start with the products that I always really liked but it was just time to let them go!
1. Rimmel Metallic Stars Rollon Eyeshadow in Bronze and Lilac Shimmer - I LOVED this so much and used it far too much for a very long time, but I thought it was probably getting a little too old to keep so stopped using it quite a while ago, it was silly to keep it for so long but if I could ever get another I would, such a beautiful colour.
2. 17 Single Eyeshadow in Amethyst Ice - Again I used and used this but it needed to go.
3. Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in Natural - This was great especially for the hotter summer days as it's quite sheer but it was getting a little old and sadly Max Factor have now discontinued this so I can't get another one :-(
4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Classic Ivory - One of my favourite ever foundations, so smooth and flawless, I loved to use this but it was getting too old and had dried up too much, I need to replace this!
5. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blusher in Rose Petal - Wonderful when used with the Dream Mousse Foundation, so I think I need to replace this too.
6. Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick in On & On Pink and Ultimate Blush - they had definitely gotten too old and had started to smell really strange!  But bother great lipsticks, although a little drying, the Ultimate Blush was a really pretty coral shade.
7. Maybelline Superstay 24hr Concealer - Good but not great and after I started to use the Collection Concealer, I just couldn't go back to this.
8. MUA Face Primer - Great but very scented!

This next list is of products I decided to throw away purely because I really didn't like them, if you'd like to know why, keep reading :-)

1. 2True Clear Lip Gloss - Too sheer to be any use, even though it's clear you expect at least some shimmer but nope!
2. 2true Concealer - Terrible, horrible and thick, disgusting smell and would not blend at all, I think I decided to throw this after one use!
3. 2true Glossy Wear Lipstick in Shade 3 - It was literally just ok, nothing special and the shade just didn't look very nice on.
4. Beauty Uk Eye Shadows Palette - I was quite hopeful for this palette as I really liked the colours but there was no pigmentation and they lasted all of 5 minutes in use and that was with an eyeshadow primer!
5. Beauty Uk Roll-on Eye Dust Eyeshadows in Rose Shimmer, Cappuccino, Emerald and Ice Blue - I bought these in the hope that they would be like the Rimmel Metallic Stars ones and give me a larger range of colours to use but they were a very cheap copy and the fall-out just made them impossible to use.
6. Max Factor Max Effect Lipgloss in Diva Pink - This was a bad impulse buy that I regretted instantly, the packaging leaked, it didn't look great on and worst of all the scent was so sickly and strong, it put me off using it completely.
7. Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eye Shadows - I went nuts over these when they were first popular and ended up buying all the shades in the range, but sadly the colours weren't half as pretty once I had them on and they are nowhere near as easy to apply as they were advertised, very hard to apply and blend!  I did keep a few of them, Bronze Haze as that one was the best out of them all and I liked that a lot, Silver Storm and Onyx Smoke, the black in this one has a very fine glitter to it and the white has a really beautiful shimmer, very pretty.
8. MUA Lip Liners - Just plain horrible, all ways round.

9. Natural Collection Colour Foundation - Not a good colour match, didn't last on me at all and had a very strange smell.

10. Natural Collection Cream Concealer - Very poor quality.
11. Natural Collection Mascara - High hopes but very disappointing.
12. Natural Collection Scented Lip Gloss in Raspberry Ripple - No pigmentation, even though it looked a really pretty colour in the tube and far too scented, I just don't like strong smells!
13. No7 Instant Radiance Concealer - Hated this straight away, the weird thing was right from the first time I tried using it under my eyes, it gave me a rash!
14. Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Mascara - I did quite like this but it was never wonderful and it tended to go very gloopy very quickly.
15. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - I bought this about a year ago and as soon as I got it home I realised it was a shade too dark for me, I couldn't take it back to the shop and I never really ended up trying it out or using it, so that was a total waste of money!
16. Technic Juicy Stick Lip Balm - Sadly another impulse buy that was disappointing, I bought another shade at the same time which I'm really happy with but this shade just didn't work for me at all and even though it looks quite bright it was very sheer.
17. Technic Light Up Lip Gloss Again different to the shade it look in the tube, not a great colour on me and a very poor consistency.  I think all the effort went into the gimmick of the little light in the lid and no thought went in to the actual lip gloss!
18. And finally, Rimmel BB Cream I've been wanting to try a BB cream for absolutely ages and since I do normally love Rimmel products, I thought it would be a good idea to try this one.  I was wrong!  I tried using it a couple of times but it was just awful, the shade was too orangey and dark on me, it made my skin feel tacky and didn't blend in at all, it even made my skin break out after I took it all off, so good riddance to that!

Phew!!!  I also chucked away a few other very old products like single eyeshadows and a couple of eye liners I knew I didn't like and would never use but I couldn't remember exactly which ones and I couldn't find pics of them either.  Also some old and damaged makeup brushes, sponges and unused little mirrors!  All in all it was a very full bag by the end of it lol
Have you used any of these products, did you like them or did they end up in your garbage bin too?  Lets chat about it in the comments :-)

Stay happy

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