Wednesday 30 July 2014

Gorgeous Little Ebay Bargains

Hi everyone, I have been having a little nosy on ebay recently and have found some very lovely items, I'm still shocked at the prices of all of these because they are so ridiculously cheap!  They're all from over-seas though so I had to wait about 2-3 weeks for them to arrive and a couple of the items that I ordered about a week ago, still haven't arrived yet.  But, I was so excited about them I just wanted to show you anyway :-)  I've listed all the details of each one at the bottom of the page, so you can click on the links and have a little browse at them too.  You can also check out my last exciting ebay find here.

The first item that arrived was the crystal flower dust plug, it was beautifully package in a small clear bag with a really pretty vintage pink bow on it!  I unpacked it and put it straight on my phone and of course it fitted perfectly and looks gorgeous too :-)

The second item was the stunning Rose Quartz gemstone heart necklace, now I am completely in love with gemstones, I've been collecting them for many years and so of course I couldn't resist this.  I was happy to see it wasn't too small, as sometimes you can never quite tell the size of an item from the photos but the photos of this pendant on ebay were quite accurate, it measures 3.3cm x 3.7cm which is a really nice size I think for this kind of thing.  But the real beauty of it has to be the lovely silver roses that surround the heart, it's so, so beautiful and so unique.  It didn't come with a chain but I didn't mind that as I make a lot of jewellery I have quite a lot of silver chains, so it was easy for me to find a nice for it but you can also pick these up really cheaply on ebay too.

I spotted the gold & crystal bow ring on one of the ebay wish lists by Shannon at Raspberry Kisses blog and thought it was just so cute and pretty so I clicked on the link straight away and ordered one!  I've been after a bow ring for absolutely ages and just haven't been able to find one that looks just right, until now and I think the diamantes make it that little bit more beautiful :-)

Sadly it's one of the items that I'm still waiting eagerly for, as with the two bracelets but I will let you know when they arrive and what I think of them.

In the meantime, you can see a few of the pics I got from the ebay listings, then go click on the links below and grab yourselves a bargain too!

Stay Happy

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  1. Hi ooh great glad you like them and thank you for your comments, I'm sure your girls would love them :-) Where are you from, are you in the UK?


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