Wednesday 20 August 2014

My Morning Routine – Staying In

Bright and early in the morning, I open my eyes and feel wide awake, I spring out of bed and feel full of the joys of a new day. . . Ok scratch that!!  In reality of course it's a little different!

To start off with, I have to wake up, now this is a bit of a task for me as even though I set my alarms (multiple ones) to get up at a reasonable hour. . .

. . .I never hear them and finally end up waking up about 2 - 3 hours later feeling like a half dead zombie!  I am still trying to get up early, it's just not happening yet! :-/  I then drag myself out of bed like a lifeless sloth and put on my favourite slippers.  I am totally in love with these, they are SO beautiful.  I got them about 6 weeks ago in a sale at Tesco, and believe me when I say I have tried every local Tesco store in a 35 mile radius, to try and get another spare pair but they had all sold out :-(  I'm just hoping they may get them in again next summer.  My adorable cow print PJ's are also from Tesco F&F clothing, they do the cutest pajamas!

Next I grab my ever faithful Tangle Teaser to start tackling my knotty bed-hair, I then put my hair up in a nice messy bun out the way and head for the bathroom.
(I never realised how difficult it would be to try and take a photo of the back of my own head!! Lol)

After the usual bathroom 'necessities', I brush my teeth using the Arm and Hammer Advanced Whitening toothpaste. . .

. . .Then spend about 10 minutes doing my morning exercise routine.  I've been doing this regularly every morning and evening for about 5 weeks now.  Because of my health issues (you can read about that here), I wake up very stiff, achy and sometimes with quite painful joints, so doing a little light exercise and basic stretching seems to help a lot and help me feel more energized for the day ahead!  I've also been trying to learn and add in a few yoga poses but wow they are a lot harder than they look! :-/

I did try to take a pic of my yoga efforts, lets just say it didn't go too well!

I love to shower when I first get up, it always helps me feel more awake and makes me feel nice and fresh for the day ahead.  Sometimes I wash my hair in the mornings too like I did today.

I always use Dove soap as I find it's very gentle and makes my skin super soft and moisturized, I love using it with a flannel too, I find it's a great way to exfoliate all over.  For my hair I always use the Garnier Nutralia shampoo for normal hair, which is lovely to use and the Simple Gentle Care Conditioner which always makes my hair feel beautifully soft and smooth.

After a good brush and towel dry, I pop my hair back up with a clip and make my bed.  I love my bed, it's the most comfiest place ever!  Sometimes I have to stop myself from getting tempted to get back in it again lol

Time to pick my outfit for the day, my favourite comfy Tshirt and jogging pants, I just love comfy clothes when I'm staying indoors!

Finally I pull open my curtains and go downstairs only to be licked and bounced all over by two gorgeously beautiful Poodles, Tilly and Katie :-)

Once the Poodle frenzy has subsided, I go and look out over the beautiful garden while I have my first class of water.

Just in case you're wondering, the mesh is for our hedgehog Wilf's benefit, to stop him falling in the pond!

Then it's time to get my breakfast, this is pretty much what I have every day. . .

. . .a nice hot cup of PG Tips tea and a bowl of Kellogs Granola with added sunflower seeds, almonds and a spoonful of flax seed (I have actually been having to lay off the flax seed at the moment because it doesn't seem to be agreeing with my stomach but I will try it again soon, although I guess that's a little TMI lol)  Anyway, moving on!!

While I have my breakfast, I get straight on my laptop, check my emails, catch up on YouTube videos, reply to comments and of course work on my blog posts :-)

Ok so that was my version of the 'morning routine', I hope you found it interesting.  I really like watching these kinds of videos on YouTube and other people seem to like them too.  Basically it's because we're all just a little bit nosey and love to know how other people start their day lol!
I've decided to do this as a part 1 and 2, as I have quite a different routine when I get ready to go out, so I will write about that for you at some point too.
Just to end off with, here's a little quote I came up with one day - "My bed is an evil place that attacks me with it's soft warm covers, that trap me, encase me and won't let me leave!" d.m.

So until next time, Stay Happy

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