Thursday 31 October 2019

10 Things to Love About Halloween

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year and I always do a Halloween themed blog post, so of course I just couldn't let this year go by without doing another one and celebrating the best most spookiest day of year!

For this post, I've come up with a list of 10 things that I feel really sum up All Hallows Eve and all the things I love about it. Let me know in the comments witch (pun intended) one's you agree with and tell me any other things you love about this scary season too :-)

1. The Costumes - I mean how can you not love them!  I've always been a big fan of dressing up ever since I was a child, I would have fancy dress parties every birthday and dress up any other time I could.  So it was obvious I was still going to LOVE dressing up for Halloween as an adult too.  I've always made all my own costumes for Halloween and being a crafty person, I love making any little accessories to go with the outfits as well.  If you need some costume ideas for this weekend, check my two posts here and here for some really quick and easy ones.

2. The Treats - any excuse for chocolate is good in my book and Halloween is the perfect time to binge (or is that Christmas, or birthdays or all three!) :-D

3. Pumpkins - they're fun, they're tasty and just always look so seasonal.  I can honestly say, so far in my life I have never carved a pumpkin!  It's literally one of those 'things to do before I die' on my life goals list lol  But I do love the way they look with cute or scary faces sat outside lighting up people's doorways.

4. Scary Stories - My favourite has to be those little short creepy stories you find on google like; "The scariest thing to hear is a child laughing... when it's midnight and you're home alone"!!!  Lol I just love that.  If you fancy reading my own spooky short story, have a little look here, hope you like it.

5. Halloween Makeup Looks - I know youtube has everything from basic novice up to MUA level but, I just love watching how these makeup looks are done.  I did try to recreate my own one time, let's just say I'll leave it to the professionals!!

6. Fun For All - One thing that makes me happy when it comes to Halloween is, it's for everyone at any age.  Just because I'm not 6 and don't go around trick or treating anymore, I can still celebrate it and have fun, plus of course it's a great chance to scare your friends, which is always fun :-D

7. Spooky Baking - There are SO many amazingly easy Halloween treats you can make, but my favourite ones are the various cupcakes and biscuits.  I really need to get back in to baking, there's so many tasty recipes I want to try.  But for now, have a look at my Creepy Cupcakes if you fancy making a little something for your party this year (or just for yourself, that cool too).

8. Being Scared - No one wants to feel afraid. . . unless of course it's Halloween and you're having a blast with your friends!  Have any of you ever been to one of those fright-night, walk-through scare house things?  I did one once and it was so creepy and so cool :-D  Definitely give that a go if you get the chance.  Just try not to be the person right and the back, you've been warned!

9. Halloween Decorations - This one has to be one of the best things about Halloween and since I was a kid, they have got SO much bigger, better and fancier!  A few years ago my friend and I had a great time bargain hunting in the shops and we got loads of amazing bits and bobs to do up her house for a party, mostly from Poundland, Wilko and Asda, as they always have great stuff.  But the following year, I decided to save us some money and make my own.  So if you fancy getting crafty, have a look at my Easy DIY Halloween Decorations post for loads of ideas, because decorating your house for Halloween has to be one of the most fun things to do ever!

10. And finally HORROR MOVIES :-D - Quite possibly one of my favourite things in life are horror films!!  You cannot beat a good spooky horror, whether it's an old classic like Hocus Pocus, Poltergeist or The Fog, or something newer and even creepier like Mama, The Conjuring or The Woman in Black (all favs that I highly recommend by the way!)  Get on Netflix or bring out all your favourite old dvds and binge watch until you're too scared to walk around your house in the dark :-)  You're welcome!!

Whatever you do this year, have a really great Halloween and until next time, Stay Spooky

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