Sunday 25 October 2015

A Spooky Short Story

Hi everyone, Halloween is just around the corner and so I've decided to do a few extra posts over the next couple of weeks. Look out for some devilishly delicious treats on Wednesday's post and a very creepy tag post on the 31st.

With it being my most absolutely favourite time of year this coming weekend, I thought I would kick off the spooky celebrations with a scary short story I wrote a few years ago, I hope you like it :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

The Watermill by Dani Martin

As Joanna walked into the old watermill, she could hear the giant wheel creaking in a dimly lit corner of the room.  Water trickled silently over the wooden slats into a small stream that ran past a creepy old graveyard and into a small lake nearby.
She often came here just to sit and think, although this night, she hadn’t planned for what was in store!

Suddenly, as she sat there quietly watching the old wheel turn, a soft, grey cloudy mist seemed to gather itself in the room.  Gradually, it became thicker and thicker and now, pulling itself into one small corner of the room, the mist came together forming the shape of a dark figure.  As the shape became clearer, she saw what looked like a man but hideously disfigured and he looked as though he was shouting.  Joanna jumped back, terrified.
“Get out of here!” the spirit shouted at her in a chilling, echoey voice.  She had never seen anything like this before and she hadn’t a clue what to do next.

“Who are you?” she managed to ask in a small, frightened whisper.
“GET OUT!!” he shouted again but much louder this time and with more force!  But then something even more scary happened, he suddenly started to move towards her.  His bony arms out stretched, getting closer and closer.  Joanna tried to scream but no sound could be heard.  She dropped down into the corner of the room, back turned toward the creature.  She froze as a brittle looking hand grasped her shoulder in an icy embrace.  She was terrified but still unable to scream.

Then, the feeling of fear seemed to gradually drift away, she felt warm and still.  She turned and looked up, an old man stood above her, with a gentle smile on his face.

“You’ll be safe now, with me.”  He said.  Slowly they both slipped away into a soft glowing mist and crept silently into the darkness, never to be seen again!

Watermill by ankorc on Deviantart

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