Wednesday 28 October 2015

Halloween Creepy Cupcakes

Hi everyone, to continue on with my spooky Halloween themed posts this week, today I'm showing you how to bake these really easy Halloween themed creepy cupcakes :-)

In just over a weeks time, my friends and I are having a late Halloween party so I thought I would make some cute little scary cupcakes to go with all the rest of the decorations we bought the other day (we went a little Halloween crazy in Poundland and got a huge bag full :-)  So excited, can't wait!)

So, on with the cakes

To start off with, this recipe makes 12 cakes.  I've listed everything you need for the main cakes and the amounts on this recipe page, just click on it to see it bigger.

To start off with mix the butter and sugar together, you can either do this in a bowl with a spoon or in a food processor, like I've done here.

Next take 2 eggs (free range of course), crack them into a clean bowl and lightly whisk with a fork and pour in to the rest of the mixture and stir again (making sure there's no bits of egg shell dropped in with them).

Next measure out the flour, salt and baking powder and stir it all in together.  Easy!

Your finished mixture should now look like this pic below!  Now is also the time to add in any other tasty bits like chocolate chunks, fruit, chopped nuts etc.

Add your cute Halloween cupcake cases to a cupcake tray.  These ones were from Asda for £1 and they came with the little spider cake toppers you can see dotted around the photos.

Next spoon in the mixture.  I used a 5cm ice cream scoop with a sweeper, I only got this last week and wow I love it, it makes it so much easier and it's just the perfect size for cupcakes and cookie mixtures :-)

Cook the cupcakes for 18-20 minutes, turning the tray around halfway through.  Keep a check on them to make sure they don't over-cook and when they're done, lightly prod the tops, if they spring back then they're cooked.

I decided it would look quite cool to fill some of the cupcakes with strawberry jam, of course to look like blood!  So I spooned some jam in to an icing bag (very messy job) and using a 'Tube' piping nozzle, I pushed the nozzle into the centre of each cake and gently squeezed the jam inside until it started to show on top.

Very tasty! :-)

Next it's time to add icing to the cakes, once the cakes are cooled.  I chose to do some with white icing and some with chocolate, you could do whichever you like depending on the design.

For the plain white icing, you will need 115g of icing sugar, gradually add tablespoons of warm water and stir in well.  For the chocolate icing, use around 50g of icing sugar and about 20g of cocoa powder, (you can adjust this as you go), again add the water gradually.  And if you run out of icing halfway through, just make up some more.

You should then end up with a smooth mixture, that will drop off the spoon slowly but not drip off!  I then applied a teaspoon sized dollop on to a cupcake, and with a butter knife (or palette knife), just smoothed it over the top of the cake turning it around slowly to get a nice smooth finish.  Honestly it's easier than it sounds!

Now for the fun part, decorating the cakes :-)  I searched for ages through pinterest to gather ideas for decorating my cupcakes.   Ideally I wanted to make coloured icing, orange, purple, black maybe, but the only food colouring products I could find in my local supermarkets were full of E-numbers and I didn't fancy putting all those nasty additives on my cakes, so I opted for sticking with white and chocolate icing and some creative patterns instead.

Along with white chocolate buttons, I also used this 4-pack of chocolate decorations from Tesco, these were £2.10 and you get white and chocolate drops, chocolate flakes and sprinkles.

If you're planning to do these designs, I will give you one very important tip, you'll need a pair of tweezers and a heck of lot of patients!
To make the spiders, I used the chocolate drops and the sprinkles for legs, I also used these for the large spider too.  They also came in very handy to make the 'Jack' face, I think they look quite effective for the stitching on his mouth, I used a small dollop of chocolate icing for his eyes but you could also use small chocolate buttons or smarties too.
For the mummy cakes, I covered 2 of the cakes with chocolate icing, added 2 white chocolate buttons for the eyes and a small chocolate drop stuck to each button with a little smear of icing sugar to help it stick.  I then used a 'ribbon' piping nozzle to add strips of white icing over the cake.  The spiderwebs were probably the easiest to make, again I covered 2 cakes in chocolate icing, then I added 3 thin circles of white icing on the top, using a cocktail stick I just lightly dragged it through the icing from the centre to the outer edge, I did this all around the cake, about 4 or 5 times in all to get the pattern, I then added the Asda spider toppers to finished them off.
And finally, for the wound cakes, I topped them with white icing then made a cut with a knife in the centre over the jam inside so that it oozed out a bit.  I then added a bit more jam across the cut just to make it look more 'bloody'!

It does take quite a while to decorate these cakes, so make sure you allow plently of time to do it and get as creative as you can, there's loads of ideas online and they're all pretty easy and great fun to do.

As always I hope you like this post and I hope it inspired you to make your own Halloween cupcakes this year.  I pre-made mine as I knew I wanted to write this post and also so that I had them ready in plenty of time before our party, so they are now sitting happily in airtight sandwich boxes in the freezer until they're needed.  You can freeze cupcakes for up to 2 months as long as they are carefully stored so that they can't get accidently squished, because after all that hard work that would be pretty crappy!

I'm uploading another post especially for Halloween on Saturday,  so keep a look out for that and until then, I hope you all have a very fun and spooky Halloween :-D
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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