Saturday 31 October 2015

Halloween - The Paranormal Tag

Happy Halloween everyone, for a special spooky post today I thought I would do The Paranormal Tag.  I've been really wanting to do this tag for a really long time so I thought of course, what better time to do it than for Halloween :-)

1. How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience?I think I was about 17, there used to be a phone box in the downstairs hallway of the boarding house I lived in.  The door was like a stable door, no top and no bottom about a foot from the ground.  I was sat on the floor in there chatting on the phone, when I saw a dark grey see-through shape of someone walking past the phone box.  I stood up straight away and looked out to see who it was, but no one was there!

2. Have you always believed in ghosts?
Yes pretty much, I've seen too many things and had too many weird experiences not to!  But I am quite sceptical, I need good hard proof before I'm convinced.

3. Where are your favourite places to investigate?
I don't do this anymore, but years ago a few of my friends and I used to go to several places and take photos and sound recordings, it was great fun!  Graveyards are of course always good, there used to be a place near my school called the Old Priory which we often used to go to, that was even feature on a paranormal tv show once!  There's absolutely loads of great places here in Wales too, like Chirk castle, that has quite the reputation and a lot of creepy stories.  I took this photo in the dungeons, it was extremely creepy and I would not like to be left down there alone!! :-(

4. What are your favourite investigating tools to use?
A camera has to be the main one, you never know what spooky spirit might photo bomb your pictures!  I think voice recording is great too, to pick up any ghostly sounds.

5. What was your scariest paranormal experience?
It would have to be one night about 3 or 4 years ago, I can remember it really clearly yet it feels unreal that I saw what I did.
I was on my own in the house, I went to turn off the light in the dining room and I thought I heard a noise in the hallway, where the lights were also off.  I looked through the glass door and I noticed I'd left the landing light on which was glowing down the stairs.  Suddenly I saw a tall black figure stood in the hallway, it moved away from me towards the front door, turned around the banister at the bottom of the stairs and then walked halfway up the stairs then disappeared!  Lets just say I wasn't too keen to go up to bed that night!!

6 What is your favourite paranormal experience?
I don't really know if I have a favourite as such, even though the one I just described was pretty creepy, that was probably one of the best because it was so real, it just couldn't have been anything other than a ghost of some kind!

7. Do you know anyone else personally who has had paranormal experiences?
Yep quite a few, they have lots of stories too.

8. Do you have trouble convincing friends and family about your experiences?
Not really, most of them have had their own!

9. Favourite paranormal TV show or movie?
Oh wow, we could be here all day if I write down all of them for this answer! :-)  I love horror films, I'm a total horror buff, so there's not really many I haven't seen, although a good horror film is hard to find, there's a lot of rubbish ones out there, Mama is still one of my favourites and the original Poltergeist.

As for TV shows, I wouldn't be me if I didn't straight away shout out The X Files, those of you that know me will be nodding like crazy now lol, I grew up watching it I was totally obsessed, I even got nicknamed Scully at school.
Basically if it's spooky I'll watch it; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ghost Whisperer, Roswell High, Walking Dead, Afterlife, Dr Who, Bedlam, Sea of Souls, Paranormal Investigators, Strange but True, Most Haunted (+ a load of the other general ghostly/haunted programmes).  I think one of the only popular ones I haven't watched is The Vampire Diaries, I still really want to see that.  I think the very first paranormal show I ever watched was Randall and Hopkirk, I used to love that when I was a kid, ooh and The Twilight Zone that was amazing :-)

10. What would be your dream place to investigate?
There's a few places but I think one of the best would be an old house called Plas Teg here in Wales.  It's supposed to be extremely haunted and the old lady that owns it does overnight tours, which I think would be a really cool thing to do.

11. Do you prefer to investigate alone or in a group?
I think (fear aside), being in a group would be a lot better.  I mean the least little noise or cold chill and your mind will be playing tricks, but if you're in a group then others can verify what's going on or at least you can all be scared together!  Personally there's no way I could go alone, far too creepy!

12. Is your home haunted?
Yes I definitely feel it is, myself and my family have all experienced weird things at different times over many years, definitely some strange stuff going on here!!

13. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences with animals?
Yes.  One time, one of my little poodles suddenly started backing at the corner of the room for no reason, it was very out of character.  Another time one of my other poodles was having a drink of water from the bowl on the floor, suddenly turned and started growling at something but there was nothing there!  Myself and other people in my family have also thought we've seen a little dog, like a little while ago I was in the kitchen and both our poodles were in another room, yet I'm positive I saw a small light coloured dog go past me, I went to check straight away and they were both asleep in bed!

I hope you liked this post and it made you feel very creeped out and ready for Halloween :-)  Please leave comments and let me know if you've had any paranormal experiences and what happened, I'd love to hear your stories!
Until Next Time Stay Spooky and have an amazing Halloween 

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