Monday 12 October 2015

A Beauty Haul + A Few Little Extras

Hi everyone, like a lot of you I love seeing hauls, I'm nosey, I love to see what makeup products/clothes etc other girls have spent their money on, so as I've been having a naughty little spend recently, I thought I would show you what I've been spending my pennies on :-)

First off I went to Boots.  I always go in there with shopping list in hand of all the bits I've been lusting after and talked into trying by various YouTubers and, I either can never get the shades I'm after or I end up buying other things instead!  Does anyone else have that problem?  But thankfully this time, I pretty much got everything I wanted off my list, there are still a couple of things I wanted and couldn't get (plus now I have new added additions to my wish list) but that's for a future haul :-)

*Most of the products I bought I haven't used yet so I'm just showing you them and listing the details, but the few I have used, I've written a very short review of what I think of them, so far*

So the first thing I got was this Collection Speedy Blush Stick in Tickled Pink £3.99, I used this last weekend and so far I really like it.  My previous Max Factor blush always made my cheeks look patchy and horrible but this has a really soft delicate rosy glow and looks really natural.  It's quite quick and easy to apply but does take a bit of blending.

I also wanted to pick up this Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon in Dress Rehearsal £4.99, it was mentioned in a video by DizzyBrunette3 in one of her makeup tutorials and it looked a really pretty shade, she also said it's a very similar shade to MACs Velvet Teddy.  I haven't tried it out yet only by swatching but sadly the second I took the lid off, the lip crayon broke and dropped out!  But it's ok I think it'll be fine if I'm careful with it.  Also I've never tried any Barry M products before, so I'm interested to give it a go.  Have you tried these lip crayons, let me know what you think?

The next item is this Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit £3.99, which I thought was a really good price.  Now I know someone (be it blogger or YouTuber) highly recommended this but for the life of me, I can't remember who it was, sorry :-/  But, it really is the nicest highlighter, it leaves a gorgeous shimmer.  I haven't tried out the bronzer side yet (still a novice not gonna lie) but very happy with the highlighter it's gorgeous.

I also picked up this No.7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer £12.50, which was recommended by Emma from Emma's Treasures blog (I know I'm very easily influenced!)  The primer I currently use is the Arbonne Makeup Primer, which is just gorgeous but on the slightly pricey side and so I don't use it all the time, just on special occasions.  So I wanted something I could use regularly and since I use the No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation, I thought it would be a good match and work well together.  Again I haven't tried it out yet as I only got it the other day, but if it's good and I love it, look out for a review!

I saw this Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer £2.75 on a blog post and loved the shade Out of the World (diggin the name too!) but I could get it in my store so I ordered it online from ebay.  I've only swatched so far but the sparkle in it is totally gorgeous!!!  And going by my other Rimmel lip lacquers, I know it'll stay put a good long while, so I can't wait to wear this.

I saw Gabriella Lindley using this Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara £7.99 which she's often mentioned and it always looks so nice, I love trying new mascaras (as you probably know by now) and couldn't wait to get this one.  I've used it quite a few times now and really love it, it makes my lashes full, long and fluttery.  The wand is a really nice shape too and I think it'll be ideal for the lower lashes too, love it :-)

The last thing I picked up from Boots was this Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in Keep it Classy £4.99, which is more like a lip pencil but feels like a lipstick.  I have another one of these already in Minimalist which I really like but I wanted a darker shade to wear over a/w and this shade is perfect.  I wore this last week and I think it looks really nice on.

It's a little darker than I would normally wear but I love it.  The consistency is really soft too and not heavy like you'd imagine and it lasted quite a long while, it also leaves a bit of a stain which I like too.

The last beauty item to show you (and one that I'm very excited about) is this MAC Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow in Moth £14.50, I ordered this from Debenhams a couple of weeks ago while they had a small sale on (perfect timing).  It's another recommendation from Gabby (she always makes me spend my money!) But I'm really happy I got it, I really love the shade and going by some of the others I have my eye on, this won't be the last one I'll buy.  It's my first ever MAC purchase too, so I'm quite excited to have it (I know I'm sad like that) :-)

As you may have guessed I've been loving watching Gabby's videos for a long while and I was really happy to see she was bring out her own designer range of homeware for Primark (one of my favourite stores).  I love the quote in a frame, the glass mug and the gorgeous sequin and cat cushions, but they only sell her items in the really big Primark stores, and not one of the three big Primarks near me sell any of them.  Isn't it always at times like this you just wish Primark had an online store! :-/  So the only way I could buy the items were through ebay.  Sadly most of the main items had all sold out but I was able to get the adorable cat eye mask which I think is just so nice how cute are those little ears!  It's really soft too, I love the colours and the design.  I paid £3.50 (plus postage) but I think it was only £1.80 in store.  I did see a few of the glass mugs for sale on ebay but when they started to get to limited stock, people were going crazy with the prices and although I love watching Gabby and like her range, sorry I'm not prepared to pay £20+ for a mug, especially when it was only £3 in store!!  Very happy with the mask though :-)

I've been wanting a pair of autumn-appropriate tan ankle boots for ages (blame pinterest) and I must've spent a good week scouring the internet until I came across these gorgeous ones from F&F at Tesco for £25.  Luckily they still had my size when I went into the store the following week and when I tried them on I couldn't believe how comfortable they felt.  Just as a side-note I hate buying shoes online just case they don't fit, I like to be able to really try them on and walk about in them first, I'm fussy like that!

I really like the shape and style of these ones, the heel is not too high for me or too low either and I really love the gold buckle on the side, so I happily handed over my money for these.  I've worn them for a whole day since I bought them and they were just as comfortable at the end of the day as when I put them on in the morning.  I love the colour and I think they look really great with my jeans, I'm hoping they'll work well with skirts and leggings too.

I like Gabby's idea of a quote in a picture frame so much, and since I couldn't get her one, I decided to make my own.  I picked up this really cute brushed silver photo frame from Wilko for only £1 :-)  I've been scrolling all through my favourite Pinterest quote boards to find the best quote and with a few finishing touches and a little editing know-how, I think I've found the perfect image to put in the frame, I've just got a few little alterations to make and as I've found a few to choose from, I need to print them all out and then see how they look in the frame, I'll upload a picture of my final creation on my instagram page soon, so keep a look out for that if you want to see it finished :-)

I got my first tablet about 18 months ago, a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 but it was the 7 inch size, I thought it would be a good hand-held size to have but in the end it just felt too small, after a while it also got really slow and even though I didn't have that many apps on it, it kept saying it was running out of space and it just wasn't meeting my needs.  So after listing it on Gumtree, which is a great website to sell things on, I got a buyer within a few days which was great and within a week it was sold and the money was in my bank waiting to pay for my new tablet :-)  I searched and searched, looked at a hundred and one reviews and looked around for the best price deals and finally I decided to get this one from a shop on ebay, they had a good selling rating and a good price offer and it was free postage too (unlike on Amazon).  It even arrived the next day!

I also got a nice cover for the tablet because well it's just nice to accessories (in every way possible) and of course to keep it clean, see there are practical reasons too! :-)

The cover was just a plain white one that I got from Amazon for 99p + £1.98 postage and then I just decorated it with some crystal rhinestone swirls and a lovely matching pink handmade flower that I got from an online craft shop called Crafty Poodles for £1.45.

So far I love it, it took quite a while to set up and it did take ages to get logged back in to all my various social media accounts and things like that, but I kind of enjoy that part anyway so it was fine.  I love the larger screen, the colours and images are sharp and bright and I love the larger keyboard to the one I had previously.  It's great for skyping on and scrolling through pinterest, also the storage capacity is double the size to my old one so that means I've been able to add some of my favourite photo editing apps too, so that's made me happy :-)

I hope you like this post, although it was a little longer than I'd originally planned so I'm sorry about that!  Let me know if you've tried any of these products before and if you like them, I'd love to know!
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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