Sunday 13 July 2014

Review - Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hi everyone, I just had to do this impromptu little review post for you today.  I bought myself the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water from Boots the other day, it was on special offer for just £3.33, instead of the usual £4.99, perfect time to grab a bargain!  Basically I was SO impressed with it when I tried it out that evening, I just had to come and tell you about it!

According to the technical info, Micelle's are like microscopic magnets that cling to dirt/makeup and can dissolve it in water.  That's the basic gist anyway and so of course it makes for a perfect makeup remover.

I really like Garnier products, I love their Nutralia Healthy Hair shampoo, as it very gentle, there's no scent to it (because I do hate scented products) and it doesn't have all the added extras like a lot of other shampoos, it's just a nice basic product that does the job well.

I have also often raved about the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 Makeup Remover which is really great, it even got a special mention in my Spring Favorites post, I've used it so much I recently had to go and buy myself a second bottle.

And don't get me wrong, I do still love it but I just have to admit, my old faithful 2 in 1 is going in the back of the cupboard because there's a newbie on the block!
I tried the Micellar water first just by adding a small amount on a cotton pad and just gently wiped my eyelid.  I didn't even think that would be enough to shift anything but I was totally amazed with the amount that came away!  So then came the real challenge, my waterproof mascara. . . Wow, I can honestly say this Micellar water did a better, quicker and more thorough job getting it off than any other makeup remover I have ever tried, including the 2 in 1 which is partially oil based and made for removing waterproof makeup!  Even with that I sometimes have to rub quite a bit to remove it all but with the Micellar water, it was just so easy.
I also love the fact that there really is no scent to it, no smell at all.  Most products that claim to be non-scented always still have a scent of some kind, even a chemical-type smell but this had nothing, so it made it a lot more pleasant to use too.  I didn't even find that I had to use very much of it, so the generous 400ml is going to last me a very long time!!

Have you tried out any of the Micellar waters yet, what are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below :-)
Hope you all have a great week and I will upload another post later this week.  Stay happy

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  1. Doireann O' Gorman17 July 2014 at 18:40

    I really want to try the Micellar Cleansing Water! Great post x

  2. Thank you :-) You really should, I'm still quite amazed by how good it is and I think it's actually improved my skin so far too!

  3. I've been using the Garnier micellar water for a while and actaully prefer it to Bioderma- and so much cheaper :)
    Daniella x

  4. Hi :-) Yes I've heard a few people say that, I honestly think Garnier is such a great brand! Thank you for your comments :-)


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