Thursday 1 September 2016

Making Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake - Fail

Hi everyone, if you regularly keep up with blog posts, you'll know how much I love baking and trying new things.  I usually enjoy attempting to make cupcakes, cookies, scones and small thinks like that but this week I decided to try something a little bigger.

Just as a side note, my baking posts are never a 'how to', they're more of a 'here's what I made why not have a go', this one however is most definitely more of a 'here's my disaster of a cake don't try this at home'!! :-/  But I thought you might like to see it anyway, I've of course included the recipe too, in case you feel brave enough to give it a try yourself.  If you do, send me a pic on twitter, I'd love to see your efforts! :-)

click the pic for a bigger view!

After gathering up all the ingredients, I added the butter and sugar together in my food processor and mixed them together.

Then added the eggs, one at a time.

Then the flour, baking powder and salt.

After that it was time to add the cocoa powder. . .

. . . Looking tasty so far!

Time to add all the chocolate, now of course you don't have to stick religiously to a recipe, you can alter small things if necessary.  So since I only had 2 packs of white chocolate buttons instead of a pack of chocolate, I used those.  I also had a little extra of the milk and caramel chocolate, so I just adding in everything I had, well you can never have too much chocolate, right?! :-)

Finally the mixture was finished, I put the oven on to pre-heat and greased my loaf tin with the empty butter wrapper.

Then I poured the mixture in the tin and let it settle, ready to go in the oven.  Now, on the original recipe I was following, it said to cook the cake for approximately 40 minutes.  Obviously I know all ovens are different and I may have needed to do it for a little more or a little less, but I wasn't quite expecting to cook the cake for the hour and 20 minutes, which it turn out to be!!

Sadly even though it most definitely burnt around the top edges I promise you, I checked it about every 10 minutes and it was definitely uncooked in the centre and it wasn't until it had been cooking for over an hour, that it finally seemed to be less mushy inside!  This is where the main problems started. . .

Then, I tried to remove the cake from the tin, but it decided it was quite happily welded in there!  I tried and tried to get it out 'carefully', but it was having none of that and decided to end up a big crumbly mess!

Thankfully according to my lovely taste-tester-friends, it tasted lovely, it just didn't look like the pretty, nicely shaped loaf that it was supposed to, hardly 'pinterest worthy' :-/

This is the cake made by the lovely Tanya Burr (who's recipe I was following), that I was trying to create.  This is the way my cake was supposed to look when finished #rolls eyes#
Oh well, I tried!

Let me know if you like this post, I love to read your feedback.  If there's any recipes you think I should attempt next, please let me know that too :-)  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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