Friday 23 September 2016

Summer Favourites 2016

Hi everyone, so as I sit here writing this, I'm looking out at a very wet soggy garden, there's a full on thunderstorm and it's chucking it down as well, so that's it, Summer over :-(  This does actually make me feel quite sad and very much dreading the cold weather that will soon be coming our way.  Back to having to wrap up or freeze and looking like a drowned rat every time you step out the door.  As you can tell, I'm not a lover of the colder months!!

Anyway, I've been enjoying many things over the Summer and thought it was time I did another favourites post, so if you'd like to know what I've been loving lately, keep on reading :-)

I haven't really been listening to much music at all lately apart from a load of old stuff on my mp3!  But I did find these few various tracks and I love them, they're all equally as good as each other and I've been listening to them non-stop the past couple of weeks!

Hobbie Stuart's cover of Cold Water amazing, he's so talented and his version of this song is just gorgeous!!  Also I just had to add this one in, it's his new cover and it's gorgeous (LOVE this guys voice) - Let Me Love You :-)
- Arsonist's Lullaby I'm sure this track has been in an episode of The Walking Dead, if not it should be it has the right kind of sound, very cool track!
Everlasting anyone who needs free cool upbeat music for their videos, go check out this youtube channel, I know a few youtubers use them already.  The music on here is SO good and I'm obsessed with this track!
Mike Perry
- The Ocean This reminds me so much of the journey to Blackpool a few weeks ago, it has a real 'feel good' summery vibe, love this one :-)

If you didn't know already, and as I've just mentioned, I recently went on a little holiday with a couple of my best friends and had a really fun time in Blackpool, I took a ton of photos and bought back a few souvenirs.  If you haven't read my post all about it yet, click here to see a load of the pics and hear all about what went on there :-)

I absolutely love taking photos in general, but I've really been getting in to doing 'flatlays' lately.  I just love positioning all the bits, adding little props and ending up with (hopefully) a really nice photo, it's quite satisfying.  I've been scouring sites like instagram, pinterest and We Heart It for lots of inspiration too which has been quite fun and relaxing :-)

I've always loved Instagram but I'm just so in to it lately and have been trying to upload a photo every day for the last couple of weeks.  I've been enjoying trying to do more things lately too, (partly so I have some nice things to take pictures of) and I've been loving trying some new editing apps too.

I bought a couple of new lipsticks recently which I'm really happy with, but I've also gone back to using a few of my older favourites too and have been loving them all over again, like my Rimmel To Nude or Not To Nude and my Soap & Glory Charm Offensive lipshine.  The new ones I got are Tanya Burr's Martha Moo (so pretty) and 2 L'Oreal Sexy Balms in 203 Bold - Yala Yolo (daft name if you ask me!) and 111 Sheer - Go Pretty or Go Home.  They're quite bright but very pretty and very glossy so I'm gradually getting used to them and enjoying trying them out.

And finally, Autumn, despite my hate of cold weather, I can't help but love seeing all the newly fallen crisp brown leaves scattered everywhere and thankfully most of the time it's still quite sunny at the moment.  Plus of course what else comes along with Autumn, Halloween :-D  woooh!!  As always, I can't wait for that!

Are you looking forward to Halloween this year, what are you planning to do?  And what things have you been loving lately, let me know in the comments :-)
And Until Next Time Stay Happy

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