Sunday 28 August 2016

3 Jewellery Pieces I'm Currently Loving

Hi everyone, just a quicky post for you this week as I've been busy sorting stuff out and packing for my little holiday at the beginning of next week and sadly I had to upload it late this week too, as I barely had any internet over the past two days (thank you TalkTalk)!!

I often go on this great website called Wish, my main obsession on there has to be the jewellery and soon I'm planning to do a 'Wish Haul' to show you all the different bits I've bought so far, but for today I wanted to show you these three particular pieces that I've been loving wearing lately.  You may also notice a little theme going on, as I've also been a bit obsessed with arrows for a good while now (thanks to a certain Mr Daryl Dixon!) ;-)

The first item I got was this gorgeous silver arrow necklace for £1, I think it was available in gold too but I don't really wear a lot of gold jewellery and I thought the silver looked much nicer.  I love the size of this and the details, and since I've had it (about 3 months now), I've worn it so many times.  I recently found a lovely large silver wing pendant in with some of my old jewellery pieces and I've now attached that to the chain so they hang together, so I'm even happier with it now!

I spotted this little arrow ring about a month ago about ordered it straight away (again, it was a only £1 and available in gold).  Sadly though I'd only been wearing it for a day when it snapped in half, I was so disappointed because it's so cute.  But I contacted the seller straight away, and within a couple of weeks they had already sent me a replacement.  I think I will still have to be a little careful with it because of the 'open' style but all in all, I really love it, it's so sweet and looks really nice on :-)

This heart/arrow bracelet was the second 'arrow' themed item I bought (again for £1), I liked it when it arrived but put it in my jewellery box with several other items to photograph for my haul post and after a while I honestly forgot it was in there.  So it turned out to be a really happy find, when I was rummaging through the box last week and found it.  I think I even said out loud to myself, ooh an arrow :-D  I had to take out a couple of links so that it fitted my small wrists a bit better but since then, I've worn it several times and I just love the way it looks, it goes lovely with most of my outfits too.  It's beautifully shiny and the arrow toggle makes this piece add to my little collection perfectly :-)

Sorry this was a short one, I hope you liked in anyway.  I have a baking post for you next week and hopefully a post all about my holiday the week after that :-)  So Until Next Time Stay Happy

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