Thursday 4 August 2016

Superdrug Mini Haul & Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone, this week I thought I'd show you a few little things I bought from Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, we more specifically, from the Superdrug website as our little local store is very little and doesn't stock all the good stuff! :-/

There were a couple of bits I particularly wanted but one was out of stock and as you do whilst browsing, I ended up buying a few extra things to what I had planned!

First off was one of Tanya Burr's new matte lip creams from her Soft Luxe Collection, in Martha Moo (I just love that name and of course the real Martha Moo is so cute!)  I wanted to get this as soon as it came out but of course being as popular as Tanya's products usually are, it was continuously out of stock.  But I finally got the email to say it was back in, so ordered it straight away.  I wasn't too sure about the other two shades in this new range but this one looked lovely and I love the new matte gold and frosted glass packaging it's so sleek and pretty :-)

Next up I got the Enchanted Dreams eye palette, also from Tanya's new range.  I was persuaded into getting this after seeing one of her makeup tutorials using it, so pretty!  And again I love the cute packaging and all the pretty names she comes up with.

I also originally went on the website to order the new Makeup Revolutions Fortune Favours the Brave palette, which I recently did a First Impressions post on a couple of weeks ago, so if you would like to know what I thought of it in detail and fancy having a look at all the close up pics, you can check that out here.  I also held a giveaway (because I loved it so much I bought another one for one of my lovely readers to win).  The giveaway has now ended and the winner has been notified, but I've also left all her details and links at the bottom of this post so you can check out her various social media's :-)

I couldn't resist getting this adorable little 'Life is Sweet' purse from Zoella's new Sweet Inspirations range.  I love the pretty delicate soft blue colour, the gold text and the pretty scalloped edges, it's so cute!  Admittedly, it is quite small, nice for a coin-purse, to hold notes in or maybe store cards, but that's about it.  And yes I did mostly get it to look cute in the background of my blog/instagram pics (not sorry!) ;-)

That was pretty much it for superdrug, but I just wanted to show you these two bits I picked up in Primark the other week to, because they're sooo nice. . .

I just adore these lovely little earrings, I just know I'll end up wearing all of these at some point.  Let's face it, often when you buy sets of earrings, there's always at least one pair you know you'll never wear!  But all of these are really pretty and for just £2 I thought were a total bargain!

Finally also spotted this gorgeous silver panel necklace.  I've been after one like this for so long and I was so happy when I saw it, plus again, only £2 :-)

So there you go, just thought I'd show you these few bits.  I hope you like this post and please let me know in the comments which bits you like, have you been able to get hold of Martha Moo yet and what did you think of the palette :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

And finally, the winner of my Makeup Revolutions Summer Giveaway is Helen Dickinson Congratulations!! :-D  You find her by clicking on the links below. . .
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