Saturday 30 July 2016

Having a Sort Out and a Sale

Hi everyone, well it has been one very busy week this past 7 days.  I planned to do quite a big particular post this week but basically it's all gone to pot!  So for this post I thought I would try something a bit different.  I spent two of my busy days at the beginning of the week, thoroughly tidying one of my bedroom closets (the one that's basically full of junk all my stuff other than clothes!)  And by tidy, I mean I had a really lovely clear out.  I really enjoy doing that, I make piles for everything keep, charity, wash, giveaway, sell and usually a nice huge rubbish pile too!  This time I manage to fill up a whole box full of rubbish, another big box full of charity items and I found some really lovely bits that I thought were too good to just give away and I might actually be able to make a few pennies from and it was all things that I no longer wanted or needed and I'd just been hanging onto for the sake of it, as you do!

This is the tidy version. . . you should've seen it before!!!

I also came across some lovely old memories in books and photos and old letters (which I spent far too long reading, rather than getting on sorting), I could show you a few of these in a blog post in the future if you'd like?  And I had a very interesting find in with a box of old video cassettes, I actually found a little envelope with some money in, not a huge fortune sadly but it was certainly a big surprise and I literally had no clue it was in there, I must've put it in there for safe keeping years ago, I think it may have been from some of the money that my Grandad left me!  I opened the envelope and just sat there looking at it amazed for a good few minutes, couldn't quite believe my eyes.  So that's most of my holiday paid for next March, thank you Grandad :-D

Anyway, I made sure I took loads of pics as I went through everything before I listed all the bits online.  But then I thought, well they're all good bits that some of my readers might like. . . So this post is basically me giving you first refusal on all the bits I'm selling before it's snatched up by anyone else.  I also discovered a new app called Depop recently (which I'm loving btw) and it's the perfect place to list all the kinds of things, it's really easy to upload items you want to sell and it's free too! :-)  Honestly this isn't an ad, I just genuinely think it's great.  If you don't already have it, click on the link and download the app, you can then find me by searching for danij72

Anyway, if you see something you like, just tweet or email me or leave me a comment and we'll go from there.  Or you can go directly to Depop or ebay and purchase any of the items on there.  I hope you like some of the things, I will probably be adding more over the next few weeks too as I'm still sorting out closets and drawers, so don't forget to check back for any new items.

Thanks lots my lovelies :-)

1. Denim jacket 8 (the one I decorated a couple of years ago for a craft blog post)
2. Long sleeve Walking Dead T'shirt (sadly it's too big for me) size s/m
3. Cute black bag with silver chain decoration (perfect little evening bag)
4. Novelty black 'bodice' bag (something a little different)
5. Small blue makeup bag (I used to use it for travelling to put jewellery in, the front pocket is great for hair ties and rings!)
6. Revlon hair styling set (comes with several different attachments, a handy tips booklet and a sturdy wipe-clean bag to keep it all in)
7. Black 'Team Dixon' T'shirt with wings on the back (sadly it's a little too small for me!)
8. 'What to Wear Where' book (full of outfit ideas for ever occasion)
9. Dorothy Perkins black evening dress with a very 'swishy' skirt and silver sequin trim around the waist
size 8.  (Very lovely classy dress but I think it would honestly look better on someone, other than me!)
10. Very cute embroidered 'Winnie the Pooh' rucksack (bought for me as a gift but I think it would be better for a younger person, very sweet though)
11. Gothic purple coffin shaped wallet with black lace spider design (would go great with the bodice bag!)
12. Large pink cosmetic bag (it even comes with its own matching mirror, very handy)

If you would like to know more about any of these items, just click on either the Depop or ebay links, or just message me.  And don't forget I will most definitely be adding more and more items over the next few weeks.
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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