Sunday 28 February 2016

Random Thoughts No1 (there will be more)

Hi everyone, this week is something a bit different, I've found myself have so many random thoughts lately, a lot of them are short and simple, others have been playing around my head for awhile and others have been full on deep thoughts that have even plagued me while I've tried to get to sleep at night!  So while I'm sat here enjoying the last of my birthday cake, I thought I'd tell you about some of them.  Some of them are a bit ranty, sorry!

Hair My hair is driving me nuts.  I can't do a thing with it, it's constantly full of static which is probably down the acrylic cardigans I wear most of the time and no matter how much I try and tame it, it sticks to everything and knots up in seconds!  My hair has got very long and very unruly over the last couple of months and even though I've been saving up to get it cut, so far I'm having to put up with it and it's just peeing me off!  I like long hair, I do, but mine is SO thick and long it just annoys me.  It flops in my face every time I bend down (even though I always have it up in a ponytail) and as for trying to get it dry OMG!  I don't have the time or the arm-strength to stand there drying it with a hair dryer for half an hour plus, hello more dry air equals more static!  So I have to just brush it through best I can and leave it to nature to gradually get it dry, 5 hours later, it's still damp!! ;-(

Weather This kind of leads me on to my next thought, winter weather.  It's cold, it's too cold.  I get out of bed and it's freezing, I pull my clothes out the drawer and they're like ice.  I find myself sat cuddled up to a heater for half the day and shivering like crazy for the rest!  I don't know if it's just me because I've always felt the cold or it's just plain freezing.  When I go out I have to put so many layers of thick clothing on I can hardly move, I can just never seem to feel warm at the moment, and it sucks!  When is it gonna be spring, I miss the sun :-(

Age why the heck is everyone so obsessed with age.  I'm not thrilled about my age and the thought of yet another birthday (last week) and being yet another year older has been making me feel pretty down, as it does every year and of course it only gets worse.  But then I thought why!?  Ok so I'm friends with people younger than me, because we have the same tastes and things we both enjoy, I watch youtubers that are younger than me but I still find them funny and enjoyable to watch!  I'm not married yet nor do I have a child, which always bothered me as women my age usually do.  But then I though, who cares!  Why should I or indeed we, feel we can or can't do things, wear things, watch things because we're not of that age group!?

A few years ago I was sitting in a cafe waiting for my friend and this lady walked past the window.  She must have been in her 60's but she was wearing this gorgeous fitted tan leather jacket, a nice shirt, flared jeans and a very lovely pair of boots that I would quite happily wear, more like the outfit a 20-something girl would wear.  She walked along with a real air of confidence and style and just thought, wow I want to be like that when I'm her age.  So my thoughts are; it doesn't matter about age, it's just a number.  If you like doing something do it, wear it, say it, never feel you're too old or too young (of course there's exceptions if you're 90 you probably shouldn't go bungee jumping etc!) :-)

I just hate it when people say oh you're too old to do that now, why?  Or, you should be married and settled by now, I was at your age!  People in our parents generation lived more by age, certain things were expected, like having a family by the time you were 25!  But things are different now and I think I've finally realised that.  I don't want to feel under pressure or feel upset because I'm the age I am and don't have a family, right now I'm single and I'm happy, I have more time to do the stuff I want to do!  All the rest will happen when it happens!  I don't feel the age I am, but why does that matter?!  Live by how you feel not by your age group :-)

Random Accidents I went to defrost a croissant early, over cooked it and burnt my finger on the plate, and it's hurts like hell now :-(  It got me thinking about how suddenly things like that can happen when you least expect it.  Moral of that thought, be more careful.

Blog posts I'm struggling again to be honest, I sit down with my planner and my thoughts and try and write something, nothing happens.  I go online for inspiration but nothing inspires me enough.  I used to read so many other blogs but I'm ridiculously behind and have missed so many, same with a lot of the youtubers I usually watch.  So no inspiration is coming from there either.  I'll get there eventually.

Favourites I used to do a regular post about my current favourites, most bloggers/youtubers do monthly favourites but I always knew that would be a stretch for me, so I did seasonal ones instead.  But as you may have noticed I kind of stopped doing them a while back.  Apart from the general things I love, which I talked a lot about in my Addictions post a couple of weeks ago (in which I forgot to add notebooks btw), I just don't have any other favourites right now.  I literally can't even remember the last time I bought any makeup, which is crazy considering I used to go in to my local Boots so often, the cashier got to know me by name!!  But these days I've been saving my money for other things I feel I need more and that I feel are more use to me.  But I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.

And lastly Films I went to the cinema with one of my besties last Monday and we went to see Triple 9, which was a really cool action movie (I like that kind of thing), it has some great actors in including Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and my fav Norman Reedus :-).  I sat there waiting for it to start and I said to my friend, do you know it's been over a year since I last went to the cinema.  Yet the amount of great films that have come out that I've wanted to see, I should be there every month!  I've been longing to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (totally me) and I really wanted to see Deadpool too.  So I said to myself, right that's it, from now on more cinema trips!  You heard it here first!

I also just wanted to mention 'cos I was quite happy about it, I posted a pic of the movie poster on my Instagram on Monday night, and the first person to like the pic was only Norman Reedus's body double on The Walking Dead, oh yeah!! :-D  A very cute guy called Kirk Riley.  And it also got a like from Decatur Redd, who features on the very cool soundtrack from the movie, and incidentally who now follows me on Instagram!! :-D  Feeling happy!
I hope you like this rather random post and I hope you like these chatty type of posts in general, because they will definitely be cropping up more here and there.  If you fancy telling me a few of your random thoughts in the comments, I'd love to read them :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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