Sunday 14 February 2016

My Addictions

Hi everyone, Happy Valentines Day Today is all about love, so I thought I would tell you about all the things that I love, I'm obsessed with and I'm totally addicted to :-)

Poodles -

Just Poodles in general, they are totally adorable, fluffy, over the top cute and I love them, the smaller the better!

adorable poodle puppy photo 1b Poodles_zpspya7ovje.gif
Oh my gosh, can't take the cuteness!!

Doing crafts -

cardmaking, scrapbooking, digital crafts, making things for my home, I love doing it all, I love sitting down and creating something pretty.

Drinking tea -

I could happily finish one cup and have another straight away, tea on tap!  Yeay for PG :-)
drinking tea photo 3b tea_zpsllgtfdeg.gif

Anything and everything sparkly -

I swear I was a magpie in a former life, if it's sparkly I want it, I love it, I need it in my life.

Sparkles photo 4b Sparkly_zpsrfjjo8tz.gif

Sleeping -
Sleeping photo 5 Sleep 1_zpsj5nixqs0.gif

sometimes this is by choice, sometimes not but either way cuddling down in a warm cosy bed or just shuttering my eyes for a little nap feels just so nice and welcoming :-) zzz

Eating cake -
Eating cake photo 6 Cake_zpsdyki76kt.gif

It doesn't matter what type of cake or if it's bought or homemade (although I do love baking), I've just always loved cake, it's so yummy!

Norman Reedus (something else yummy!!) -

Ok so this is no surprise to some of you ;-)  And admittedly he's a newer obsession of mine but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long one!  What honestly is there not to love about this guy, he's funny, adorably dorky, incredibly sexy, so sweet and an animal lover, I'm 100% hooked for life!!!  I have a total 'Addixon' ;-)

Norman Reedus cat, Eye in the Dark photo 7b Norman_zpso2rto1wl.gif

I mean just look at that smile . . . melts my heart every time ♥♥♥

Blogging -
blogging photo 8 blogging_zpsci58gdcc.gif

I may have had a wobble for a while there and things have been stressful blogging-wise but either way, I still love it.  I've had my blog for over 2 years and I don't see me stopping anytime soon.  Instead of seeing each new post as a worry from now on, I'm seeing it as a challenge and an exciting new project to work on every week :-)

Watching The X Files -

I could not have been more excited when the new series started last week.  I have been a crazy X Files fan since it first started back in September 1993, when I was at school.  My friend Jamie and I were totally obsessed, we would talk about it constantly, we called each other Mulder and Scully and even other friends at school new us as that too, I even had my hair cut like Scully's and I loved that it was already the same colour as hers!.

X Files, I want to believe photo 9b X-Files_zps1agpozim.gif

When they announced it was going to be on tv again, I texted him straight away and said, Mulder we're back babes and he said, Scully can't wait :-D  The funny thing is, after all these years and both of us being so in to it, we've never managed to watched an episode together, so far!

Eating Pringles -

I must get through one tube every few days, easily.  When they say "once you pop you can't stop" they were dam right!  They're just so moreish.

Dog eating pringles photo 10b Pringles_zpskkt2iult.gif

Buying and wearing slippers -

Every time I go to Tesco clothing I literally have to drag myself away from the slipper isle now because I have got so many pairs of slippers, I'm having trouble fitting them in my wardrobe!  No one needs that many pairs but I just love them, they're so cute and comfortable and I can't help buying a new pair every-so-often when I see lovely new ones on sale!
Norman Reedus bunny slippers photo 11b Slippers_zpswj7sh9cm.gif
How does he manage to even make bunny slippers look sexy!! ;-)

I mean, everyone needs bunny slippers right? (although I still need to get some of these) :-)

Buying lipsticks -

As with the slippers, I have a problem, I mean I can only wear one at a time right, yet I can't help seeing a gorgeous new shade or a new release from one of my favourite brands without adding it to my ever growing collection!  Just tell me I'm not alone here!?!

Miranda Sings, lipstick photo 12b Lipstick_zpszwcazpmz.gif

Funny Minion quotes -

Every day I find myself on Pinterest, laughing like a crazy person at these Minion quotes, they're just so good, so funny and so sarcastic, just the kind of humour I love :-D

If you'd like to see more of these and join me in having a good laugh at all the ones I've re-pinned, you can check out my Funny Times board :-)

My friends -

My friends are the absolute best, I love chatting to them and spending time with them and I wish I could do that a lot more often.  They are always there for me with encouragement and support and a funny quip to cheer me up when I'm feeling down.  Girls - Helz, Shelley, Ambika, Lisa, Amy and FB, I love ya to bits xxx

friends hugging photo 14b Friends_zpse5s0i7kf.gif

Watching The Walking Dead -

Could you honestly expect me to do a list of all the things I'm addicted to and not mention this!?! ;-)  I have been watching TWD for nearly 2 years and have already seen seasons 1-4, 4 times!!
The Walking Dead gif photo 15 TWD 2_zpsjpvqva0f.gif

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this show, it's so incredibly good, so exciting and shocking and thought-provoking, and yes I am the nerd girl who already has an apocalypse survival plan already worked out and is convinced half the population is going to be flesh-eating zombie's one day!

I'm quite behind at the moment, as everyone else is currently sat watching the second half of Season 6 on Netflix today, I'm not even up to Season 5, so no spoilers please, not all of us who live life on a budget get to have Netflix.  It's ok, I'm not upset :'''-(

But if you are a TWD fan, let me know in the comments, I love meeting fellow TWDers it's so fun chatting about it together.  I love that all my friends watch it too and we have long chats about the show and our crazy survival plans :-)

Going on Instagram and Pinterest -

I find myself on both of these far too often, I used to go on Instagram and have a scroll through about once a day, now it's at least 3 sometimes 4 times.

scrolling on phone photo 16c insta pin_zpsjhqaopoi.gif

And as for Pinterest, also known as 'the bottomless pit of inspirational quotes and Daryl Dixon images that draw you in and won't let you go for at least 10 minutes several times a day'!!  It's far too addictive but I just can't help myself :-/

Listening to music -

Listening to Music photo 17 music 1_zpswejwcksl.gif

Music is like oxygen for me, I feel alive when I hear certain songs and it always makes me feel better when I need a pick-me-up.  You all know how much I love Linkin Park, they will always be the ultimate music obsession for me, but lately I have also found another few tracks that I cannot stop listening to . . .

I recently found One Republic's If I Lose Myself about 2 months ago and Oh. My. Gosh, this song is just Amazing!!  I could honestly listen to it on repeat for the whole day every day, I love it, I love so much, and for me who loves so many songs but gets bored of them quickly, that's saying something.  Go and have a listen and you'll see what I mean, you'll thank me later :-)

This is another track that I found a couple of months ago, while watching a very enjoyable video on YouTube (you're welcome), it's called Animal and it's by Maroon 5.  Every time I hear it I think of the video I saw, which again, I could happily watch on repeat and have already seen it dozens of times ;-)  Plus it's just such a good, fun, catchy song, I love it :-)

Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream, I first heard this back in October when I was making a playlist for the Halloween party my friend and I had and she told me to add this one one on, I've not stopped listening to it since!  I've not really heard much of Ed's other music but I really enjoy this and smile every time it plays on my ipod, it's so good :-)

Jewellery making -

Maybe this should have gone under the category of crafting but I just had to put it in as a thing I love on it's own.  I've been making jewellery for many years and, lately I've really got back in to it.  I've been very naughtily spending out my well saved cash on lots of new charms, chains and beads and I'm in the process of making some very pretty and exciting new things, which is part of my big new project I mentioned in my last post.  Hopefully, all will be revealed soon and I can share my new creations with you.  But for now all I can say is, I'm very excited about it and I am absolutely loving making lots of jewellery items and a few other fun bits too :-)

Drinking Costa hot chocolate -

Every time I go in to Costa I think right, today I'm trying something new, and I still end up with a hot chocolate.  They're just sooo good I can't get enough of them!  Hmmm

Dressing up for Halloween -
Halloween costume Mean Girls photo 20 halloween 1_zpswjhssjqh.gif

It may only be February and Halloween is a long way off, but who cares I LOVE Halloween, I love everything about it and best of all I love dressing up.  I honestly start planning my Halloween costumes for the following year the day after Halloween!  I love coming up with ideas and I usually make and create most of the costumes myself, I've never bought one so far, doing it myself is all part of the fun and I always look forward to it SO much, it really is my favourite holiday of the year :-)

There's so many other things I love - going out in the summer, singing, chocolate, buying shoes, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, swimming, seeing a new film, playing board games, watching YouTube, Twilight, kissing a new man!! (sadly not at the moment but still...)  I just can't list them all.  But these are the main things that I'm really enjoying and am totally obsessed with in life.
I'd love to hear about all the things you're addicted to in the comments.  I'm sorry it was such a long post but I've really enjoyed writing about it all and I hope you enjoyed it too :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy and Happy Valentines Day 

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