Thursday 4 February 2016

A Little Catch Up . . .

Hi everyone, I feel it's time for a little chat and a catch up this week.  lately I've been struggling, no matter what ideas I try and have or how much time I spend on my blog, I feel I have been unintentionally neglecting my blog and it's not the fun, informative and interesting space I feel it used to be!  I used to love sitting down and spending hours writing, sourcing images and editing photos, I used to think about my blog constantly and never seemed to run out of future post ideas.  But sadly I don't feel this is the case anymore.  I don't have any posts ready written and often find myself worrying and panicking 'what on earth can I post about this week'!  And then I frantically try and find a spare hour or two to get a post written up and, I guess you've already noticed this, but I haven't even been keeping a regular posting schedule lately either!  It's really not good and it's making me really unhappy :-(

My blog was always a priority in my life and I devoted a lot of my time and thoughts to it, but these days I feel I have so much else going on and I just haven't been able to dedicate as much effort as I would have liked.  Work, health, new projects and a lot of stress have all played a part and each week I find myself really stressed out and struggling to keep up with posting, and posting anything worth reading!

But the truth is, I miss it, I miss giving my all and really enjoying sitting down and just writing, I miss having a nice long list of ideas that keep me going for months worth of posts and I really miss all the photography side of things too.  I've met so many lovely people through my blog and I have a lovely bunch of readers and I feel I've really been letting you guys down lately with half-hearted posts!  And again, that makes me sad.

I really do want to get back to better blogging, I still have to make time for other things in my life and I do have an exciting new project that I'm working really hard on at the moment and I can't wait to share all that with you, as it's something that's really important to me and I'm really hoping it will be a success!  But I will promise you that I will make every effort to get posts up more regularly and hopefully with better content too.

Lastly I would like to ask from you, what would you like to see on Crystal Sparkly Dreams?  Please let me know any post ideas, requests and suggestions in the comments.  Of course I want to write about the type of things I'm interested in but let's be honest my life is less than boring at times and I do run out of interesting ideas to write about!  So any help or suggestions are very, very welcome because I want my blog to be a space for my readers to enjoy and communicate with me and each other, as much as for myself :-)

And finally, thank you to everyone who's stuck with me and thank you so much for all your support, big hugs to you all :-)  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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