Saturday 5 March 2016

5 Things You Can Do On Mother's Day

Hi everyone.  Mother's are the best, they're always there when needed, they're a shoulder to cry on right from when we're little and even if we're a total pain sometimes, you still know you can always turn to them.  So on Mother's Day it's nice to give a little gratitude and show them how much they're cared about and loved.

So here's 5 things that I thought will help give your mum a really special day for Mother's Day

1. Get up early and make your mum breakfast in bed

2. Make sure you give her a nice card, maybe even make it yourself

3. Do her housework chores for the day, so she can relax (it's only one day a year and washing up isn't that bad!)

4. Watch her favourite film with her

5. Give her a thoughtful gift; not just the usual flowers or chocolates, why not go for something a bit less traditional like filling a jar with thoughtful little notes of what you love about your mum or make her favourite thing for dinner.  Take her out for a fun day shopping or treat her with small little mini gifts throughout the day.

Sorry this is a short one today but I have something a little different planned for you in next weeks post.  I hope you all have a great Mother's Day tomorrow, whether you're treating your mum, gran or aunt, or if you're a mum yourself :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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