Saturday 29 August 2015

Summer Make Up Essentials

Hi everyone, once again this year we're having a typical English summer; wet, cloudy and chilly, great :-/  But despite that, it's still been quite humid and that can only mean one thing, frizzy hair and makeup that slides off your face within an hour of applying it!

So, I have come up with a few products that I love to use in this particularly muggy weather, that do two great jobs, they stay put and they still look pretty good.  So keep on reading to see what I use (of course this is purely makeup items and doesn't include main essential products like sun-block etc) :-)

When it's this humid, I hate using a heavy foundation, I still need a decent amount of coverage but I don't want it all feeling too thick.  So I prefer to either use a sheer foundation like the Rimmel Wake Me Up by just applying a much smaller amount than usual or you could use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

*Just a little extra tip, if you mix a little primer with your foundation before applying it with a brush, it will not only make it silky smooth to apply, but also your foundation will last all day through the warmest of weathers!  If you want to find out some more good beauty hacks, look out for an upcoming post in a few weeks time!

Of course concealer is still essential, but I find using a small amount of my Collection concealer, does the job just as well as using a lot of it but without the heaviness.

One of the best makeup items ever and my go-to product has to be powder, the Soap & Glory Kick Ass powder to be exact.  This stuff is amazing, it makes my foundation and my skin look flawless, keeps everything in place and lasts all day, I love it!

If you feel you just have to add blusher/bronzer/highlighter, just add the smallest amount, the idea here is just to use the basics and the bare minimum so as not to overload your face with products that will eventually fade and slide off!  I tend to use just the smallest amount of blusher just for a little colour (being this pale, I kinda have to!)  I like this Max Factor Cream Puff one, as it's quite sheer but leaves a really pretty glow.

I love using very pale but shimmery eyeshadow shades in summer and I often use just one shadow, it just helps to give a nice barely there look but still have a little sparkle :-)  One of my favourites is this Excess Shimmer eyeshadow creme in Copper by Max Factor, but I also love the Collection Eyes Uncovered (Nude Grey) palette which has some really pretty shimmer eyeshadows in, Under The Moon being one of my favourites, I've talked more about this particular palette in my Spring Favourites earlier this year.

But the real star of the show and one of my favourite products for Summer, is a pencil eyeliner.  Especially something like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, mine is Stag, a gorgeous rich dark brown.  It's really easy to smudge and blend and it lasts all day.  Often I'll just use this and no shadow, plus of course mascara and that creates quite a nice look that's really quick and simple to do.

Of course you really can't forget mascara, if there's one thing I can't leave the house without, it has to be this!  I always wear one that I know will stay put the best and not flake or fade off even I'm hot and my lashes start to get oily.  As you probably know by now, my favourite is still the UD Perversion, I just love the look it gives, the volume and it always stays in place until I get home no matter how hot or how long my day has been!  But my new favourite has to be the Maybelline Lash Sensational, The wand creates a gorgeous fan with the lashes and keeps the false-lash look all day.

For my brows, when it's really hot, I don't tend to bother with them too much unless they're looking particularly uncared for!  In which case, I just apply a tiny bit of my Rimmel Brow This Way clear gel to keep them in their place.

Lipsticks; as wonderful as they are, I find it so hard to find a good one that will last especially in hot weather.  So slicking on a nice tinted gloss is usually all I do, Tanya Burr's Aurora or Smile Dream Sparkle are a couple of my favourites.  Alternatively, something like the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils are really great and stay put quite nicely and they're quite moisturizing too.  Another favourite (as you might know by now) is the Soap & Glory Gloss Sticks, I just love the Raplumzel, it's a lovely sheer glossy cherry red that leaves a bit of stain even when it's worn off, so you're never left completely nude lipped :-)

I hope you like this post and found it helpful.  What products do you find are the best in the warmer weather, let me know in the comments :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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