Wednesday 9 September 2015

What I'm Currently Listening To

Hi everyone, just a quick note first to say I've been having some annoying pc/internet issues this past week, but finally I can now post this post! YEAY :-)

So, I have been loving a lot of new music recently and thought it would be good to share them with you, because of course it's always nice to find great new music to relax to :-)

Troye Sivan Right from when I first heard Happy Little Pill last year, I was hooked.  To see this young guy on youtube come out with such amazing music and wise insightful words is so inspiring.  If you haven't heard Troye's music already, go and check out his channel.  I'm still constantly listening to HLP as well as The Fault in Our Stars, and I can't wait to get the new EP called Wild, which came out a couple of days ago!  I've been loving the little teaser snippets of the new tracks which Troye's been uploading on his youtube channel, I think Ease and Fools are definitely going to be new favourites (of course Wild is already on my Amazon wish list) :-)

Halestorm Last Summer I discovered a really great track called Shatter Me by Lindsey Sterling (which you may remember I mentioned in last year's Autumn Favourites). I was slightly obsessed with this song and played it all summer, I still listen to it a lot now and so of course I was really happy to find out that Lzzy Hale who sang the vocals, had her own band, wow was I happy!  I didn't realise at the time that they'd been around so long but I've really been enjoying discovering their music as I love her voice and the hard rock sound.  Miss The Misery is one of my favourites, as well as Amen, Freak Like Me and Mz.Hyde.  I'm still working my way through the massive collection of amazing songs on their YouTube playlist and they're quickly becoming one of my favourite rock bands :-)

Alex McMillan Being a massively huge Linkin Park fan, I literally stumbled on this guy about a year ago now while looking for LP covers.  I have never heard anyone sing like Chester Bennington (lead singer of LP for those who don't know) SO well and sound so incredibly like him!  Not only that, he is a total one-man show, he plays the guitar, keyboard, sings, everything and comes out with perfect covers of Linkin Park tracks, best I've ever found!  His cover of The Catalyst is just pure genius! But the main reason I'm writing about Alex today, is because of his own music under the name Razor Red Noise.  I love the digital hard rock sound that's made me such a huge Linkin Park fan over the years.  His lyrics and very deep and thoughtful and I really love the softer more ambient tracks too.

Control is absolutely amazing, vocally I think it's one of his best tracks, the music is incredible, it's just one of those songs you just can't stop listening to!!  I love Mountains and Into The Sun too, but thankfully there's loads more on his website to listen to that I've not even had chance to hear yet, so I'm very excited to do that.  I just wish I had the talent and a mind like his, to be able to come up with such incredible music!

Now as anyone who knows me will tell you, I live and breath rock music, I can go months without listening to anything else!  But here and there just randomly out of the blue, something (or someone) else will catch my attention and I don't care whether it's rock, dance, country (eek) or anything else, if it's good I'll love it, and that leads me on to the next person that I've been non-stop listening to for about the past month (solidly, every day, I need help!) 

Hobbie Stuart - Some of you may have already heard of this lovely lad as apparently he was on X-Factor this year and caused a bit of a stir especially with the ladies (even some of the judges so I heard)! This was news to me, I only found this out a couple of days ago, because I don't actually watch X-Factor anymore, (too much hype and drama these days!)

I first saw him about a long while ago on several of Gabriella Lindley's vlogs and main channel videos.  But it wasn't until I saw the gorgeous Saying Goodbye video that I heard his music.  Since then, I have been working my way through his YouTube channel and loving pretty much everything on there, and non-stop listening to his songs ever since, I am officially obsessed!  I'm in love with his voice and the sound and style of his music, and well lets just point out the obvious here girls, he is extremely easy on the eye and completely gorgeous!!  Wouldn't you agree? ;-)

I love that some of his tracks are so chilled and up beat like How You Love It and yet others are wonderfully soft and romantic, just beautiful, like Day One, but my absolute favourite has to be When I'm Gone, his new track, it's just amazing I love it and cannot stop playing it :-)

I really enjoy seeing him in Gabby's vlogs too, he so sweet, chilled and funny, and he does a really cute impression of Gabby that just has me laughing every time :-)  He's also filmed a really lovely version of Ellie Goulding's song Love Me Like You Do with Gabby (love her voice too), so if you haven't seen that already go have a listen :-)

It really amazes me how much great music is out there that so many people don't get to hear.  That's one of the reasons I really like these types of posts so we can share all the stuff we listen to and help each other discover and share great music. I love finding new tracks to listen to and there's so much I've yet to find, it's exciting :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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