Thursday 16 April 2015

Spring Favourites 2015

Hi everyone, well it's that time of year again, the flowers are blooming, the sun is finally coming out and so that can only mean one thing, it's time for my Spring Favourites :-)  If you would like to see what lovely things I've been enjoying over the last couple of months, just read on.

Firstly I have really been loving baking over the last couple of months.  I made my very first batch of cookies back in February and have made a few more since then, thankfully they have improved quite a bit with a little practice,

I've also made scones and my own mini chocolates (post coming soon).  I'm really looking forward to making some cakes and many other things too over the coming months.  I've always wanted to get in to baking as it's something I really enjoy and reminds me a lot of the cakes and other lovely things that I used to help my mum make when I was little, so I'm really happy that I've finally started doing it.  I've also been buying quite a few little bits here and there to help with my baking, so if you would like to see a kind of bakeware haul, let me know in the comments.

Yep it's true, I succumbed to the hype!  So in February my friend and I finally went to see the notorious Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I'd had already worked my way through all three books, which I really enjoyed and I was quite looking forward to seeing the film too.  My friend however had not read the books and I think was actually quite brave to go and see the film with me, especially as she didn't really know what to expect!

As usual the film didn't match up 100% to the books but then when do they ever, but even so I thought it certainly had a good go and I really enjoyed it, I think my friend did too.  It certainly had quite a few embarrassing scenes that you would not want to sit and watch with the family, but I thought it got the main storyline over pretty well and was quite a good adaptation.

As for Jamie Dornan, as good looking as the guy is, I honestly thought his acting abilities left a bit to be desired, he didn't seem genuine enough for me as the highly delectable Christian Grey.  But I thought Dakota Johnson played Anastasia really well and made the character very believable, so well done her.  So just a year or so's wait until the second instalment then, it's a good job the dvd is out soon ;-)  I also absolutely love the Fifty Shades version of 'Crazy In Love' by BeyoncĂ©, it's so dark, sultry and sexy, brilliantly re-done just to accompany the film.  You can have a little listen to that here, along with watching a few clips from the film, you're welcome :-)

My favourite YouTuber lately has to be the lovely Jim Chapman.  Now I've been happily watching his videos for about 2 and a half years and I don't think I've ever missed one, but I feel like I've re-discovered him again lately.  His videos always make me laugh without fail, I love the way he's so upfront and honest and will talk about absolutely anything no matter how personal or rude it is!  He is one very funny and friendly guy!

As many of you (who have been a follower of my blog for a good while) will know, I am the hugest Linkin Park fan, their music is just the best thing in life BUT, I am also a huge fan of old 90's dance music, which not that many people know about me.  It takes me back to my boarding school days and I have so many great memories with so many of the songs, I loved it all then and I still love it now!  There's way too many to list so I have created my own playlist on YouTube, which you're quite welcome to go and have a listen to and please feel free to have a dam good giggle at all the cheesy videos and ridiculous outfits :-)  I've got all my main favourites on there including Snap, Corona, East 17, Haddaway, 2 Unlimited, and many others, as well as my all time favourite 90's dance track Mr. Vain by Culture Beat, ooh best tune ever :-)

Keeping on the theme of music favourites for the minute, I've also been loving a few other various tracks and albums.  I've recently started listening to the Clubland cds, mainly one of the last ones, number 26.  It's got some really great songs on there including Paloma Faith's 'Changing', 'Liberate' by Eric Prydz and 'Resonance' by Talal Riley, I also love 'Stay High' by Tove Lo but there's loads of others too, I've just been listening that constantly lately.
I've also been enjoying a few random tracks I found on YouTube, '
Love Rain Down' by Gary B which is a really lovely chilled out song, I also found 'Wish You Were Mine' by Phillip George, I am just obsessed with this it at the moment it's SO good :-)

So my old mobile phone, was starting to seriously get annoying, it was so slow it would take me 5 minutes just open an app!  So I saved and saved and saved and then saved some more and got myself a very lovely brand shiny new phone about 8 weeks ago.  It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, it's a good upgrade from my last phone and I love that it has a lot more space on it and a bigger ram, so it takes me seconds to do everything rather than minutes!  If you'd like to know what apps I have on there that I rely on and use all the time, let me know in the comments and I'll do a post about it :-)  I am so, so happy with it and now it never leaves my side, most definitely my favourite new toy :-)

I also picked up a few little accessories for my new phone recently, one of them is this adorable little Koala bear dust plug.  I mentioned this on my Christmas Wish List post and I finally couldn't resist it anymore so sent off for it, I just think it's so cute!

I also picked up these really pretty phone cases from a shop on Ebay called Maggi Chic, they were all less that £5 and I just love the choice of patterns and images, they're quite different to anything else I've found and I think they'll gorgeous.

Ok finally on to a couple of beauty favourites, there's actually been a good few of these over the last couple of months but I thought they deserved their own separate post, so if you would like to read about my Current Beauty Favourites, you can click on the link :-)  Apart from all of those, I've been loving this new eyeshadow palette that I got from Boots a couple of weeks ago.

It's by Collection, it has 6 different shimmery eyeshadows in including a very good pigmented matt black (which is great for eyeliner) and it was only £3.99.  There are 3 different palettes available in this range, but I went for the Nude Grey, as I preferred the slightly more darker grey/beige tones.  I just think this is a really great little palette, it's very affordable and ideal for travelling with as the packaging is quite sturdy too.  I love eyeshadow palettes that are small but have a good selection of shades that will work well for a basic every-day look as well as darker shades for evening looks and this is ideal for that.  The quality of the shadows are really great too, they last well, blend well and give a nice coverage, so a big thumbs up for that!

Another beauty item I've been really enjoying using, has been this Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in the shade Raplumsel.  I've used it such a lot since I bought it and it's now become a staple in my makeup bag!  I love that's it's such a subtle sheer gloss and it even leaves a slight stain, which I really like.  I've tried the famous Nudist shade too but I just think that's a little too sheer for me.  I also have Plum Jam but I've not been brave enough to try that yet!

And finally, a couple of weeks ago it was Easter :-)  I was a very lucky girl and received 4 gorgeous chocolate Easter eggs and have been happily munching my way through them, I still even have a whole egg left to finish!

I hope you all like this post, please let me know what things/music/products you've been enjoying lately in the comments, I'd love to hear about them :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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  1. Those cases are so pretty and are perfect for spring with the floral print plus they're so cheap, I might need to get a couple cases myself. I really want to try the Collection palette, it kind of reminds me of the Naked Basics palette but way cheaper.
    Dalal x

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, yes I love these cases too they're so pretty, the ebay shop I got them from sells all different patterns for many different phones too. I would highly recommend the Collection palettes, definitely a worth it :-)
    I like your blog btw, very nice x

  3. I love your 90's playlist - I'm also a fan of the decade. But my favourite song is "Dub be good to me" by Beats International.
    FYI - I can still remember us dancing to "Rhythm is a Dancer" at the school discos!

  4. Ahh thank you Emma :-) Yes me too, very found memories of those days and all our friends, that's exactly what all those songs remind me off :-) hugs

  5. I meant to add, I loved that track too but totally forgot about it, so thank you for mentioning it :-D It's now been added to the playlist x


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