Wednesday 22 July 2015

Sharing The Love - My Current Favourite Bloggers

Hi everyone, as some of you that are close friends may know there was a bit of a family crisis last week which needed my full attention, so of course my little space on the internet was not my top priority hence lack of last weeks post!  So, to get back in the swing of things I thought I would share with you some of my favourite bloggers and their blogs, these are ones that I visit very regularly and always read every single post :-)

I'll also leave some of their various links below, so feel free to follow them and say hi.  And just to note, I've not been asked to mention any of these lovely ladies or promote them in any way, they are just blogs that I really enjoy reading and want to share :-)

Corrie - DizzyBrunette3

I can't help but admit that my most absolute favourite blogger has to be Corrie from DizzyBrunette3.  I've been reading her blog and watching her on YouTube for nearly a year now and I just find her so genuine and lovely.  She writes with wonderful quirky humour and honesty, she makes me laugh so much, her gif posts having me in stitches.  It's so sweet the way she talks about her gorgeous cuddly dog Frank too, he's just adorable.

I love blogs that have a little bit of everything, beauty, lifestyle, pets and humour and DizzyBrunette has it all, I look forward to every new post.  I love the way as I'm reading through one of her posts, it almost feels more like we're chatting over a coffee!  And after following her for this length of time, I've come to realise we actually have loads in common too.  I can honestly say I would love to get to know her, because I think she'd be a lovely friend to have.

Jasmine - Color U Bold

If ever I feel uninspired or need a little bit of encouragement in life, Jasmine's posts always make me feel better, she writes so much about being positive and learning to have confidence in yourself, it's very inspiring!  I first got to know Jasmine back in January when she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, she was also kind enough to feature me in her February - Bloggers of the Month series and again she is just a very sweet, genuinely lovely girl.

I have to admit I'm a little bit obsessed with becky's photos, they always look so beautiful, on her blog and on her Instagram uploads, I love her simple/white/pastel style and the photos of the pretty little things she buys, they're all so cute and adorable!  I love her style and reading about her life, and as for her little dog Oscar, awww so cute!!

Oscar - just look at that pose!

Victoria - Victoria's Vintage

The first post I ever read of Victoria's was this Claire Bowman Cake Lace Butterflies post, showing some of the lovely little cupcakes she'd made, they looked so cute and so I quickly fell in love with the vintage/rosey theme of her blog.  After looking through some of her other posts, I quickly realised she had a love of anything pretty and shabby chic style, which is something I adore and so it was easy for me to want to follow her blog.  I love reading about her diy and craft projects as well as her beautiful cat too.  And, it was thanks to reading that first post about the cupcakes, that got me back in to doing my own baking and reminded me how much I love to do it.  Some of the cakes she's made look amazing :-)

I actually found Amy's blog only a couple of months ago.  I was reading through the comments on one of Victoria's posts about her cat, and read Amy's reply.  She mentioned about her mums cats and about a recent breakup that had left her feeling very down and I just felt so sad for her.  I clicked the link to take me to her blog and I read all about her breakup as well as other things in her life.  I love the beautiful descriptive way she writes, every post is almost like a story, you can really visually see the things she describes and writes about, like her last post about being a child playing in her parents garden, which sounded so beautiful.  I've also been really happy to get to know her and chat to her lately too, she's a very nice, lovely lady :-)

Heather - PorcelainBeautyx

As you may have seen on several of my other blog favourites posts, I have been a long-time fan of Heathers blog PorcelainBeautyx.  I can't even think of a time when I've missed a post, I just love them.  Her blog has changed a good bit since I first started following her over a year ago, it's lovely to see how well it's doing and how much more confident she's seems to be.  I particularly loved her recent post The True Face Behind The Blog, from last week which I thought was so well written and took a lot of courage to upload.  I really enjoy her Tuesday Thoughts posts as well, as they're always written from the heart, and her photography is just amazing!  She's a great girl, always lovely to chat too and it's nice to think that we started our blogs only a couple of days apart!

Rebekah - Rebekah Koontz Site

Rebekah is hilarious, that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of her.  Every post has me smiling like Cheshire cat or laughing like a crazy person.  Again I've had the lovely opportunity to chat to her and she's a very nice girl.  I think one of my favourite posts of hers had to be the People With Pets post, since I'm a Poodle owner and have always had pets, I could totally relate to this, she really captured the hilarity of it all and it really had me smiling :-)  I loved her post What I Imagine The Blogging World To Be post as well, which was wonderfully true and funny.  I can honestly say as with Corrie's blog, I look forward to every new post!

Lauren - Lauren Rellis

Sarcastic humour is what springs to mind with Lauren, I love reading her funny take on the world, her daily struggles with travelling on the tube and the hilarious things her friends come out with!  I love going through and reading her older posts too, like with Corrie and Rebekah, I always find it so enjoyable, relaxing and interesting.  Her take on feminism, travelling, friends, and being a 20-something girl dealing with everyday life is really quite inspiring!

Fleur Danielle is the newest edition to my favourite blog reading list, in fact I only found her a couple of days ago, but I instantly fell in love with her writing and her style.  I couldn't help being a little drawn to her blog to start with purely because of the name (my full name also being Danielle) but I was so glad I clicked on it and had a look around.  Her photos are gorgeous and the post topics are so interesting, I look through her Bloglovin feed and just want to click on and read every single one!  I particularly liked her 25 Female Problems post, so true!  I can definitely see myself loving this girls blog for a good long while :-)

I hope you all like this post and don't forget to stop by and check out these great blogs, and if any of these ladies read this, I hope you liked it too :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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  1. Thank you so much for including me within this post, Dani. Your sweet comments and words mean the world to me and I'm so grateful for your constant love and support in regards to PB!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. You are so sweet! Haha, I'm kind of speechless.. I'm so glad you like my blog. If it attracts awesome people like you, I must be doing SOMETHING right! Thank you so, so much for the support and encouragement and for reading!

    US Lifestyle Blog //

  3. Loved this post, and I have found a few new reads so thank you!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I'm so happy that you all liked the post, I really only wrote what I felt, as I genuinely love reading all these blogs. You all do such great posts :-D xx

  5. Thank you :-) Ooh that's great, I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do x

  6. Victorias Vintage26 July 2015 at 18:08

    Thank you for this! :) x


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