Friday 3 July 2015

All Men Are Beasts! – My Experience of Online Dating

I have recently been delving into the dubious world of internet dating, I've been there several times over the years and let me tell you, it is a very scary, confusing place!  For a girl like me, with a few health issues (you can read about that here), working from home and only having a handful of close friends, it's extremely difficult to not only find a decent guy, but to meet any in the first place, and so I turn to online dating as pretty much my only way of meeting a possible future Mr.Right, although 99% of the time, they're far more wrong, than right!

So I thought today, I would write about my general experiences and thoughts about internet dating.

Hulk photo 2 Beast hulk_zpsmbnblg8k.gif

To start off with, a guy's profile pictures says a lot about him, and these tend to go into several categories

Drunk photo 3 Drunk_zpsaoi4obfa.gif

The Party Go'er; photos taken in a club, pub or generally anywhere else, whilst holding a beer.

Show off photo 4 Show off Oh yea you fancy me_zpspastytez.gif

The Show Off; the photos that show off their perfectly toned muscles and prove that they do go to a gym, they then have this as their main profile pic thinking this be all you need to see of them!
Falling off chair photo 5 Falling off chair_zpsradwdot0.gif

The Last Minute photo; the 'ooh I need a photo for my profile quick', so take any quick photo usually sat in front of their webcam!  Or they get someone else to take a photo of them and they're usually stood ramrod straight looking very uncomfortable and like they're about to fall over lol
Too Close photo 6 To close to camera_zpsrexu4x1f.gif

The In Your Face / Too Close for Comfort sort of photos!  The ones with their faces almost pressed up again the camera, so close in fact you get to see more details than you'd like.  Do all guys have that much nose hair?!

Traveller photo 7 Travel_zpsdzog6cup.gif

The Traveller; numerous photos all taken during different holidays, up hills, on horse-back, in a parachute!  I've seen all kinds!!  Even if they only show one travel photo (which was taken 10 years ago) just to prove that they have been somewhere outside the uk!
Fitness Freak photo 8 fitness_zpscfr2norr.gif

The Sports/Fitness Enthusiast; photos taken by someone else of the guy on a bicycle, doing weights, rock climbing, you name it!  Anything to show that they workout and keep fit.  In every single photo! :-/

Cute guy with little dog photo 9 dog 1_zpscfxrkxpg.gif

And then there's the ones who 'borrow' a friend/relatives pet dog, just to look cute and adorable, then write 'have no pets' in their profile!  Yes I've seen that too, a lot!
Double pics needed here - No matter how they look or how old they are, they think they're totally gorgeous . . . 

I'm sure you've thought about me naked photo 10 Thought about me naked_zps5h81m4vc.gif

. . . and all women should swoon and faint in their presents!  (rolling eyes)!

Christian Grey photo 11 Grey_zpsembbldcr.gif

Some guys think to get to know you, they have to ask the most rude and inappropriate questions and want to know all your deepest, darkest secrets and fantasies.  Christian Grey they are not! . . .

Mens thoughts photo 12 Thoughts_zpspfs2fenz.gif

. . . And then they proceed to tell you all of theirs, which is sometimes just a little TMI  :-/

One of the questions on the websites is 'do you want children' and you can pick 'Yes, No or Undecided'.  And you can guarantee on 9 out of every 10 profiles, the guy will have put 'undecided'!  I mean what is it with these men, at their age they should know by now whether they want kids or not, do they want to end the existence of the human race!?!

Marriage, run photo 14 Marriage_zps3c0xowz7.gif

And godforbid you might happen to mention that you want to get married one day, and then you don't see them for dust! Can you say commitment issues!!

Frightened man running photo 15 Horror Scared 1_zps4bb7q6fe.gif

And one last bit of advice, something I've learned from chatting to and meeting up with different men over the time I've been 'dating' online, never trust a guy that doesn't like watching horror movies; if he can't handle a bit of gore, what use is he going to be when life gets tough!

But really, they're not all bad, I have met some quite nice decent guys online, but I have met quite a few not so nice ones too!  Either way, it's definitely been an experience!

So have you tried online dating, was it successful, did you meet the man of your dreams or have you had similar experiences?  Let me know your thoughts and let's have a good moan about men in the comments :-)
Until Next Time, Stay Happy

Just because! :-)

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  1. Ugh, online dating sucks! I find that it gives the guys an excuse to be an asshole and plain rude because they know they have a SLEW of woman online to pick from.

  2. Thanks Rosie, yes I've definitely had to deal with a few 'beast' in my time!


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