Thursday 21 May 2015

Night Out at a Rock Gig

Hi everyone, as you all know I love rock music and one of my favourite bands is P.O.D, also known as Payable on Death.  This alternative American rock band, has been going since 1992, they've sold over 12 million albums worldwide and have received 3 grammy award nominations.  Not every ones cup of tea, but I've liked their music for many, many years and I think they're really great.

Now going back to the middle of last March, I was lucky enough to find out about a local rock gig that P.O.D were playing, along with a couple of other American bands, so I booked the tickets and last Wednesday myself, my boyfriend and one of my best friends, went off to see them play.

As always it was a great atmosphere at the club, I've been there many times over the years and there's always a great vibe.

The first band to play was Alien Ant Farm, they're probably best known for their rock cover of Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal, which is pretty cool but I don't really know any of their other tracks.  They were quite good anyway though.

P.O.D were the next band to play.  Each of the 3 bands were on stage for an hour each, but I could have happily watched P.O.D for another hour!  I really enjoyed seeing them live as I've liked them for so long and me and my friend were singing away to every song :-)  They played many of my favourite ones too like Wildfire, Satellite, Waiting On Today and Alive.

The last band to play was Hoobastank, I know a few of their tracks, Crawling in the Dark which sadly they didn't play, Running Away which is really good and their most well known track from back in 2003, The Reason but again I didn't know any of their others.

Sneaky pic of one of the tour buses!

Sadly the photos I took really didn't come out that great which was disappointing but my friend took some great ones and thankfully google and twitter provided the rest for this post! :-)  Several people seemed to manage to get some really great sounding videos too, so I've added the links in for those tracks above, if you'd like to go and watch them.

All in all it was a fun night, I always love watching bands play live and I think we all enjoyed it.  I have to admit though a little highlight for me and my friend, was when Sonny (P.O.D's lead singer) walked past us later in the evening during Hoobastank's performance, and gave us a lovely smile! :-)

As an extra treat, my boyfriend and I stayed in a local hotel for the night after the concert and even though it was in my home town, it felt like we were miles away, so it was lovely just to get away and have a little mini break together!

Finally I'll leave you with a few pics of me and what I wore to the gig.  I recently managed to find this cool vintage-style Rolling Stones T'shirt from ebay, I paired that with my favourite skinny jeans, black ankle boots and my leather jacket.

I hope you liked this post.  Please let me know in the comments if you like or have heard these bands before, have you been to see them on their UK tour? I'd love to know :-)

Also before I go, a BIG thank you to everyone who has entered my Spring giveaway so far.  There's still a week to go, so please go and check it out here, and grab yourself the chance of winning some lovely things :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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