Wednesday 27 May 2015

My Pet Hates

Hi everyone, for todays post I thought I would do something a little more fun.  Everyone has things in life that either other people do that stress you out, or just general annoyances that make you want to scream!  So here's mine. . . I hope you like this post, have a good laugh and share my pain people! :-)

You know when you go and buy something and the shop assistant hands you back your change.  Well they are trained (as was I once upon a time), to give you your receipt, then the notes, then the coins on the top.  And so you're left standing there, bags on one arm, purse (or in my case 2 purses as I have one for notes/cards etc and one for coins) in one hand and a pile of change in the other hand, trying to juggle everything, get your money put in your purse before it all slides off the note and falls on floor and all the while hurrying as the next customer behind you is impatiently waiting to be served!  And 9 times out of 10, even when I actually say to them, please can I have my change separately, they usually ignore me and pretend not to hear and do it anyway!! It drives me crazy!

                 Sleeping photo 3 sleep_zpsmnf6s2kn.gif

I hate it when you finally get lovely and comfy in bed, you really snuggle down under the duvet and feel like you're about to drift off on a soft fluffy cloud. . . And then you suddenly get a really annoying itch that you just can't ignore and you have to move completely to get to it!

I love when my nails all look lovely and smooth and all the same length, but this is a rare occurrence!  Because every time I finally get them to all grow the same length and they start to look gorgeous, I accidently snag and break one.  When it happens, I just want to cry!

                                          photo 5 Hair_zpsqiooueis.gif

It takes me ages to get my hair looking and resembling something that looks like I've styled it, so when I finally get it looking all smooth and just lovely, it makes me so mad when I then step out the door, there's a huge gust of wind and I end up looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!!!

                                 photo 6 Stopping in front of you 3_zpsboav7mda.gif
(excuse the crazy looking woman, it's the only gif I could fine!)

Another thing that ticks me off is when you're walking along through town especially when it's busy or you're in a hurry, and then someone starts walking really slowly in front of you or worst of all, they just suddenly stop right in front of you for no real reason and you end up nearly bashing right into them!  I mean why, just why!

                   photo 7 people with clipboards 1_zpsa17g3hg3.gif

Another similar one is when you're walking through town, minding your own business and thinking about where you've got to go and suddenly you get accosted by people with clipboards wanting you to sign up for something or other, I've literally even been followed on occasion and I just feel like turning round and saying, for goodness sake go away, well maybe a little less politely at times too!  I know they're only doing their jobs but c'mon just let me get on with my shopping.  A friend of mine once said to me, never look 'em in the eye and just keep walking, good advice me thinks!

                  Shorted words photo 8 shortened words Shut up 2_zpszsey7jif.gif

This one really annoys me, when people shortened words!  Instead of saying the proper full word like 'sorry' for instance and they shorten it to soz!  Urrrr I hate that SO much, soz is not a word, don't say it, speak properly!!

Facebook nuisance spam type chain messages.  Getting messages that your Facebook friends send you that say 'pass this on to 10 of your friends within 5 minutes to have good luck all day' etc, they are SO annoying!  This is the latest one going around, I've already had it sent to me twice by different friends . . .

I get them so often and I hate them, especially the ones that are more threatening, like send this to 15 of your friends within 10 minutes or all these awful things will happen to you. . .  just go away!

                   A photo 10 automated calls 1_zpse8jw1zqt.gif

Automated phone calls, press one for this, press 9 for that, why can you never get through to a human being no matter how many buttons or how many menus you go through, it's SO annoying!!

                                 photo 11 Shortened words 1_zpss2zcyagj.gif

I just really hate it when people swear for no real reason, just for the sake of it; every other word is a cuss word.  I personally just think it's extremely unnecessary and unpleasant, don't do it people it's not cool.  The same with guys spitting, it's just seriously gross!

                    photo 12 no text reply 1_zps2ryo8yiq.gif

I get quite busy during my days, so when someone sends me a message it can be a good while before I even get chance to read it, let-alone reply but that's just life, right!
But when I'm waiting to hear back from someone I've just sent a message to, oh my goodness, minutes seem like hours and it drives me crazy waiting!  And then when my mobile vibrates and pings, and it's not from the person I'm waiting to hear from, it's even worse.  I know stupid isn't it, or do any of you guys do that too?  Let me know in the comments the little things in life that drive you crazy and if you agree with any of mine

Lastly, a very HUGE thank you to every one who entered my Giveaway Competition which has now ended, so I will be announcing the 3 winners in the next day or two and I'll upload a short post announcing them :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy 
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