Friday 9 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas

Hi everyone, this week I'm happy to say I can finally show you what I was very kindly given by my friends and family for Christmas!  As I explained in my last post, I wanted to wait until a few last minute gift had arrived in the post from one of my friends before I finished this post.

Before I start off, I just need to mention couple of things.  I've decided it would be better to keep the gift givers private and not mention any particular names, like so-&-so got me this, and this person got that.  I just feel that this way I won't offend anyone and if there's anyone who wants to remain anonymous they can.

Also, I should just mention the usual note, that I am purely showing you these things because I know you all love seeing what each other was given and I am not boasting or showing off in the slightest.  I am very happy with everything I was given from everyone, so thank you VERY much, you know who you are!  And please feel to leave any comments below and let me know what lovely things you were lucky enough to receive this Christmas.
I hope you all enjoy my post :-)  So on to the first item -

Tatty Teddy 2015 Calendar.
I love to have one of these every year and it's been a tradition of mine now for about the last 7 or 8 years.  I like jotting down any major things that have happened during the day and ticking off the day before I go to bed.  This lovely calendar is now already in use :-)

Cushion Cover Craft Kit
This is just gorgeous, I was given a similar one of these fabric craft kits last year, to make up three floral patterned hanging hearts, you can click
here for a post about that.  And I really enjoyed making them up, so I was thrilled to receive this one.  This will make one lilac and white floral cushion and one plain lilac and white lace cushion, gorgeous :-)  They have also included some pretty white lace to go around the cushion edges and some ready shaped fabric to make a love flower to fit on the plain cushion.  Ooh I can't wait to get started!  If you would like to see a post about the finished cushions and how they, just comment below or tweet me @DaniJ72.

Pink Sparkly Slippers
You all know how much I love these types of slippers, so I was very happy to be given these ones.  They are such a pretty pink with little silver sparkly threads and wow they're comfy! :-)

Tatty Teddy Notebook and Bear
Ever since I was 3 years old, I have been given a teddy bear for Christmas, big ones, small ones, and yes I have quite a few now!  I think this little one is so adorable and it even has a little matching notebook, which of course will come in handy with my constant note writing and list making.  You can never have too many notebook, fact!

A Teddy Top
Did you spot this rather squashed looking teddy's face in my main photo at the top of the page?  Well it's actually a seriously cosy poncho-style top. . .

I spotted it in Tesco a couple of weeks before Christmas and was very kindly bought it for a gift, so I did know about this one and it wasn't a surprise but I think if you like something particular, it's better to be given that than something you don't like or wouldn't use!  Anyway, I love to wear this over a long sleeve T'shirt just to lounge around in, especially when it's really cold, you can cuddle up in to it like you're wearing a big cosy blanket, and I love the hand-shaped pockets too :-)

A Selection of Jewellery
I just love the purple crystal stud earring, aren't they the most stunning colour?  I love all these bits as I just love receiving jewellery, another thing you can never have too much of lol.

Other Little Random Extras
These are a few other smaller items that I was very kindly given from various friends.  I love all the bits and I'm more than grateful.  I love the little diary because I needed a new one for this year and it's so pretty and all the jewellery bits are just gorgeous!  Of course I was also quite thrilled with the £10 Boots gift voucher, I shall enjoy spending that wisely ;-)

Finally there's a couple of 'gifts' I bought for myself with some money I had been saving up for quite a long while. . .

The Limited Edition Naked On The Run palette and a very snazzy new Canon camera, so no more taking blog photo just on my smartphone!

I will be doing a full review of this palette in about 2 weeks time, so look out for that if you'd like to know what I think of it, it's already been tried and tested once so far.

I can also do a review of this little gem if you would like me to as well.  I'm still getting to grips with it and wow there's a lot to learn!  But I'm looking forward to trying to get the best out of it and doing even better quality photos for you guys to see :-)
So, that's it for this week.  I you all had a wonderful New Year and you're all keeping to your new years resolutions so far!!

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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