Wednesday 22 October 2014

Review - Invisibobble Hair-bands

Hi everyone, another little review for you today, the Invisibobble hair-bands.

On a daily basis I usually always have my hair up in a ponytail and I have done for many years, and it shocks me to think just how many hair-bands and bobbles I've managed to get through in that time.  I am always having to buy new ones and you can guarantee within 2 days of using one (sometimes less) it will snap and break.

I've tried thin ones, thick ones, extra stretchy ones and toweling ones but no matter what, they never last and of course if they do manage to last more than a few days of use, they get greasy or dirty and have to be thrown out anyway.  So, when I saw Vanessa's review from CircleOfChaos a couple of months ago for the Invisibobble (which I'd never heard of before), I went straight on to Amazon and ordered a box, I chose the clear but there are several other colours available and you can now buy them in Boots too.

I was amazed when the packaged arrived, it was huge compared to the little box of bobbles.  I didn't expect the Invisibobbles to be quite that small but why they sent them in that big package I'll never know, it was even partly open one end, so I'm surprised the little box hadn't fallen out already!

The Invisibobbles claim to be long lasting, strong and help to avoid headaches by not pulling at the hair like regular hair bands do.  It also says they are suitable for all hair types, which of course I can't comment on and that they're traceless, although I wouldn't exactly agree with that one.

These actual bobbles are clear, very light weight and extremely stretchy, I mean I actually really stretched one out when I first got them to see how far it would comfortably go and to see if it felt strong and it went to quite a size.

As you can see in these pictures, when the coil of the bobble goes around the hair, it creates a really nice texture, but traceless they are not.  Also as I mentioned, you can buy other colours but not ones that would match a hair colour, which I think would've been a good idea.

I have been using these now (well just one of the 3 supplied so far actually) for over 3 weeks, every day, sometimes with my hair in a ponytail and other times with my hair in a bun and over all, I can honestly say, I think they're brilliant.  I've definitely felt an improvement in not having so many headaches due to a hair band pulling tight and I love the way they're so easy to keep clean too, I just wash them in my hands with a little shampoo in the shower when I wash my hair!
they took a bit of getting used to at first as they feel kind of loose to start with, but once you get used to them (and I always rap mine round the hair 3 times too), then they do feel more secure.  Normally, I would be re-doing my ponytail 3 or 4 times a day because of the elastic hair-band gradually slipping out but once you put these in, they stay in till bed time! 

When I take the bobble out at night it tends to look a little like this. . .

. . .But by the morning it pretty much goes back in to it's normal shape.

I also find the best way to take them out, is too unwind it rather than just pulling it or it does hurt a bit, also I find they don't work to kindly with wet or damp hair either, so I have still been having to use my regular hair-bands here and there.
Generally I can easily say, they are really great, I love using them and I only use my old hair-bands when I have to :-) 
Have you tried these, what are your thought's?
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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