Monday 13 October 2014

My Top 3 - Autumn Essentials Part Two

Hi everyone, continuing on from last weeks theme, I wanted to include 3 more things that I find are total essentials during the Autumn.

Lip balms, as soon as the weather turns cold, I get very dry lips and so the first thing I grab is my lip balm.  I like various different ones, but since I can't use any scented ones (hayfever strikes again), the best one I've found to use, is this E45 Lipcare balm from Boots, it's only £2.49 and it so lovely to use, I use a little every night just before I go to sleep and by morning my lips are super soft :-)

I love wearing slippers, and as you know if you've read some of my previous posts lately, I've been besotted with the cream floral pair I got from Tesco's over the summer.  But sadly after constant use, they've started to wear out and so before they completely die on me, I thought it was time to find another pair.  Also I love to wear fluffier, softer slippers over the colder months, to keep my toes cosy and warm!  So I picked up these lovely fluffy blue spot ones from Peacocks last week, they were only £5 and they're lovely and soft and comfy!

I was also given these adorable puppy slippers by my best friend, aren't they cute?!  :-)

As I'm heading out the door on a chilling morning, I like to grab one of my lovely scarves.  I've rather a lot of them now because I seem to collect more and more each year.  The cream one and the black patterned ones are probably the warmest but I also love my turquoise one that I wear most often.

What are your most worn and most used items in the Autumn, let me know in the comments.
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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