Thursday 20 February 2014

Winter Favorites

Hi everyone, today is my birthday :-)  So I thought I would send out another post for you all today and share with you, all the things I love to use, do, drink and wear etc, to keep me cosy in these cold wintery months, so here it goes :-)

I know we haven't actually had snow here in the UK (yet!) But you get the idea!

A total must for me is my favorite bootie slippers, they are so cosy and soft and warm and make my feet soooo comfy, no more need for wearing two pairs of socks at once (yes I have done that)!

What's the one thing that's just perfect to drink when it's freezing cold?  Hot chocolate, YUM!

On a horrible wet chilly day, I love wrapping up in the cosiest cardigan I can find...

 and watching the rain (or snow!) out in the window!

Nice hot tasty food is always a must when I'm feeling cold, one of my favorites for keeping warm is beans on toast or crumpets :-)

One thing I am totally loving at the moment is wearing Pajama bottoms, pretty much all the time!  I have about 4 different pairs I keep for just wearing around the house and they are so comfy and nice to wear, like this tartan pair I got in a sale at Tesco a few months ago!

(There's them slippers again!!)

I've never been a fan of big bright main lights in rooms, especially rooms you want to relax in like a lounge or bedroom and even more so, in the winter I think it's just so nice to have lamps on instead, they just give a gorgeous cosy glow in the room...

When it's utterly freezing outside, cuddling up on the sofa with some yummy nibbly's, a big soft blanket and a good movie, is absolute bliss!

And finally my trusty E45 Lipcare lipbalm, I got a stick of this from Boots last year and it was brilliant, so I just had to get another one for this winter because I knew it would be very much needed.  I get very dry and chapped lips, they get sore and uncomfortable especially when I've been out in an icy cold wind.  I can't use lipbalm with strong scents as they make me sneeze and the flavoured ones always taste horrible to me, so this one is just ideal.  I think it was around £2.50 which isn't too bad considering it last absolutely ages and  it's so soft and moisturizing!
E45 Lipcare Lip Balm

So there we go, that's some of the things that I love using to keep me warm through the winter.  I hope you liked it and please comment below with some of the things you love to use!

Stay warm,
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  1. Lovely blog! Maybe want folow each other? If yes, just folow me and i foloe you back :)

  2. Hi Judita, many thanks for your comments and I'd be happy to follow you. I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog :-)


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