Sunday 9 February 2014

Keeping A'breast' of Things!

Hi all, today's post is slightly more on the serious side.  This maybe a delicate subject for some of you but I wanted to share my story (I guess you could call it), in the hope that it may help some of you if you are going through the same thing.

I recently discovered a lump in my left breast.  I had one in my right side about 11 years ago, thankfully it turned out to only be a fatty lump.  It was called a fibroid-melanoma (also known as a breast mouse), I had a biopsy done to test it properly and then a small operation to have it removed.  After a couple of weeks recovery, it was pretty much all done and dusted.
However , it was a very worrying time and I was very lucky and grateful that's all it turned out to be ok.  So when I found the new lump a few weeks ago, although I was immediately apprehensive, I knew the first thing I needed to do was go and get it checked out.  I thankfully managed to get an appointment the next day with a female doctor at my local surgery, she was very nice, very thorough and very reassuring.
After a brief chat, I explained what I could feel and when I found it etc, she examined me and told me that she could also feel 2 more smaller lumps on the left side and a small one on the right side, strangely enough right next to the scare tissue I had left behind from the previous operation.

I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear the news of the additional lumps and still now I'm finding it a little hard to think about but the one thing that made me feel a little easier, was when the doctor said straight away, "oh yes that feels like cysts".
The main things I've always been told is that if the lump is reasonably soft (not rock hard at least) and quite movable; for instance when you try and feel it with your fingers it keeps running away from you (like a mouse), then that is always a very good sign.  And that's the first thing I took notice of when I found it.

Anyway, after examining me, the doctor said even though she didn't feel it was anything to worry about she still wanted me to get a second opinion and a more thorough examination at the hospital.  So she dictated a letter to her little tape recorder and told me I would probably have to wait a few weeks before I'd hear back from the hospital.

Well about a week went by then I got a letter telling me to call the hospital and make an appointment and thankfully I managed to get one for two weeks later (now just under a week away).

I am nervous, I hate the idea of being poked and prodded and I'm especially dreading the idea of them doing a biopsy, because yes they do hurt not gonna lie!  But always better to be safe than sorry of course and it's always better to get these things checked out as soon as you find them, because you never know and the sooner you can get treatment, the better!

I've got my hospital appointment booked for next Thursday (13th of Feb) and thankfully my best friend is going along with me, so I will give you all an update a day or so after that and let you know the progress of what happens with me next.

If you are going through this or if you have been through this before, please feel free to comment.  Let me know your thoughts and tips and please don't hesitate to ask anything either!

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