Friday 15 November 2013

Decorating a Denim Jacket

Hi everyone, for today's post I thought I would show you the denim jacket I recently worked out.  The jacket was originally from Matalan (love that shop!) and it was £19.99, but I got it about 4 months ago!

I've been loving the studded denim jackets etc that I've seen everywhere, but either couldn't find one I particularly loved or one that I could afford.  So after I finally found the right jacket, I went on to Amazon and found myself some lovely little silver studs, I got several styles as I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to do at first, I also got some from a local haberdashers.  The white pen is to mark the fabric where I wanted the studs to go, I also used the blunt plastic end of a nail file but a non sharp rounded knife would work just as well. 

After deciding on the round and square shaped studs, and placing them on the jacket, I move them around and tried several different variations until I was happy with the pattern.  Then I pushed the back spikes into the fabric to keep them in place while I fixed them on properly.


To fix them in place, I used the plastic ended nail file to push the spikes down, then I carefully used the hammer to lightly tap the spikes to make sure they were really tightly pushed into the fabric.  One thing I would definitely recommend is to have a folded piece of kitchen paper or a piece of medium thick fabric underneath the stud you are hammering or the top of it will indent and it could mark your work surface to!

I'd say it was reasonably easy to do and took me roughly about 2 hours or so but of course so worth it.  The pockets were definitely the hardest to do but I'm really happy with the finished look and can't wait to put an outfit together with it :-)  Let me know what you think...


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