Monday 4 November 2013

Blogger Plans

Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog post!  So, I thought I would start by telling you what type of posts you can expect to see on here.  I want to write about things I like and enjoy, and I hope you will find them interesting too.  I LOVE music (especially Linkin Park), crafts, Poodles, Magick & Wicca, make up, fashion, YouTube, shopping, singing and of course SHOES!! :-)  I'm hoping to do a room tour (once I've finally finished refurbishing my room and when it's a lot tidier!), I'll show you my make up collection and storage and tell you about my obsession of lipsticks. I'm looking forward to doing lots of makeup and product reviews, as well as showing you shopping hauls and 'outfit of the days', I'll tell you about craft projects I'm working on (because I just love to customize everything!), my gorgeous Poodles and my general life!  I also have a health condition called Fibromyalgia, so I will tell you about how I deal with that.
So hopefully there will be something for everyone and I would love to have you follow me along my journey, quite literally :-)
Please feel free to leave any helpful comments or tips, as I'm a newbie to blogging and welcome all suggestions and if there's a particular product you would like me to review, just let me know and if I can get hold it (and afford it!), I will let you know what I think of it.

So, to start introducing you into my life, here's a few pics of the things I enjoy :-) Hugs from...

Our beautiful Poodle babies, Tilly and Katie (you'll be seeing a lot of these!)

My most favorite music in the world!

My beliefs...

The most wonderfully romantic story, plus vampires and a sexy werewolf - what more could you want!

My most absolutely favorite film ever, is watching a movie over 56 times excessive?! :-)

Some of the type of things I like to make

My extreme love of birdcages, roses, shabby chic and anything 'vintage'!

Another me in one of my favorite outfits :-)

Decorating my denim jacket


The wonders of makeup!

Real Techniques, the best makeup brushes ever invented!

Crapy health issues - Fibro, Anemia and EDS!

A couple of pics of some of the jewellery I love to make!

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